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Welcome! If you're here, that probably means you're looking for more information on how to get started, or you're keeping this bookmarked for its various resources. All of these are down below.


Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation is a turn-based JRPG with gacha elements developed by Sega for mobile devices. In this game you summon various deities and mythological creatures as demons of various rarities and use them to progress in the game by fighting other demons.

Your team is composed of a Liberator and four demons. The main objective of the game is creating different parties of powerful demons to complete all the game’s content, and since Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation has PvP (also where Icon Gems.png gems as a F2P comes from), you'll be motivated to build better demons and party compositions.

Dx2 is a complex game with many mechanics, but the in-game tutorials will introduce you these concepts at a steady rate.

For some Terms, you can look at the Glossary.

Mistakes beginners must NOT do

Pictures of the important resources mentioned in this Section. The objects are: Kasane Magatama (top-left), Blank Genome (top-right), Yasaka Magatama (bottom-left) and Karma (bottom-right)

Below is a list of actions beginners should ABSOLUTELY AVOID doing. Not all the items of the list are inherently bad : a few may be viable for experienced players. However they should NOT be performed by beginners under ANY circumstances.

  • Do NOT use natural 5★ demons as evolution sacrifices to evolve another 5★ into 6★.
    • See Evolving for information on how to evolve demons into 6★.
  • Do NOT use natural 5★ demons as skill point sacrifice to give skill points to another 5★ demon.
    • To raise a 5★ demon's skill points: use Icon Yasaka Magatama.png Yasaka Magatama (also called "green beans").
  • Do NOT sacrifice a natural 5★ demon in order to transfer its skill to another one.
    • If the skill you wish to transfer is in the 5th or 6th skill slot, you can harvest the skill with a Icon Blank Genome.png Blank Genome without sacrificing the demon. (see Skill Transfer)
  • Do NOT sell natural 5★ demons in exchange for Icon Karma.png Karma. (See Karma)
    • Natural 5★ demons you don't want should either be spiritized or used as Fusion material. This is your two viable options.
  • NEVER EVER use a natural 5★ demon as fusion material to create a 4★ as fusion result.
  • Icon Kasane Magatama.png Kasane Magatama (also called "red beans") should ONLY be used to level up unique skill (they are recognizable by the fact their skill point cost is "-")
  • In the Icon Karma.png Karma shop, do NOT buy Icon 5 Star Hell Bun.png Hell Buns or the 4★ demons in exchange for Karma. (this action is viable for veterans though)
    • Save up Karma for Archetype Selectors and Shifters, you will need them.


Main Article: Liberators

The Liberator is the party leader who boosts your demons’ abilities in unique ways. As you progress in the game, you will unlock more Liberators.

Liberators level up, and you can unlock different skills using skill points specific to Liberators. A max level Liberator will have enough skill points to unlock all of his or her skills (so you do not have to worry too much about which skills to unlock). Special Dx2 Quests must be completed to allow each Liberator to reach their max level. The different Liberators are:

  • Hero.png Main Character: Best Liberator to use for Leveling Demons: has the ability to increase the EXP your demons earn by up to +35%.
  • Megakin.png Megakin: Best Liberator for recruiting demons through Negotiations. Best used to farm Leveling Quests and Aura Gate.
  • Eileen.png Eileen: Best Liberator for farming Brand of Sin and Strange Signal: increases Icon Macca.png Macca (in-game money) and item drops.
  • Templar.png Templar Dragon: Great Liberator for difficult Boss Fights: boosts the effects of the demon skills Icon Charge.png Charge and Icon Concentrate.png Concentrate. Boosts healing skills. Allows you to use items without consuming all your turns.
  • Chalk.png Chalk Eater: A Liberator who casts buffs when your demons hit the opponents' weaknesses.
  • Kangaroo.png Kangaroo Boxer: Strong Liberator for offensive strategy. One of the best Liberators for Hell Park.
  • Balloon.png Meat Balloon: Strong Liberator for defensive strategy. One of the best Liberators in PVP.
  • Shionyan.png Shionyan: Liberator specialized on status effects/ailments.
  • Seiran.png Seiran: Reward for completing Aura Gate. Liberator focused on Speed and Aura Gate exploring.
  • Xana.jpg Xana: Reward for completing Hollow World. Liberator focused on Speed and Hollow World exploring, best Liberator for Turn 1 PVP strats.
  • CarbonBlack.png Carbon Black: Liberator focused on strength and crits. Interesting alternative liberator for Hell Gongen / Physical teams.
  • HoneySweet.png Honey Sweet: Liberator focused on ailments. Unlike Shionyan, she doesn't focus on making ailments stronger but rather giving you additional bonuses when you manage to inflict them.


You should build as many demons as you can to make use of different party setups for content. You can check the Tier List to know which demons are worth your time, but once you learn how to build demons, you can make almost anything work.

Below are the different ways to obtain new demons:

Negotiations & Summoning

Talk can be started with this icon, when it appears.


Main Article: Talk

Whenever you’re in a battle in the Story Mode or in an Aura Gate, there's a chance that one of the opposing demons will have a Icon Talk.png Talk bubble above their heads, which allows you to negotiate with and recruit them.

The in-game tutorial is complete and there are only few things to add:

  • Talk mainly recruits 1★ and 2★ demons and, conversely, will be your main source of 1★ and 2★.
  • The main use of 1★ and 2★ demons are as fodders: mostly Fusion fodder or evolution fodder.
  • Their Archetype is always Clear Common (Clear), which is perfect for fusion fodders.
  • See the Talk article for a list of frequent demon questions, and the best answers to give to maximize your chances of recruitment.
Examples of Summon Files, summon items (Hell Buns), Parchments and Tomes


Summoning is the Gacha part of this game: performed at the Summon portal, this is where you get a shot at pulling the most powerful units in the game.

There are multiple types of Summoning but we can divide it into 2 types: Summoning using Icon Gems.png Gems and summoning using some Icon Superior Summon File.png Files or items.

  • Icon Superior Summon File.png Files - The different Files can't be exchanged for anything else. There won't be time-limited banners for them, and the pool for files is seldom updated (like, maybe once every 1 or 2 years if Sega is feeling generous). As such, you can just use your files (or not) the moment you get them.
    • Note: Icon Parchment Piece.png Parchment Pieces and Tomes are different, and are more similar to Summons using Gems. Hold on to these.
  • Icon Gems.png Gems - Summoning using Gems is where the Gacha in "Gacha games" really is. This is where time-limited banners for new or/and exclusive demons will be! Use your Gems wisely.

For more information: Summoning

The Gacha Rates (the odds of pulling demons) for most Banners and Gem Summons are the following:

  • 3% for a 5★, 7.5% for a 4★, and 89.5% for a 3★.

The Gacha Rates (the odds of pulling demons) for Superior Summon Files are the following:

  • Icon Superior Summon File.png White file: 1% for a 5★, 5% for a 4★, and 94% for a 3★.
  • Icon Ultimate Summon File.png Gold file: 5% for a 5★, 95% for a 4★.

Be sure to check the Demons and the Rates by pressing the i-Button on the top left of the banner!


Main Article: Magnetite

Fusing demons will be your most-used method of getting better demons at the beginning. You need two demons with at least one of them being a Clear Common archetype and some Icon Mag.png Magnetite (another in-game currency) and you will be able to fuse a new demon.

Many 5★ can be obtained through fusion. But a lot of very powerful demons (and basically nearly all new demons) are non-fusable demons and must be Summoned.

5★ fusable demons are also quite expensive in terms of Icon Mag.png Magnetite, which is usually farmed in the Aura Gates. In other words, fusing a 5★ requires a lot of grinding.

You can (and should) use the Fusion Calculator to know what demon combination will get you the demon you want. If the site is in a language you cannot understand, locate the 'Setting' option and select your desired language.

Besides rarity, demons have grades, and that determines how they behave in fusion (higher-grade demons fuse into high grades). Fusion of high grade demons are initially locked:

Player Level Unlocked Fusion Grade
10 40 ~ 50
20 51 ~ 60
30 61 ~ 70
40 71 ~ 80
45 81 ~ 85
50 86 ~ 90
55 91 ~ 95
60 96 ~ 99

Fusing 4/5★ requires a lot of Magnetite, and Magnetite is a scarce resource, so be careful with which 4/5★ you fuse as it’ll be a long-term investment.


Icon Gems.png Gem Hunting

While there is no 'order' that things must be done in, and you can do things in whatever order you'd like, normally you want to gather as many Icon Gems.png Gems as possible for summoning/rerolling.

  • Story quests - The First 2 Chapters of Story Mode give an enormous amount of Gems.
    • All Chapters also give a bit of Gems in HARD and HELL difficulty modes, although just once per player, that is, only the first time the player beats them.
  • Icon Beginner.png Beginner Missions - these appear as a green icon on the Home screen, and give a lot of Resources, including 500 Gems for each "batch" of Missions completed.
    • After completing a "batch" and retrieving the 500 Gems rewards, you get another batch. There are a few batches (around 6 or more), so that's at least 3,000 Gems.
  • "Normal" Missions - these usually give a few 10s Gems each. You can see them in the HQ menu. Don't hesitate to do them if you have stamina to spare.
  • Character Quests - Go the the Dx2 Menu and click on the Icon Limit Break.png Limit Break tab for a character to see the condition for unlocking his or her Char Quests.
    • In total, completing all Char Quests in Normal/Hard/Hell, can fetch you around 2K Gems.
  • Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and weekly PvP Ranking - these give you several hundred Gems each week.
    • Training Simulations - In the PvP area, there is a Training room with six simulated challenges, which are reset after 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 hours since the last time they are defeated. They are easy to win and, although they don't grant EXP or ranking points, each gives 3 Gems.
    • After winning 7 PvP Battles, the player gets a reward of 10 Gems. The reward is granted every 24 h (reset at midnight, JST) and simulated fights also count, so, for beginners, running the training simulations is a good way to get a small, but continuous amount of daily Gems. (Note: The game says this has to be 7 wins in a row, but it actually doesn't need to be in a row. Just keep trying throughout the day until you get 7 wins.)
    • Training simulations are also good to get achievement bonuses for each Liberator, such as beating 10/50/100 Dx2 duels with each of them. (unfortunately, the gems here are rewarded just once per player.)
    • Revenge fights in the Defense Log tab also count for daily wins.

Team Building

The game is pretty generous to beginners, giving at least 3 natural/base 5★ Demons in the course of a week. Just playing normally and leveling them will allow you to complete nearly all of the early-game PvE content.

In this game, natural 5★ Demons are much much stronger than 4★s. Normally, with your 5★ starters, you should not need to fuse any more Demons for all the Early PvE Game. However, if you still want to fuse demons, here are a few tips/trivia:

  • Fusing costs Icon Mag.png Magnetite, and Magnetite is a pretty precious resource. Even though beginners get a large amount as gift, you should be careful with spending it.
  • 5★ Demons cost Millions of MAG. You should play the game, adapt to it, and understand it before starting to spend MAG on 5★.
  • 3★ are cheap, fuse them as you wish. 4★ are somewhat cheap, don't worry too much about fusing for them (but do it in moderation still).
  • There's a full Guide on Fusion and Magnetite farming (Magnetite), but basically you farm MAG in Aura Gates.

Now onto Team Building. Generally, a good PvE team follows this formula:

1 Speedy demon + 1 Buffer/Healer demon + 2 DPS demons


  • Speedy demon - Their job is to raise your Battle Speed, so you go first in combat. These demons have high AGI and generally have the speed-boosting skill Speedster (whether naturally, or you Skill Transfer it onto them). In this game, the Team with the highest AVERAGE Speed goes first, and in PvE, there is no reason not to go first.
  • Buffer/Healer demon - Buffs can be very helpful against bosses, and healing is useful in dungeon areas such as the Aura Gate. Ideally you want one demon that does both at the same time, rather than one buffer + one healer.
  • DPS demon - Ideally they should have high STR or MAG, as well as strong attack skills that can Pierce (i.e. ignores enemies' Null/Repel/Drain resistances, which would normally prevent you from damaging them). If you're rerolling, your reroll target probably fills this role.

Here are some sample demons for each role (in order of increasing usefulness, so the later ones in the list are better)

  • Speedy demon - 4★ Sleipnir.jpg Sleipnir, 4★ Yatagarasu.jpg Yatagarasu, 4★ Purple Purple Fenrir.jpg Fenrir, 5★ Garuda.jpg Garuda, 4★ Purple Purple Hresvelgr.jpg Hresvelgr
  • Buffer + Healer demon - 5★ Teal Teal Barong.jpg Barong
    • Barong.jpg Barong is a VERY important demon to fuse, since he buffs and heals simultaneously with Barong Dance. Therefore, he should be your first major fusion goal (also consider making a second Barong and Spiritizing it to unlock his panel 1, which makes Barong Dance 1 MP cheaper). Until then, you can make do with the following:
    • Just Buffer/Debuffer - 4★ Yellow Yellow Cerberus.jpg Cerberus
    • Just Healer - 3★ Teal Teal Feng Huang.jpg Feng Huang, 4★ Yellow Yellow Sarasvati.jpg Sarasvati, 4★ Yellow Yellow Pazuzu.jpg Pazuzu, 4★ Yellow Yellow Sphinx.jpg Sphinx
  • Filler attackers

To plan out fusion paths, use the Fusion Calculator.

About healers:

  • Healing from Demons usually doesn't heal for much in this game (it's dependent on their Magic Stat).
  • In PvE, you can replace healers with healing items: Icon Bead.png Bead and Icon Balm of Rising.png Balm of Rising heal you to Max HP.
  • The Dx2 Templar.png Templar Dragon also has an unlockable skill allowing you to use Items for half a press turn only.
  • A notable exception to this is the fusible 5★ Erlkonig.jpg Erlkonig, which heals due to a Passive Skill, which means he spends no Press Turns to heal the whole Team.

Hell Gongen

Another common team type for PvE is the Hell Gongen team. For this, you need:

  • Hell Biker.jpg Hell Biker or Futsunushi.jpg Futsunushi - Really anyone that gives the Icon Critical.png Might buff (guaranteed critical hits) to the whole team. (Note that Biker is gacha-exlcusive and Futsu is banner-exclusive, though, so fusion won't help with this part.)
  • Zaou-Gongen.jpg Zaou-Gongen - His passive Kongo Zaou makes it so anyone in Icon Critical.png Might gains Phys Pierce on their Phys Phys attacks.
  • Phys Phys Attackers - Whoever you have, so they can take advantage of the above effects.

This combo can steamroll through lots of fights, as Crits only cost half of a press turn while dealing extra damage - similar to hitting a weakness, except you can do this against anyone, the weaknesses don't even matter.

The team's weakness is Pierce Negation and sometimes missing attacks - the former isn't very common in PvE, while the latter can be mitigated by transferring accuracy boosters like Good Aim or Great Aim.

Long-term, once you unlock Zaou-Gongen.jpg Zaou-Gongen's panel 3, he can grant team-wide Icon Critical.png Might near-endlessly to the team. This is a great long-term fusion goal to strive for.

Upgrading demons

A more detailed rundown is found in the next section, but here's some quick info.

When you find a Demon you want to truly invest into (it should be a natural/base 5★) you need to go through:

  • Awakening: See the Tutorial in-game in Pandemonium. This is the first thing to do and the easiest, too. It simply requires easy-to-farm Aether from Strange Signal. The resource isn't rare, and it's only used for this, so go ahead and Awaken anyone you like.
  • Leveling to Max. Level: leveling is called Enhancing in the game, and it's done by accumulating EXP through:
    • PvE battles: Leveling Quests are the best places to earn EXP.
    • Dispatch: a game area unlocked by completing some quests in the beginning of the game, accessible in the Hideout. Demons placed here will automatically gain EXP over time. Dispatched Demons can also still be used in Battles, so Dispatch as many as it allows (don't forget to check the Dispatch area regularly, as it also gives out item rewards for using it, aside from the EXP).
    • Icon Sword of Kusanagi.png Sword of Kusanagi: consumable item that adds EXP to a Demon. They are otherwise useless, so use them if in a hurry (gaining EXP in Battle is always better though, because besides EXP, a lot of other rewards are collected. Swords of Kusanagi also charge you some Icon Macca.png Macca for using them, while doing quests gives you EXP and Macca).
    • Daily Quest: as of October/2021, the game will offer a daily quest (or more than one, during some commemorative events) that gives humongous amounts of EXP, as well as items (e.g., Aether, high rarity Brands), in a single Battle against very easy Demons (usually, just one Wave of Lv. 10 1★ Demons).
      • Using the Hero.png Main Character and Eileen.png Eileen Dx2 will grant the most EXP, Icon Macca.png Macca, Brands, Aether, and whatever other rewards it is giving out. Eileen or the main character may be replaced by another Dx2 that is still below Lv. 50, to level them up.
      • Run a Kanbari.jpg Kanbari in each of the two teams to increase EXP, and put in 6 demons that you want to level up. If the Kanbari in the main team is 4★ and Awakened, it should have no trouble beating the encounter in one hit without needing brands. If running with Lv. 1 Demons for evolution fodder purposes, use 2★. This is because the daily gives more than enough EXP to go past lv. 25, but 1★ demons will stop at lv. 25, wasting potential EXP.
    • Special Aura Gate: Aura Gate SP, available exclusively during some events, usually feature higher Icon Talk.png Talk rates and lots of EXP, and rewards rare items.
  • Evolving it to 6★: much harder, requires days if not weeks of Farming EXP and fodderizing Demons. So choose carefully who you want to Evolve.
  • Talk to Demons: recruiting Demons through Icon Talk.png Talking is essential to Evolve other Demons (Icon Yata Mirror.png Yata Mirrors of corresponding rarity may be used instead of Demons, but they are very rare.)
    • To do it automatically (using Auto Quest), the best place is the Leveling Quest of Chapter 1 (Normal difficulty), because Slime.jpg Slime has a very limited repertoire of questions, some of them yielding neutral reactions ("ugh?") regardless of which answer is chosen - so the random-answering method of Auto Talk results in more Demons recruited than in any other LQ. Additionally, Normal difficulty costs only 2 Stamina, while Hell difficulty costs only 4. Even though Slimes are 1★ and thus need an extra evolution step compared to 2★, the ease of collecting them here makes it worth it.
    • The second-best place to collect Demons automatically is Leveling Quest of Chapter 5 (Normal difficulty), because Pisaca.jpg Pisaca also have a limited conversation repertoire, and it's a 2★ Demon.
    • Auto-exploring Aura Gate should also provide a steady flow of 2★ (or 3★) fodders.
    • After some time playing, you'll collect lots of Icon Normal Summon File.png Normal Summon Files. They can be used on-demand to summon random Clear Common 1~2★ Demons for evolution/fusion, and 3★ for fusion.
  • Mitama and Essence of Sin Infusions: Mitama is gathered in Aura Gates, and Icon Essence of Sin.png Essence of Sin is gathered in the Tokyo Abyss. They are similarly used to raise the basic Stats of a Demon, as long as the demon has already been Awakened. Both Resources require time to collect, and there are limits of how many of each a Demon may receive, so spend them wisely.
Assorted items available in the Black Market.
  • Black Market: accessible in the Hideout, and may feature very rare items.
    • Prices are random, but within ranges, with better/rarer items being more expensive than the more common ones.
    • Offered items are refreshed after an hour since the last time visited, so check it every hour, as many times as possible per day (even if you have to Take a Break from an Aura Gate run or Stop a Tokyo Abyss incursion).
      • It's possible to spend 5 Icon Gems.png Gems to immediately refresh the Black Market items, but NEVER do that, as Gems are extremely hard to collect and the offers are too random to risk so many Gems.
    • The most important items (ones you should always buy) are:
      • Icon Yata Mirror.png Yata Mirrors (from 1★ up to 5★ may be available)
      • Icon Normal Summon File.pngIcon Superior Summon File.png Summon Files (Blue and White)
      • Icon Skill Extraction File.png Skill Extraction Files
      • Have at least 500k Icon Macca.png Macca saved to make sure you can afford them - they're expensive, but well worth the money.
    • There may be 6★ Brands available in the Black Market. Click on the Brand's banner to see its Stats before buying, because they are expensive and there is a small chance of them being worth the price (and better Brands, that is, with more already-visible Tertiaries, are more expensive than those with less).
      • Generally, buy arm/leg Brands with PAtk%, MAtk%, or HP% primaries, as they're the most universally useful. Head/body brands should have at least one desired Tertiary already visible, preferably at 3-4%.
      • Certain niche primaries can still be worth picking up, for example PDef% on a Guard or Life brand, or Speed% on a Speed leg brand.
    • Icon Purge Extract St.pngIcon Purge Extract Ma.pngIcon Purge Extract Vi.pngIcon Purge Extract Ag.pngIcon Purge Extract Lu.png Purge Extracts: used to remove Mitama Points given to a Demon, these are only available in the Black Market. They're not too expensive, and it's good to stock up on them.
      • They're also necessary to complete an Aura Gate 2 specific quest (an NPC will request Icon Purge Extract Ag.png Purge Extract Ag x3).
  • Skill Transfer: some resources used for it are quite rare for beginners, so be careful.
    • Leveling up Skills - As a beginner, the only skills you should be interested in leveling up are Unique Skills from a good 5★ (Unique Skills can be recognized by the fact that their Skill Cost is "-", also their Lv. bonuses are usually better than normal Skills). Leveling Skills up consumes Icon Kasane Magatama.png Kasane Magatama ("red beans"), which are very rare (expect 3 per months as a newbie, and 5 once you get into a Faction and perform well in Faction events).
      • You should also only level up a unique skill if you are able to get it to max immediately. This is because the final level usually has a big boost, such as decreasing the skill's MP cost.
  • Brands Farming: farming for Brands is something players will constantly do, as getting the perfect Brands with perfect Stats and Sub-stats is an eternal quest. Brands are one of the most important things in Dx2. The difference between a Brandless Demon and a very-well-Branded one is night and day.

The basic flow of the Game is the following:

  • You alternate between advancing in the PvE content, upgrading Demons, and do PvP as a side activity, until you've completed all the PvE content
  • Then, PvP and Democalypse (faction event) become the main activities, and you'd upgrade Demons for those contents.

The main PvE contents to complete are: Story Mode, Aura Gates, Hell's Park, and Tokyo Abyss.


As of 2023, there are six types of recurring events:

  • Currency Gathering Events - No special areas are available. Instead, running normal quests/missions on the Map will drop, besides the regular items, the Event's Currency, which can be used to purchase items in a special Event Shop.
  • Special Mission Events - Special missions are available in a specific place on the Map. Completing those missions will reward the Event's Currency, which can be used to purchase items in a special Event Shop.
  • Aura Gate special demon hunting: No special areas are available. Instead, running normal Aura Gate 1 or Aura Gate 2 will randomly engage in fights with different Demons, as well as special bosses.
  • Special Aura Gate Events (AGSP): The event's story is set around the appearance of a temporary AG. The main goal is to collect AGSP points and redeem Cubes, which can then be opened for random rewards.
  • Take Back Tokyo: The event's story is set in an alternate dimension where demons have taken over Tokyo. By running Brands of Sin quests, you can collect Icon Spirit Orb.png Spirit Orbs to capture nodes on the event map. Each node gives items upon capture, and some nodes feature missions to complete or special Event bosses to defeat.
  • Demon Alliance Invasion: Raid-esque demon bosses will spawn upon completing most quests, and these boss fights have a unique gimmick where your ATK, DEF, and EV/AC buffs will permanently stack for the battle. You'll need to construct two teams for each boss, with your teams striking a balance between buff generation, damage output, and SP effects. Unlike other event types, this uses its own stamina system called BP, which can be restored by Icon Rader Pepper.png Rader Pepper and Icon Time Limited Rader Pepper.png Time-Limited Rader Pepper.

The Event's Shop may vary from one Event to another. Some are similar to the Black Market, others, similar to opening Gift Boxes.

SP effects

SP Effect Golden (left) and Silver (right) Demons. This image is merely illustrative, the same species of Demon cannot be both golden and silver in the same event period.

Usually, Demons related to the current Event get Special Effect Bonuses (SP Effect), denoted by a Golduniticon.png golden or Silveruniticon.png silver demon icon on the top left of the Demon's avatar, or in the top middle of its profile screen.

  • Most SP effects (except for Demon Alliance Invasion) increase Icon Tome of Exp 12h.png EXP and Icon Macca.png gained from battle, as well as the event's currency or points.
  • Golden SP Effect Bonuses are better than Silver, and are usually tied to the new gacha demon associated with the event.
Icon Bonus
  • Icon Spirit Orb.png Spirit Orb +100% (Take Back Tokyo)
  • Event Currency +100% (Currency collection events)
  • AGSP points +80% (Aura Gate SP)
  • Icon Tome of Exp 12h.png EXP +100%
  • Icon Macca.png Macca +15%

Demon Alliance Invasion events do not boost EXP or Macca earned. Instead, they boost the Battle Certificates earned from boss fights, and increase the chance of rare bosses spawning when a boss is defeated.

  • Effectively, this means that Invasion events only want you to use SP demons in the boss fights - not in the normal quests that you run to spawn the initial boss fights.
Icon Bonus
  • Battle Certificate +50%
  • Greatly increased encounter rate with rare bosses when defeating bosses
  • Battle Certificate +12.5%
  • Small increased encounter rate with rare bosses when defeating bosses

Currency Gathering Event

In the Currency Gathering Event type, the reward will usually be linearly proportional to the Stamina spent (1 Stamina = 1 Event Currency.)

  • Leveling Quests are the best place to farm in, since you can bring 2 parties, and SP Effects from both parties are counted.
  • When making your farming team, look at the SP Effect bonuses they offer, and add them up to get your full multiplier. For example: Silveruniticon.png silver SP Effect Demons will usually increase the Event Currency drops by 25% each, so using 3 of them means you have (1 + 25% x 3) = 1.75x multiplier when doing quests.
  • If your total multiplier ended up being a whole number (2x, 3x, etc), then you can farm any Leveling Quest you want - your drops-per-stamina ratio will be the same for all of them.
  • If your total multiplier ended up being fractional (1.75x, 2.5x, etc), then it's actually best to run Chapter 1 Leveling Quest on Normal Difficulty. This is because the game rounds fractions up (ceiling function). That means the most fractions are run into (a.k.a the more low-cost quest runs you do), the most rounded-up points the player will gather.
    • E.g., suppose a quest/mission costs 7 Stamina to run and would yield 7 Event Currency. Using 3 silver SP Effect Demons would yield 7 x (1 + 25% x 3) = 12.25, rounded up, 13 Event Currency.
  • These calculations are based on runs without a Support Demon. Because a Support Demon is only available again after one hour, and only if its player is still on-line, it's an uncertain and somewhat rare resource, so to maximize gains, it may be better to wait for the Support Demons with SP Effect to be available again.
    • Run the Leveling Quest of Chapter 1 on Normal Difficulty with Support Demon auto-selection option disabled to get the most from fractions, until an hour is through and there're enough Support Demons for more high level quest runs.
    • Be aware, though, that Macca reward is not linear, that is, higher Quest levels/difficulties reward more Macca than lower ones, so be sure to have enough saved to avoid running out of currency to perform other tasks, like buying items at the Black Market.
    • If you don't want to overthink it, just run the highest LQ possible on Hell Difficulty using SP Effect Demons, with Support Demon auto-selection. Clear your friends' list regularly, remove players that haven't shown up for a while (you won't benefit much from having players that don't actually play and replace their Support Demon with one with SP Effect) and keeping at least one slot for new players.

Special Mission Events

In the Special Mission Event type, there is, usually, a Special Quest in every Mission, which rewards extra Event Currency. As of January/2022, the higher missions also reward proportionally more than the lower ones, that is, the reward is not linearly proportional to the Stamina spent, so, only run the Special Quests of the highest Mission on Hell Difficulty, preferably with Support Demons.

AG SP Events

The AG SP Event type follows different mechanics and should be run only on Master Difficulty to maximize the Stamina usage. Check the Aura Gate SP article for more hints.

Take Back Tokyo Events

In Take Back Tokyo events, make a team of 4 SP demons and run any Brands of Sin stage on auto. You will get Icon Spirit Orb.png Spirit Orbs x4 per 1 stamina spent, whereas any area other than BoS only gives 1 orb per 1 stamina.

Try to auto the highest BoS stage that you can. The efficiency of Icon Spirit Orb.png Spirit Orbs is the same for all BoS stages, but a higher stage has a better chance of dropping actually-useful Brands.

When capturing nodes:

  • Aim to reach all the boss nodes first, as they usually give Icon Gems.png Gems upon capture.
  • After that, prioritize the Mission nodes, since they won't count your progress toward the mission until you reach the node.
  • Then go for gold-bordered nodes, or anything that's using an actual item icon instead of the generic bottle icon. These nodes usually have better stuff than the silver-bordered nodes and/or bottle nodes.
  • The Tbt random silver low.png randomized nodes can be very hit-or-miss. They're still worth pursuing, but maybe aren't the top priority.

Demon Alliance Invasion Events

In Demon Alliance Invasion events, you can farm most normal quest to spawn bosses - the exceptions being Alter-World and any quests that play cutscenes after the fight finishes. You also don't need to run SP units when doing this. Therefore, it's recommended to run Brands of Sin, Strange Signal, or Leveling quests, depending on what you need. Hell's Park can also spawn bosses, so you can use that if you haven't finished it yet for the month.

Once you have a boss spawn, try to focus your BP usage on the tier-3 bosses - these are usually the newest gacha demon, and they spawn with a red screen-break instead of purple. These tend to give a lot more points than the tier-1 or tier-2 fights.

  • The lower-tier fights are meant to be used to spawn a tier-3 boss, if you don't have one already. Try not to spend too much BP on low-tier bosses.
  • Sometimes, events will give rewards for defeating a specific amount of low-tier bosses. If these rewards are useful to you, then targeting low-tiers with your BP can be worth it.
  • If a tier-3 boss spawns and you're at low BP, don't be pressured to fight it immediately. Bosses you discover will stay available for 8 hours once found, and other players can't fight bosses you found until after you fight it once. Waiting for your BP to restore before starting the fight is a valid strategy and a good use of BP.

Bosses spawned by other players will appear as SOS requests. These have a discount of -1 BP on your first attempt, and when they're defeated, they don't raise your personal boss level - meaning you can use SOS fights to earn points more-easily and more-efficiently than your own bosses. Try to jump on these as soon as possible, as the SOS will disappear once anybody kills the boss - especially tier-3 boss SOS.

Teams should strike a balance between buff generation (first priority), damage output (second priority), and SP units (third priority). Tier-1 fights are easy enough that you can just run 8 SP units, but tier-2 and tier-3 will need cohesive teams to get good scores.

See the Demon Alliance Invasion page for a more-detailed rundown of how the event works, as well as some team-building tips.

General tips

  • Always run a Quest with the cheapest Stamina cost and another with the highest cost and difficulty to check the rewards before Auto Questing, as some Events have different reward curves per Stamina spent.
  • Don't forget to select the best demon with SP Effect as Support Demon at the beginning of a new Event, so other players may benefit from it and the game will reward you with more Fame Points.
    • Beware that SP Effect Demons may change in the middle of an Event (e.g., if the Event is scheduled to last for 14 days, after the 7th day, the Silveruniticon.png Silver SP Effect Demons may change to completely different ones. Usually the Golduniticon.png Gold SP Effect Demons stay the same throughout the Event), somewhat depending on the story arc. Change your Support Demon accordingly.
  • Have as many SP Effect Demons as possible in the Teams to get the most bonus per battle.
    • Use third-party Support Demons with SP Effect, because they also affect the final bonus.
  • From time to time, collect the Event Rewards, as most Events reward players that play regularly (at least once per day) and there may also be rewards for collecting rewards.
    • Aura Gate SP also rewards purchases of Cubes, so it's better to spend the Event Currency on them during the Event period.
  • Many Events give out Icon Time Limited Monster Dew.png Time-Limited Monster Dew, a consumable item that fully restores Stamina.
    • Depending on the Event type, there may not be enough time to use all the Event Monster Dew. When the Event period is over, they simply disappear from the Items Inventory - so, to avoid letting them go to waste when the end is near, lower your Stamina below your maximum and use them (the game won't allow consuming Monster Dew if Stamina is at its maximum or over). Use the extra Stamina to Auto some Leveling Quests, Strange Signal, or Brands of Sin.
    • Don't let Time-Limited Monster Dew accumulate - use them as soon as you get them, to avoid losing them when the Event is over.

Guides on Upgrading and Leveling Demons


Image of the "Leveling Quest" at Chapter 8. At the bottom are the difficulty levels of the quest (Normal, Hard, Hell). The stamina cost indicated for this quest is 11.
Main Article: Leveling

PvE content grants EXP. However in order to level up demons, the best way is to use "Leveling Quests". Every Story Chapter has at least one Leveling Quest. Leveling Quests not only let you bring two parties (i.e., two Liberators and 8 demons) to level them up, but will give you much more EXP than a regular quest.

To maximize the amount of EXP you get, bring your Hero.png Main Character as the Liberator of one of the groups, as they have a passive skill to increase EXP. Bring a Kanbari.jpg Kanbari demon in both parties (2★ demon that is fused in multi-fusion), as it has a skill to increase EXP gains too.


Example of 5★ Brand at Level 1. The so-called Primary bonus of the brand is HP+, its Secondary bonus is Mag DEF+ and has Phys AC% as Tertiary bonus
Main Article, more in-depth: Brands

Brands are items that raise the stats of a demon and can be equipped in 5 slots: Head, Right Arm, Left Arm, Body, and Legs.

They come in 1~6★ rarities and with higher rarity, they contain more stats and upgrade potential.

When multiple of the same type are equipped, a set effect such as +50% HP can be also applied to a demon.

Brand stats matter more than the rarity, so make sure the stats are what you want before fully committing to upgrading it. You will quickly run out of Icon Macca.png Macca if you try to max upgrade every Brand!

Different body parts may have different primary stats available: this can be summarized in this Table:

HP+ HP% PAtk+ PAtk% MAtk+ MAtk% PDef+ PDef% MDef+ MDef% Heal% Ailm. Res. Ailm. Infl. Speed% Phys. EV% Crit% Acc%
Head x
Right Arm x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Left Arm x x x x x x x x x x x x
Body x x
Legs x x x x x x x x x x x x

Please read Brands for in-depth Stat-brand builds and advice.

Brands of Sin quests at Demon Buster is the easiest place to farm Brands, and they are available all of the time. The other option is Aura Gate past Floor 40+.

Guidelines for Farming Brands?

  • The higher Stages of Brands of Sin give better Brands. So Auto-Farm the highest you can.
  • Starting at Stage 7 or higher your demons will probably need to be decently Branded if you want to farm (the irony: needing good brands to farm more brands)
    • So farm the lower Stages you can auto, to get good Brands then slowing climb the Stages like that.
  • Enemies in Brands of Sin: Sloth are specialized in Ailments, while the Anti-ailment Brands (Ward Brands) are farmed in Brands of Sin: Deceit. This means you need to farm Deceit and equip Ward Brands to your Demons to advance in the high stages of Sloth.
  • Stages 10 and beyond may require Specific Teams for each BoS (Sloth, Deceit and Vanity), this is Mid Game level of difficulty. Check the articles linked in Brands of Sin for an example of Team composition for each Stage 10 and beyond.
  • Avarice is significantly harder than the other BoS categories, so don't worry too much about it until lategame.

Skill Transfer

Transferable skills are indicated by a genome icon (here Mazionga and Mahashibaboo). The "blue" skill (Mahashibaboo) is the so-called "Gacha skill", it can be extracted using a Blank Genome without killing the holder
Main Article: Skill Transfer

Skill transfer allows a demon to learn a skill from another demon, increasing its combat options and creating powerful combinations. To transfer a skill, the demon that receives the skill needs skill points, and you need another demon with the skill you want to transfer. Skill points are per-demon, and they are acquired by sacrificing other demons or special items (either Icon Soul.png demon's souls or Icon Yasaka Magatama.png Yasaka Magatamas) in Pandemonium, more precisely the possible sacrifices/fodders are:

  • A copy of the same demon (ignoring level and rarity). (1 + demon's base rarity skill points) (recommended practice ONLY for 3★ and below)
  • A demon of the same base rarity. (1 skill point) (not a recommended practice)
  • A Icon Soul.png demon soul (obtained from encounters in the Aura Gate) of the same demon. (1 skill point)
  • A Icon Yasaka Magatama.png Yasaka Magatama item (1 to 6 skill points, number of points equal to the item’s Stars) Don’t use your Yasaka Magatama on 3★ or lower rarity demons as duplicates or the same rarity can easily be fused or pulled from the gacha for skill points!

Transferring skills can be done in two ways:

  • Using a demon with the skill you want to transfer, a donor. The donor may only transfer certain skills, marked with a DNA tag in their description. This is always the first skill, any skills received by transfer, and the bonus skill a Summoned demon receives (colloquially called "Gacha skill"). The user interface (UI) is well done, so there will be no problem performing what you seek to do.
    • By default, the donor will die during the transfer process.
    • If the skill you wish to transfer is on the last two skill slots, meaning the skill was a skill received by transfer or a Gacha skill, then you can use a Icon Blank Genome.png Blank Genome to "harvest" the skill. Harvesting does not kill the demon.
  • Using a Icon Skill Genome.png Skill Genome with the name of the skill you wish to transfer. Skill Genomes are items that are obtained by summoning the skill (through gacha) or through the "harvesting" previously mentioned.

Skill points and transferred skills are lost when fusing. Skills are not lost when evolving, so feel free to power up! Once you have transferred a skill, you can replace it with another transferred skill using the same process. If you transfer the same skill again, the skill will level up and become more powerful!

A list of recommended transferable skills and their sources can be found here (basics) and here (advanced).

Awakening and Archetypes

Archetypes (from left to right): Aragami (red), Protector (yellow), Psychic (purple), Elementalist (teal/cyan) and Common (clear/grey).
Main Article: Awakening

Demons come in five different Archetypes:

  • Red Aragami (red)
  • Yellow Protector (yellow)
  • Purple Psychic (purple)
  • Teal Elementalist (teal/cyan)
  • Clear Common (clear/grey)

Awakening a demon unlocks their Archetype Skill, which varies depending on the demon and its Archetype, and slightly increases their stats.

  • Every demon requires Small, Medium, and/or Large Aethers of specific types and specific quantities to be awakened.
  • The required Aether types and quantities to awaken a Demon are dependent on the demon's race and base rarity.
  • Aethers are available in 5 common types, AetherL-Light.jpg Light (Yellow), AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful (Blue), AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral (Green), AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark (Purple), and AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic (Red).
    • Several special types are only available during limited events, and are usually required to awaken Demons also exclusively available during those events.
  • Aethers can be obtained in some missions and in most quests, including Aura Gates, but especially in Strange Signal.
  • Icon Aether Crystal.png Aether Crystal is a special item that can awaken any Demon, regardless of which and how many Aethers would be required for that.
    • They can be purchased in the Shop for 500 Icon Gems.png Gems each, which is ridiculously expensive, so avoid buying them.
    • They are sometimes offered as rewards for completing event missions, or as part of Log-in Bonuses.
    • Don't use an Aether Crystal on a Demon that can be awakened by common Aethers, which can be easily harvested in Strange Signal quests. Save them for awakening event-exclusive Demons that require special types of Aether, just in case you're unable to gather enough during its event period.
Aether types

Strange Signal quests drop only one type of Aether, depending on the Signal chosen. The quality is random, but higher levels drop more of the larger sizes.

Strange Signal quest availability rotates based on the day, with Neutral being open all the time.

Strange Signal Schedule
Monday - AetherL-Light.jpg Light, AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark, AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Tuesday - AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful, AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaos, AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Wednesday- AetherL-Light.jpg Light, AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark, AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Thursday - AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful, AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaos, AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Friday - AetherL-Light.jpg Light, AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark, AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Saturday - All are open
Sunday - All are open

Resource and Demon Management

Main Article: Resource Management Guides

The above wiki page lists all the advanced guides related to resource management, however a quick rundown on the matter is :

There are numerous resources that you will acquire in this game. These include, but are not limited to:

The general rule is: Keep those, until you really need them.

The game also has several in-game "currencies," mainly:

  • Icon Mag.png Magnetite: mostly used for Fusion, quite rare, so use it wisely.
  • Icon Macca.png Macca: mostly used to level Brands up and Evolve Demons. Not easy to gather in the beginning, but not very rare from mid-game on.
  • Icon Gems.png Gems: mainly used for Gacha Demon Summoning.
  • Icon Karma.png Karma: mostly used to buy Arch-Shifters and Selectors.
  • Icon Fame.png Fame Points: mostly used to buy Icon Monster Dew.png Monster Dew (Item that restores Stamina), Icon Hell Bull.png Hell Bull (Item that restores Duel Stamina), and Icon Yata Mirror.png 4★ and 5★ Yata Mirrors.
  • Icon Battle Points.png Duel Coins: mainly used to buy Genome Cubes, Icon Blank Genome.png Blank Genomes, and Icon Skill Extraction File.png Skill Extraction Files.
  • Icon Democalypse Coins.png Cull Coins: used to buy the exclusive demons Seraph.jpg Seraph and Norn.jpg Norn and materials to upgrade them, as well as Icon Absolute Summon File.png Absolute Summon Files.
    • Don't buy Icon Normal Summon File.png Normal Summon Files (cyan) in most cases, though spending Macca for them at the Black Market is fine. They are often obtained as rewards from Quests, Missions, Battles and Events. Eventually, you'll amass far more Normal Summon Files than needed just by playing normally, so spending any currency other than Macca is a waste of very rare resources.

Managing Demon Inventory

Considering the initial Inventory and Storage spaces start kind of low, you will quickly be overrun by demons after a few Summons.

Here's how to manage that:

  • "useless" Red Yellow Purple Teal colored 3★ Demons - check the Skill Transfer article to see if they have any useful "gacha skills" for transfer (that skill that's in the 5th slot).
    • Transfer Skill - If the skill is useful, try to find a demon to transfer it to (do NOT use a Icon Blank Genome.png Blank Genome on 3★, just let the 3★ be consumed).
    • Sell for Icon Karma.pngKarma - If the skill is NOT useful (or if you already have more than 5-ish copies of the same skill fodder), go to Pandemonium and sell the demon for Icon Karma.pngKarma.
    • Fuse a 4★ - You could also use them as fusion fodder to make specific-color 4★ that you want, but realistically you can't use up all of your 3★ this way.
  • "useless" Red Yellow Purple Teal colored 4★ Demons - similar to before, check the Skill Transfer article to see if they have any useful "gacha skills" for transfer.
    • Transfer Skill - If the skill is useful, try to find a demon to transfer it to (again, do NOT use a Icon Blank Genome.png Blank Genome on 4★, just let the 4★ be consumed).
    • Save high-grades for future 5★ fusion - If the skill is NOT useful but the demon's Grade is decently high (generally 66+), you can keep the 4★ for potential fusion into a 5★ later.
    • 4★ Icon Spirit.png Paneling - If the 4★ demon has a tier list rating of at least 4, and their panels are good (ask in Discord if unsure!), then you can use dupes of a demon in Spirit Merge to unlock their panels.
    • Fuse a different 4★ - You could fuse the 4★ into a different 4★ that you prefer. Only do this if the color is exactly what you want, BUT DO NOT do this for paneling. For 4★ paneling, it's actually much cheaper to fuse Clear Clear dupes from scratch than to fuse colored dupes.
    • Sell for Icon Karma.pngKarma - If none of the above applies, or you still have too many 4★, sell the 4★ for Icon Karma.pngKarma.
    • NEVER EVER use 4★ as Evolution fodder!
  • "Useless" or duplicate 5★ - Here you need to be careful.
    • Icon Blank Genome.png Harvest Skill - If the demon has a good gacha skill, now you can consider using a Icon Blank Genome.png Blank Genome to extract it. This way you can collect the skill without losing the demon.
    • 5★ Icon Spirit.png Paneling - If the 5★ demon has good panels (ask in Discord if unsure!), then you can use dupes of a demon in Spirit Merge to unlock their panels.
    • Fuse a different 5★ - You could fuse the 5★ into a different 5★ that you prefer, whether for keeps or for paneling. If you do this, check the Fusion Calculator and click "reverse fusion" for your current demon and the demon you want. Make sure you are NOT using a 5★ to create a demon that has a 4+4 (4★ + 4★ fusion) option available - that would be a huge waste of Icon Mag.png Magnetite, when you could make the 4+4 from 4★ instead!
    • Swordicon.png Armaments - If your roster of demons is already decently strong, you can consider making the dupe into an Armament (sword or shield) for Alter-World. This is very much a lategame/endgame area though, so you really shouldn't do this until you're more experienced.
    • If the demon is gacha-exclusive (see Summoning Pool) or event-exclusive (see Event Reward Demons), NEVER EVER use it in fusion. Dupes for these should ONLY be used for Paneling or Armaments.
    • NEVER EVER sell 5★ for Icon Karma.pngKarma!
    • NEVER EVER use 5★ as Evolution fodder!

Roster and Storage

Your Roster is your main inventory for demons. Demons here can be assigned to parties, sent on dispatch, used in fusion, etc.

The Storage is a second inventory, but the demons in Storage cannot be used for anything until you take them out of storage.

  • Storage is basically meant for demons that you want to keep around (fodder, event prizes, etc), but not use in battle any time soon.

If your Roster and/or Storage is full, you can expand their size by spending Icon Gems.png Gems. This is not a bad use of Gems, as it's a permanent upgrade, and you will most likely need more space than the default to play comfortably.

  • The Roster expands in increments of 10, while Storage expands in increments of 50.
  • The cost of expanding goes up each time you do it - once you get to around 200 Roster slots, it starts to be more efficient Gems-per-slot to expand the Storage instead.

That said, you can conserve Gem usage by making careful use of the Gift Box.

Use your Gift Box!

If your Roster is full, excess demons will be sent to the Gift Box. The Gift Box has infinite space, and the stuff in it never expires, so you can use it as a sort of infinite storage shed for fodder demons.

  • Intentionally fill your roster with 2★ demons (or whatever's in your storage) before doing summons - this way, everything goes straight to the Gift Box.
    • Then, move the "filler" demons back to Storage, and you can carefully manage which demons to receive and when from the Gift Box.
  • Note that you can only view the 99 most-recent Gift Box items at a time, so stuff may get buried over time.
    • Ideally, your Gift box should be filled with fodder 3★ and 4★. You should collect 5★ immediately, so they don't get buried in there.

Summoning Guide

Main Article: Summoning Guide

The Summoning Guide (click on the link above) helps you spend your Icon Gems.png Gems wisely.

Here we will simply mention the Basics.

2 examples of Tome/Parch summons. The banner on top is a generic non-time-limited banner using "parchment pieces". The bottom one is a limited banner using "wings of judgement" as their tomes.

The 3 important types of banner are: banners using Gems, banners using "parchs/tomes" and generic banners using "files" (or Icon Hell Bun.png Hell Buns):

  • Banners using Icon Gems.png Gems are the main banners of the game. This is where you will spend most of your Gems. Most of them are time-limited and propose either new demons or older (banner exclusive) demons!
    • Step 1 of most Step Up banners costs only 500 Gems instead of 1000: this is a really good deal.
    • Step-up banners are generally the best to pull on if possible, since they offer guarantees with each step (guaranteed 4★ or above, guaranteed 5★, etc), or may offer more tomes than normal (see next section).
    • There is also 1 generic/non time-limited "Gem banner": like in most gacha games, this is the worst banner; don't pull on it.
    • Banners (using gems) where you summon Icon Skill Genome.png Skill Genomes instead of demons exist too.
  • Banners using "tomes" or Icon Parchment Piece.png "parchs" are what some other gacha games would call fragment summons. They are extremely important banners since you are guaranteed one of the banner demons from it.
    • Some demons have tomes specific to them, while other demons are grouped into "categories" that share the same type of tome.
      • Example categories: "dimensional demons" (dimensional tomes), "Tenmas" (tomes of Temna), "Masakado" (tome of Masakado), "the three Archangels" (wings of judgement) etc. (new categories are regularly created)
      • See Summoning Pool - Limited-Banner Demons for a list of these categories, and which demons are in each one.
    • For each summon in Gem banners you are guaranteed to get as many parchs/tomes as the numbers of demons you summoned (Some step-up summons may offer double the amount of tomes).
    • The tome banners are referred in-game as "Absolute Summon". They are time-limited (except for one), they guarantee you to summon one of the demon of that category, but you usually don't get to choose which one. In some cases, there may be separate tome banners for each demon.
    • Among all these specific tomes, there is a generic parch/tome called "parchment piece" with a non time-limited Absolute Summon banner (see the picture on the right). Be careful: time-limited Fiends/Heroes/Reapers only Absolute "Parchment" banners exist! Therefore do not waste "parchment pieces" on the generic Absolute Summon one.
  • Banners using files or Icon Hell Bun.png Hell Buns: there is no time-limited banner for any of them. You cannot exchange these files for anything else, either. You can hoard them or use them immediately: it doesn't matter.
    • Files and Hell Buns each use their own pools, separate from time-limited banner pools. For comparisons between these pools, see the Summoning Pool article.


Gacha Rates: 3% for a 5★, 7.5% for a 4★, and 89.5% for a 3★

What to reroll for

First off: Rerolling is not really necessary, but it can give you a good head start on PvE and PvP.

Generally speaking, it's best to focus your rerolling on a powerful, banner-exclusive demon from the gacha. (To clarify: there are several fusible demons that can be good, but those are farmable over time, so they're not a priority in rerolling.)

  • Most of the permanent PvE content is 1 or 2 years old (as of 2022), so gacha demons that are somewhat-new should have no trouble making that content a cakewalk.
  • However, banner-exclusive demons are of course only available on specific banners, which might not be active when you start - so what's available won't always be consistent.

When picking a reroll target, you want a 5★ demon that:

  • Is Banner s.png Banner-exclusive. Banner-exclusive demons will have that green B icon on their Tier List entry.
  • Has a rating of 4 or 5 in BOTH PvE AND PvP, as these demons will be the most flexible for helping your progress. (Ignore the Democalypse ratings for now).

Also, as a rule of thumb, newer demons tend to be stronger - check the latest news or ask on Discord to see whether a banner's demon is new, or just being reran.

A good starting point is the Start and Restart Step-Up banner (detailed in #Beginner Exclusive Deals below), which guarantees one of Demeter.jpg Demeter, Zeus.jpg Zeus, or Elohim.jpg Elohim after spending 5,500 Gems total. Any of these would be a great demon to have.

  • You can then look at the currently-running banners, and see if you want to reroll for an additional demon on those, on top of your Demeter/Zeus/Elohim guarantee.

Steps to Reroll

  1. Complete the tutorial and play the story a bit more to gather gems. Spend these gems on the banner with your reroll target.
    • If there are multiple banners with the same demon, generally you should go for the one labeled "special step-up", or something similar. Ask on Discord if unsure!
    • Finishing the final step of a step-up banner is a good stopping point to evaluate your reroll.
  2. If you're unhappy with your pulls, delete your account and restart from step 1. To delete your account, go to: Home -> Settings -> Options (top middle button) -> Other (top-right) -> Delete Account.
    • If rooted on Android, delete the "com.sega.d2megaten.v2.playerprefs.xml" file inside "data/com.sega.d2megaten/shared_prefs".
  3. Once you're satisfied, save the account via the Facebook link / Recovery Code feature.

Beginner Exclusive Deals

The game has a number of deals oriented to help new players get started, by offering useful, guaranteed, demons that can make early game grinding much faster and easier.

Zeus, Demeter, and Elohim beginner banner: Start and Restart Step-Up Summons

Start and Restart Step-Up banner for Beginners and returning players. Stays active for 14 days.

Icon Gems.png Gems are the in-game currency primarily used for summoning demons

This banner guarantees one of three excellent demons for completing all 6 steps:

  • Demeter.jpg Demeter: Support that grants the team incredible bulk through Bulwarks, grants the team extra MP to cast spells, and protect the team from Ailments.
  • Zeus.jpg Zeus: Strong DPS that deals high damage, grants a bonus Press Turn, and can make enemies weak to Elec Elec when they otherwise would not be.
  • Elohim.jpg Elohim: Strong DPS with very high speed, as well as automatic Icon ATK Buff.png ATK buffs and Icon DEF Debuff.png DEF debuffs to help you win on turn 1.

Banner details:

  • The banner is a Step-up banner with 6 Steps
    • Each Step represents 10 summons (i.e. a multi-summon)
  • There is only 1 round/cycle (i.e. after the 6 Steps, the banner is gone)
  • Step 1 costs 500 gems, the other Steps costs 1000 gems
    • Demeter, Zeus, or Elohim are guaranteed at Step 6 (which one you get is random)
  • 3% rate for 5★ overall
    • Each of the trio have a 0.2% chance of appearing randomly in steps 1-5.
  • The banner stays up for 2 weeks


  • The featured demons are very strong in both PvE and PvP.
  • Guaranteed to receive one of the three featured demons on step 6.
  • Very afforable, at 5,500 Gems for the guarantee. In most other cases, guaranteeing a banner demon would run you about 27,000 Gems.


  • Pulling on this banner is an all-or-nothing commitment: aside from the trio, this banner uses the standard Summoning Pool, filled with fusibles and outdated demons. This banner is only worth pulling if you commit and go all the way to the end.

Overall verdict: Any of the trio would be great additions to your roster, so it's highly recommended to save up 5,500 Icon Gems.png Gems to finish the banner and get the guarantee. The 2-week time limit should give you plenty of time to collect that.

Start and Restart Summons Pack I

This shop pack gives 1,450 Icon Gems.png Gems, as well as a special file that guarantees a random demon from a small pool.

  • Cost: $37.99
  • Available for 2 weeks

Possible demons from the random file:


  • Gem-per-dollar efficiency is slightly better than standard Gem packs: This pack's efficiency is 38.168 Gems/Dollar, while the second-highest Gem pack (1,350 gems for $39.99) has an efficiency of 33.758 Gems/Dollar.
  • Of the 11 demons, about 9 still have some relevance in the current game.
  • Botis.jpg Botis synergizes very well with Zeus.
  • Mithras.jpg Mithras synergizes well with Elohim, and any other Fire Fire or Light Light attackers.


  • Angra Mainyu.jpg Angra Mainyu has virtually no relevance these days. He relies on Ailments, which Demeter shuts down in PvP. High-end PvE enemies make ailments useless due to inflated stats.
  • Demiurge.jpg Demiurge's relevance is questionable due to Attribute affinity down becoming common in PvP, and in some high-end PvE challenges. Largely overshadowed by Kalki.jpg Kalki, who pretty much does Demiurge's job better.
  • You don't get to choose which demon you receive.

Overall verdict: Not recommended, since it's a gamble. The 10-20% chance of getting a useless demon is a major downside.

Start and Restart Summons Pack II

This shop pack gives 4,950 Icon Gems.png Gems, as well as a special file that guarantees a random demon from a small pool.

  • Cost: $124.99
  • Available for 2 weeks

Possible demons from the random file:


  • Gem-per-dollar efficiency is slightly better than standard Gem packs: This pack's efficiency 39.603 Gems/Dollar, while the highest Gem pack (2,900 Gems for $79.99) has an efficiency of 36.255 Gems/Dollar


  • The demons on offer are the same as the guaranteed ones from the Start and Restart Step-Up, which is free.
  • You don't get to choose which demon you receive.
  • Price is too high to justify if all you want are the demons from the file.

Overall verdict: Not worth it. Just do the free Step-Up for the guarantee instead. The only reason to consider this pack is if you were planning to buy the $79.99 gem pack and want a slightly-better deal.

PVP Team Building Guide

Main article: PVP Team Guide

Understanding how team building and PVP work is quite challenging (explaining it is also). Examples are the best way to learn: you can simply do some PVP matches yourself, see analyse your opponent's teams and learn how and why you lost. The problem is you will only face low rank opponents at first, and thus may be misled about what is truly good.

To remedy to this: it is possible to look at the Top 100 teams in-game (offense teams) and learn from their team compostions. PVP Ranking lists those teams for different seasons.

Lastly, this wiki can provide you with a guide or list of Standard PVP Team Compositions here: PVP Team Guide

Also see D2 Duel for a more basic rundown.

Quest Areas

Quest Areas
Permanent Content StoryDx2 QuestsAlter-WorldAura Gate (1, 2, SP)
Farming Quests Strange SignalBrands of SinWanted
Recurring Events EclipseHell's ParkAdventKiwamiTokyo AbyssTake Back TokyoDemon Alliance Invasion
Competitive DemocalypseD2 DuelBattle Tower

Resources (Discord, Fusion Calculator etc.)

These are some extra reading you can catch up on, such as our Fusion Calculator, an in-depth Tier List, and more!

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Fusion Calculator

Want to fuse something but don't know how? Use the handy fusion calculator here: Fusion Calculator

Please note that Red Red / Yellow Yellow / Purple Purple / Teal Teal archetypes can only be fused with a Clear Clear archetype, while Clear Clear archetypes can be fused with other Clear Clear archetypes as well.

Tier List
Main article: Tier List
Reddit Threads

5★ fusable demons

Fiend/Hero demons

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