Strange Signal

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Strange Signal drops Aether that you need to Awaken demons.

Basic Tips[edit]

Eileen should be the Liberator taken for increased drop rate. 4★ evolved demons are recommended for Stage 6+.

Since each Aether specializes in an element, bringing demons that Null/Repel/Drain that element will make it a lot easier.
As well, the boss stage of Stages 1~8 has a specific pattern of using its element spells first, so make sure that you don't kill the adds if you're aiming to solo the stage.

Aether Drop Rates[edit]

Strange Signal 5: 65% S, 30% M, 5% L Aether
Strange Signal 6: 55% S, 35% M, 10% L Aether
Strange Signal 7: 35% S, 40% M, 15% L Aether
Strange Signal 8: 20% S, 60% M, 20% L Aether
Strange Signal 9: 10% S, 60% M, 30% L Aether
Strange Signal 10: 10% S, 40% M, 40% L Aether

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Strange Signal Drop Rates


Light [Yellow] (Monday + Saturday)

Dark [Purple] (Tuesday + Saturday)

Neutral [Green] (Wednesday + Saturday + Sunday)

Lawful [Blue] (Thursday + Sunday)

Chaotic [Red] (Friday + Sunday)