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This page contains a list of tasks and projects on the wiki that need assistance.

Skill Database Update[edit]

Last update: Nov 28, 2018

With our admin and their bot missing we can't auto-generate a skills list any more. We must therefore make sure that the manual Skill Database stays updated.

December Eclipse Strategies[edit]

Last update: Nov 28, 2018

The Brute + Kishin Eclipse is here. Do we have anyone who can make good teams for it?

Missing Demons[edit]

Last update: Nov 30, 2018

Wiki bot removed both Halloween Jack, Cu Sith, Azumi, Pixie and Slime from the Demon List for some reason. Need to be added back.

Added back all the missing Demons, but it seems a few Demons' stats and AI type are wrong when I compared them on Altema. Also, I don't know where to look for Patk, Pdef, Matk, and Mdef info. I thought Altema had those stats, but I can't find it if they do.

Lore Pages[edit]

Last update: Sep 11, 2018

All demon lore pages need to be filled out with in-game profiles.

-Update: One, two and three star demons are finished.

Update Encounter Pages[edit]

Last update: Sept 21, 2018

Story + Dx2 Quests + Brand of Sin + Strange Signal need enemy data screenshotted and filled out using Template:EnemyParty.

Use Aura Gate Boss Guides section as an example of the template in action.

Update Liberator Infos[edit]

Last update: Aug 12, 2018

Skills + Points + Profiles and Pages for every Liberator.

Template Creation[edit]

Build Template[edit]

To be used on demon/builds.