Brands of Sin

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Brands of Sin is a section in Demon Buster that features Brands as primary rewards for clearing it. Brands are used to increase a demon's stats.

There are three types of Brands of Sins (Sloth, Deceit, Vanity). Each contains 4 stages and three bosses who are divided over the stages.

  • Stage 1-5 (Lv 12-38)
  • Stage 6-9 (Lv 39-57)
  • Stage 10 (Lv 65)

Stages and Drop Rates[edit]




Brands of Sin Drop Rates

Unique Skills[edit]

Mad King - Increase accuracy of status ailments by 50%.
Ceaseless Bondage/Charm/Mute/Poison - Increase accuracy of status ailments by 30% and auto cast (Bind/Mute/Charm/Poison) at the start of your turn.