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  • Status Ailments are negative effects that can affect a demon.
  • This page will discuss which ailments there are, what they do and how you deal with them.

Type of Ailments


  • A charmed demon will attack friendly team or use support Skills on enemy team.
  • This is especially useful on very hard hitting enemies, as they will kill their own team.
    • Or enemy Supports, as they can buff or revive your own team.


  • All ailments will affect the weakened demon.
  • If you rely on ailments, try to Weak an enemy first!


  • The affected Demon will take damage (5% of their max HP) at the end of their turn.


  • No skills can be used by the affected demon.
  • This means it will only use basic attacks.
  • Paired with a full NDR Phys team, this results in a guaranteed loss of Press Turns for the enemy.


  • Affected demons turn is skipped.
  • Affected demons evasion to physical hits is nullified.
  • Affected demons are unable to counter attack.
  • Some chain effects are prevented from bound demons.


  • Healing is reduced by 75%.

How to deal with Ailments