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Griffith.jpg Elemental Resistances














Null - - - - Drain Null
Rarity Race Grade AI
5★ Hero 95 Attack
6★ Stats
HP 981 (248/353) Vitality 130 (248/353)
Strength 207 (36/353) Agility 172 (43/353)
Magic 99 (272/353) Luck 162 (73/353)
PATK 764 PDEF 576
MATK 537 MDEF 522
Innate Skills
Passive.png Evade Passive +20% Phys evasion rate.
Passive.png Hawk of Light Passive Adds Phys Pierce. +20% Phys evasion rate. Activates the following Chain Effect when this character downs an enemy:
Recovers 3 MP and casts Repel Physical (including Almighty) effect on all allies. (1 turn) Cures all status ailments of all party members.
Almighty.png Blade of the Absolute 6 MP Inflicts Almighty (Physical) damage (Power: 40) 5 times with high accuracy and 50% crit rate on a single enemy, and enters a state of Might if the attack is successful.

*The damage inflicted by this skill is dependent on Phys ATK.
*This skill has a chance of having a Critical effect or a Miss which are dependent on their respective rates.

Counter effects will not work on this skill.
Gacha: -
Awaken: Phys.png Vorpal Blade 7 MP Inflicts Phys (Physical) damage with 140 power on All Enemies.
Gacha: Passive.png Death Blow Passive +20% to critical hit damage.
Awaken: Support.png Agile Cry 7 MP Reduces all enemy EV/AC and increases own parties EV/AC by 20%. (3 turns)
Gacha: Passive.png Master Assassin Passive +20% to single-target attack skill damage.
Awaken: Passive.png Faithful Counter Passive The following effect will activate when receiving a Phys Attack: 100% chance to counter dealing Phys (Physical) damage. Power: 100
Gacha: Passive.png Epitome of Aggression Passive +15% to Phys hit rate, -45% chance of receiving status ailments.
Awaken: Passive.png Repel Phys Passive Adds Phys Repel.
Gacha: Passive.png Null Mute Passive Adds Null Mute.
Spirit Merge Panel Upgrades
Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3
Panel Completion Bonus +15% Phys evasion rate. Adds Null Mute,Null Charm and Null Bind. +25% to single-target attack damage.
Panel Step Stat Bonus HP: +250(MAX) Phys ATK: +100(MAX) HP: +250(MAX)


Used In Fusions
Link to Fusion Calculator

  • Only available from a banner specific event.
  • Available as a gacha.

Griffith/Sword Griffith/Shield

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Role Summary

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP Democalypse
PVE PVP Offense Defense Prelim Boss
Griffith.jpg Griffith
Teal Red Teal Purple 3 3 3 1 1
  • Blade of the Absolute is an Almighty Physical attack with increased innate accuracy (1.5x), high crit rate and hits the same target multiple times, shredding Endures.
  • Hawk of Light refunds 3 MP and sets up Almighty Tetrakarn on kill, letting him spam Blade of the Absolute repeatedly while completely walling off demons like Shiva A.
  • Has evasion thanks to innate Evade and Hawk of Light providing an Evasion bonus.
  • Panel 2 provides him Null Charm and Null Bind. Paired with Null Mute and a Cleanse transfer (such as Prayer), he can function as an evasive cleric that can also help with DPS if a cleanser is not required.
  • As he does not have any damage booster in his kit (outside of P3), damage transfers are mandatory if building him as an assassin.
  • Difficult to build as he requires too many stats to function, forcing you to choose which parts of his kit to specialize in.
  • Requires a good team built around him to really shine.
  • Outclassed by Beelzebub (Human) as an Almighty (Physical) Repeller.
  • Limited-time Collaboration unit. Nobody knows if he will be rerun.
  • Red gives him access to discounted Vorpal Blade, which can be useful if you want a piercing AOE for PvE, especially since ANY kill will trigger Hawk of Light.

PvE Builds

PvP Builds

Leader of the Band of the Hawk, Griffith is a young man of extraordinary beauty. He was Guts' greatest friend and rival, but now he is Guts' nemesis and object of hate.