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There are basically two ways to get demons, by summoning them, or by talking and convincing them to join your party.

  • Only 1★, 2★ and 3★ Clear (Common Archetype) Demons may want to talk, no Colored or higher grade Demons will ever engage into talk.
  • Demon Talk is usually comprised of two or three questions, requests, or meaningless babbling. Some times, a conversation goes so well that the demon will ally without asking anything, so there will be no third question. In fact, some conversations are monologues, the demons like the PC at first sight and simply ally, without even asking anything.
  • The first two iterations are usually the most tricky to answer, while the third may be a question, a request for one or more items, a request for currency (Mag or Macca), or some weird request that may lead to healing of a party member or members, some or lots of damage to one, many or all party members, or even the death of one or more party members.
  • The first and second questions may have two or three options of answers, while the third may have up to four options.
  • An answer may yield a good reaction from the demon (depicted by one floating heart), very good reaction (displayed by several floating hearts), a bad reaction (demonstrated by a four-cornered icon on its head), a neutral reaction (shown by a balloon with three dots), or, seldom, an indulgent reaction (usually, also depicted by floating hearts), with the demon taking pity on the PC and giving it an item (e.g., a Life Stone).
  • The same demon may react differently to the same question, that is, once it may be happy with your answer, another time it may be indifferent (neutral reaction), or react badly on another conversation. Despite that, most demons, most of the time, will react the same way to a specific answer to a specific question, so, it's worth knowing the answers that will most likely yield the best reaction, even if once in a while they fail.
  • Different demons may react differently to the same questions.
  • The same question may have different options of answers, including or not the good answer, so it's not possible to give the same answer to the same question all the time, because it depends on which answers are available.
  • Some questions are restricted to specific demons (or types of demons), notoriously the Foul class, which seem very limited in their capacity to articulate questions (e.g., "Food... Smell...")
  • Only one answer may yield a good reaction, but not all questions have a good answer, some only have neutral answers and some have one neutral answer, while all others yield bad reactions. Hint: if a question has only two answers, and one of them always results in a neutral reaction, don't bother trying the other answer, because it can't be good.
  • Reactions are usually not logical. Many (if not most) answers with good reactions are insulting to the demons, to the player's character or both.

First and Second Frequently Asked Questions

Below is an ongoing compilation of question subjects and the best replies for them, for most times (some demons may still react badly to an answer, even when they had always reacted well or indifferently to it before).

  • The registered reactions to the answers are "+" (good), "#" (bad) or "~" (neutral).
  • Some questions are rarer than others, so it was not possible to figure out the best answers for all of them (in such cases, all registered options are shown inside [square brackets]).
  • When a question have more than one set of answers, and several sets have the same option, but in a different position, it's specified inside (parenthesis).
Question Best Answers
Demon's approaching (2 op) Step back+ (1st) / Back away (1st) / Stand ready~ (1st) / Go closer~ (1st) / Threaten it (1st)
Demon's approaching (3 op) Back away slightly+ (3rd) / Back away+ (1st, 2nd) / Calmly brace yourself+ / Clear the way+#
Demon's beckoning (2 op) Wave back+ (2nd) / Go closer~ (2nd) / Approach (1st)
Demon's beckoning (3 op) Approach+
Demon beckons (2 op) Approach+ (1st) / Approach~ (2nd) / Glare (1st)
Demon beckons (3 op) Smile~+ (3rd) / Wave+ (1st)
Demon's bracing itself (2 op) Stretch+ (2nd) / Squat down (1st) / Stand ready+ (1st) / Stand~ (1st) / Stand at ease~+ (2nd) / Beckon / Stand on guard~ / [Bow~#][Intimidate~#]
Demon's bracing itself (3 op) Brace yourself+ (3rd)
Demon's breaking something (2 op) What are you breaking?+ (2nd)
Demon's cackling (2 op) Scold it
Demon's cackling (3 op) Back away~+ (1st)
Demon collapsed (2 op) Stay on guard~+
Demon's crying (2 op) Pat back+ (2nd)
Demon's crying (3 op) Cry with it+ (2nd)
Demon's dancing (2 op) Dance+
Demon's daydreaming (2 op) Leave it alone~ (2nd) / [Hit it~#][Shout~#]
Demon's deep in thought Wait+
Demon's eating flesh of another demon (2 op) Let it be+ (1st)
Demon's eating something (2 op) Wait+ (2nd)
Demon's holding broken doll (2 op) Is that important to you?+ (2nd)
Demon's howling (2 op) Cover ears+ (2nd)
Demon's hurting itself (2 op) Stop it+ (1st)
Demon's ignoring you (2 op) Yelling+ (1st) / Brace for battle+ (2nd) / Try waving+ (2nd) / Approach+ (2nd) / Quietly approach+ (2nd) / Dance~ (1st) / [Hit it~#][Shout~#]
Demon's ignoring you (3 op) Stand ready+ (2nd) / Watch it+ (3rd) / Sing+~ (1st) / [Hello][Wave][Leave~] / Call+ (1st)
Demon's laughing (2 op) Laugh with it (1st) / Smile+ (1st) / Scold it (2nd) / Cold look+ (2nd) / Laugh+ (2nd)
Demon's laughing (3 op) Stare+ (2nd) / Join in+ (3rd) / Laugh+ (1st)
Demon's leaving (2 op) Hold out a hand (2nd) / Call out+ (1st) / Leave it alone+ (2nd) / Dropped something+ / Ignore+ (2nd)
Demon's leaving (3 op) Wave goodbye+ / Stare at it+ (2nd) / Get closer quietly+ (3rd) / [Call][Dance][Watch~]
Demon's sitting... Looking down... What will you do (3 op) Sit beside it+ (2nd)
Demon's looking around (3 op) Look too+ (1st)
Demon's looking for something What are you looking for?+
Demon's lowered head... What will you do? (2/3 op) What is it?~+ (1st)
Demon's messing with phone (2 op) Do you know how to use it? (2nd)
Demon's moaning What is it?+
Demon seems restless (2 op) Call it+ (1st)
Demon's scowling (2 op) Scowl back+~ (1st, 2nd) / Scowl with it+ (1st) / What is it?+ (1st) / What's wrong?~ / Make same face+ (2nd)
Demon's scowling (3 op) Make same face+ / Tap its shoulder+ (1st) / Relax+ (1st)
Demon's searching around (3 op) Scold it~+ (3rd)
Demon let out strange shout Cover ears~+ (2nd)
Demon's smiling Serious look~ (2nd)
Demon's stamping feet (2 op) Stamp with it+ (1st)
Demon's staring (2 op) Look calmly back+ (1st)
Demon's staring (3 op) Blush+ (3rd) / [Let it be~ ] [Call] [Get closer] / [Call] [Stare] [Wave#]
Demon's summoning something (2 op) Stay on guard+ (1st)
Demon's trembling (2 op) Call it~+
Acting tough... I can tell (2 op) Yeah+ (1st)
Air is heavy (3 op) Bleak+
All things were made by me Must have been Hard+
Are the elderly harmful (3 op) They're not+ (3rd)
At school Make memories
Avatar... Edible (2 op) Doppelganger+ (2nd)
Be more ladylike (3 op) Fine as you are+ (3rd)
Being controlled (2 op) I can+ (1st)
Birthmark... Show me (3 op) [No][Show~#][Depends~]
I'm so bored [Companion~#][Let's play~#]
You're boring You're boring too+
Mad boring today Sure is
Brainwashing (2 op) Mind-control+ (1st)
Build a castle for me Consider it done+
Cages... Wearing leashes At the zoo~
Can see... me (2 op) I can+ (1st)
Can't things just be things (3 op) Don't worry+ (3rd)
Catch me Dead or alive+
Catch that strange flying bug and play (2 op) No bug~ (1st)
Have children Can't imagine
Humans plan on continuing to multiply Don't want to go extinct~
Humans now not blessed with children Don't have money+
Babies cry so much (3 op) Cute+
Cry... Adults do what you want... True? [True][Don't underestimate adults][Try crying and see#]
Children should be disciplined They should+
There aren't many children here. Why (2 op) Adult's town~
Kids seem so lively (3 op) Everyone's tired+
I'm with child Congrats+~
Treating me like a child No
Bark and no bite (3 op) You're weak (1st)
Become a demon Too tacky+
Believe you are free I don't think I'm free+
What do you believe in Peace+
Brain in your head (3 op) I don't know+ (3rd)
Still a chick (3 op) Adult+ (3rd)
Chosen one exists (3 op) I do+
Civilization Rebellion against nature+ (2nd)
Coincidences are determined by destiny (2 op) Inevitable~ (1st)
What destiny do you wish for (2 op) Survive (2nd)
Collecting any memories you don't want (2 op) No+ (1st)
Computer Box of magic tricks+
Connected when you're separated (3 op) I don't know+ (3rd)
Corpses to gain my trust, what would you do (3 op) Demon corpses+ (1st)
Could entertain me Dance+
Dance with me Sure+
Countless species long gone Wish could have seen them+
Country or individual (2 op) Country+~ (1st)
Curious about me Yes+
Human... Curious Don't mind me+ (1st)
Human... Kinda curious (2 op) Touch me+ (1st)
Me? Cute?... Cheeky Sorry for being cheeky+
Demons are cruel I do~
Humans are cruel Says the demon
Did you just touch me (2 op) Misunderstanding+ (2nd)
Do something human-ish (2 op) Sexy pose (2nd)
Do you require my power I need it+
Don't wanna die (3 op) Let you go~+ (1st)
Ever wanted to die? (3 op) No+ (3rd)
Demons... When they die (3 op) Reborn (2nd)
Why humans die so quickly (2 op) We don't die so quickly (1st)
Euthanasia... So very cruel Guess so+ (1st)
Bad dream... Eat it for me Sure+ (1st)
Weird dream... Wanna hear Yes+
Drugs (3 op) Feel good+ (3rd)
Ears ringing (2 op) You heard?+ (2nd)
Energy... A lot of it (2 op) Refuse~ (2nd)
Enlightenment Not interested+
Everyone insults me... how should get revenge Let's plan together
Exercise together Okay+
You don't really exist (2 op) I knew that+ (2nd)
Find me frightening I do+
You're pretty famous (3 op) I knew that+ (2nd)
You famous? Not so much+
You... Know Are you famous?+
Favour Sure+
Feeling sad (3 op) Cry+ (1st)
Horrible... So sad (2 op) I get you+ (2nd)
Why get sad when there are so many (2 op) Why are you sad+ (2nd)
Accept my feelings (3 op) Of course+
Flustered... What is this feeling? Love+
If your feelings were a cloud, what shape would they be Won't tell (2nd)
Flat-chest... World worship them [Some love flatties~][Isn't it great?][It's not worship~#]
Food... Smell Hungry?+
Afraid of solitude... Why need friends Instinct+
Do you a favour and be your friend Thank you+
Don't have friends (2 op) Friends now
Friends and lovers Lovers+
Fun following around Promise it will
Gambling Love it
Seen a ghost before (2 op) Yes+ (1st)
Give warm smile Smile+
Global warming... Who's boiling the globe Humans+
Globalism The world is one~
Gloomy person Bad?+
Go away Chase them off?+
Grow taller You can't+
Grrr! Awrooo!! What's wrong?
Hee ho... Hee ho [What's so funny?~][Are you in pain?]
Guess what you're thinking Stop it+
Hear cry of my soul (3 op) Yeah+
Help... Me (2 op) What should I do?+ (2nd)
Help me think of a prank to play Too annoying
Let's play pranks together (3 op) Sure+ (1st)
Is cosplay a Halloween prank (2 op) Not exactly (1st)
Hold my hand Hold
Hold you? So motherly+
How important is money You're more important+
Heard about you (2 op) Threatening me? / In what way~
Heard all about you (3 op) Wrong human+
Heard rumors (2 op) What rumors?+ (1st) / Thanks+ (1st)
Heard your name (2 op) Eh?!+ (2nd)
You... Everyone's talking about (3 op) So what+ (3rd)
Are you human? ... Interesting Something wrong with humans?+
Can't trust you... You're human, after all True+
Don't trust humans... As it should be, no? (3 op) Trust me+ (1st)
Need something? Don't trust humans, you know (3 op) Join me+ (1st)
Don't trust humans (2 op) Why not?~ (2nd)
Don't trust humans. That's how demons are (2 op) Trust me+
Humans... Selfish... Will be punished I agree+
Humans can fly too (2 op) Not+ (2nd)
Humans can't be trusted (2 op) Trust me~
Humans can't be trusted (3 op) Trust me+ (3rd)
Trust a human Don't have to trust me+
Human bedding is soft and squishy And fluffy
Humans will eat anything Except humans~
Humans are scary Calm down
Kill... Scary (2 op) Calm down~+
Are demons really scary (2 op) No (2nd)
What's scarier? Big things or strong things (3 op) Incomparable+ (3rd)
Humans are fascinating (2 op) Thanks~+ (2nd)
Humans are weird (2 op) [Demons are weirder~#][Agree]
Humans living on the moon (2 op) Rabbit~ (1st)
Humans lonely things Why do you think that?+
Humans look exactly the same We're all the same~ (1st)
Humans believe they own the world Doesn't belong to anyone+
Humans so foolish, killing their own (3 op) [Also protect each other#][Sad but true][Demons fight each other too~]
Why humans kill themselves (3 op) Tired+ (1st)
Kill someone... Felt that way Of course+
Human trash (2 op) Only trash calls others trash+ (1st)
Humans work too much No reason
Human world's so noisy (2 op) Wasn't always this way~+ (2nd)
Don't care about humans Me neither+
Human bullying It really is+
Become more than human Fine as human+
Humans so very restless No leeway~
Humans only improve their tools (2 op) I don't get it+ (2nd)
Used as a tool Yes+
Handle name... What is it used for (2 op) Disguising yourself+ (1st)
Hunt Entertainment+
Hunt demons... Bad guy (3 op) What's wrong with bad guys?+ (3rd)
Ideal type (3 op) Someone like me+ (3rd)
Not the type you're looking for (3 op) Follow me (3rd)
Show me your insides (2 op) H-How (1st)
Instinct or reason Instinct+
Interested in humans (2 op) Curious+~ (2nd) / Come closer+ (2nd)
Interested in humans (3 op) I'm not+ (2nd) / Lean forward to listen+ (1st) / [Friends#][What way][Don't want] / [What about them?][Dangerous#][Pretend to listen]
Don't have same interests (3 op) You'd be surprised+~
You and I are really the same (2 op) I hate that+ (2nd)
Human... Interesting Something wrong?+
Humans are interesting (2 op) Thanks~ (2nd)
Wanna know how to pique someone's interest? (3 op) Try+ (2nd)
Letters... Do you understand them (2 op) What do you mean+ (1st)
Judge the value of your life Don't set a price on people+~
Life same as soul Different+
Greater than life... Risk life for (3 op) The one I care for
Give life for truth (2 op) Not my life~ (1st)
What's life Finding something important+
Why life exists Because I was born
Life is transient for humans and demons Demons live a long life~
Fell into a trap (2 op) Wait (2nd)
Get me caught in a trap You found out+
Kiss taste like [Sweet]{Bitter][Try it~]
Laws... More important than your life (2 op) My life+ (2nd)
Lend me an ear Just one?+
Lend me your ears (3 op) You come over+ (3rd)
Lend me that thing [Smartphone][Tablet~]
Show me your smartphone (2 op) Don't break it+ (1st)
Let's draw pictures I'm a poor artist
Letting me off You may go
Let me off (2 op) [Sure][Won't let+#]
Want me to let you go (3 op) [Not really][Let me go][I won't let you go#]
Let you go for now I'll be off+
Human child. Let me go I'm ready+
Let me go-ho I won't let you go
Let's get married Impossible~
Like adventure I do+
Human limbs can be stretched... Show me how (2 op) Like this?+
Live again (2 op) Don't think you can~ (1st)
Live by yourself (2 op) Nope~ (2nd)
What are you living for (2 op) [Nothing][Something important~]
Living... Dead... Same thing (3 op) Maybe+ (2nd)
Purpose of our lives (3 op) Find answers (3rd)
No purpose anymore Not true
Long for enlightenment Not interested
Change face color... Wanna try (2 op) Try+ (1st)
Look at your face Come closer+
Look behind (2 op) Turn and look+ (1st)
Look the other way Sure+ (1st)
Look grotesque Sorry
Looking good today (2 op) You too+ (2nd)
See... my form? Perfectly+
Mascot (2 op) Something cute+
Messed up (3 op) Calm down+ (3rd)
Met before Not funny+
Nice bod (2 op) Not as good as yours+ (2nd)
No meat... I don't wanna eat'em (3 op) Why not try it?~ (3rd)
Hungry... Can eat a little something Sure~
Are humans tasty (3 op) Don't eat humans~+ (3rd)
Tastier than humans (2 op) Don't think so+ (2nd)
Share this meat No thanks~ (2nd)
Date around your age (3 op) Right+ (1st)
Love at first sight Delusion+ (2nd)
Shall I love you Yes, please+
Maternalism is being affectionate (3 op) Maternalism is made up~
Men and women should be treated the same Not exactly+ (2nd)
Morning person or night owl (2 op) Morning person+ (1st)
Mourning for the dead... Or yourself (3 op) Ourselves+ (2nd)
Mimic me (2 op) What should I do?~ (1st)
Concerned with morality Just a fad+
Mother Earth... Heard these words (3 op) Often+
No longer needed (3 op) Surprised you exist+~
Sing about mothers? Not true
Can hear you singing (2 op) Your imagination (2nd)
Nameless flower blooms Continue looking at demon+
Flowers have minds (2 op) Talk to them+ (2nd)
Not fighting, not fair (2 op) Maybe (2nd)
Olympics... Origin (3 op) I don't care
Optimistic or pessimistic (3 op) Pessimistic+ (2nd)
Time travel... Past or future (2 op) Future+ (2nd)
Photos... Interested Take a photo of you+
Selfie... Picture of yourself (3 op) [Post][Perfect life][Make memories#]
People seem happy Not happy
Pets and livestock... Same thing Different~
Pets... Do you keep one? (2 op) I don't+ (2nd)
Old age ugly I suppose
Don't treasure old things (3 op) Sad too+ (3rd)
Only one universe Only one+~
Universe end (2 op) Mine does (1st)
Palmistry... Show me your hand I don't believe in fortunes
Wrong to be partial... What do you think (2 op) Don't agree (2nd)
Peel (3 op) Clothes+ (3rd)
Pissed off Pretend to walk away+
Pick it up You mean this?~ (1st)
Power or knowledge (2 op) Knowledge+ (2nd)
Prayed to anyone before (2 op) New Year temple visits+~ (1st)
Praying now! Don't interrupt me (3 op) [Demons pray?#][What are you praying about?][Who do you pray to?]
Pretend didn't see me (3 op) Sure+ (2nd)
You show promise (3 op) Reached my potential+ (3rd)
Psychopath You~
Read human minds No way
Remember anything before you were born I don't
Humans... Self-important Sorry~
Rich humans... Important people (2 op) They are+ (1st)
Rocks feel (2 op) Waiting+ (2nd)
Say something interesting. Anything (2 op) Faux pas+ (2nd)
School (3 op) Forced to attend+ (3rd)
Scratch my back Okay+
Secret staying beautiful... Why want to know? (2 op) I'm jealous of you+ (2nd)
Separate good and evil No difference
Make a sound (2 op) ...+~ (2nd)
Stop staring... hit you Keep staring~
Shabby... Show how to dress up (2 op) Shabby-looking?+ (1st)
Sinful person (2 op) Yeah+ (1st)
Internet... Slaughter shows (3 op) Fake+~ (1st)
Humans are so cool... Slaughter show (2 op) What is?+
Smarter than you Intelligence is a state of mind+
Smell human Call it
Smell good (2 op) Sorry+
Smell something (3 op) Coming from you (3rd)
Stalkers Always watching+
Statues... Vandalized... Won't let you off Sorry+
Status (3 op) Charisma+ (3rd)
Stuff and display you (3 op) Please do+ (1st)
Terrorism... Your thoughts (2 op) Understand their feelings+ (2nd)
That's what you're like [What do you mean?~][Right][No]
About my timbs (2 op) Lame+ (2nd)
Toy... Break it [Take care][Pulverize][Give me~]
Have something you treasure? (3 op) Everyone does~
Treasure=-beautiful jewels. Wanna see? (2 op) Yes (1st)
Tried to take... Called a thief I'll show how it's done+ (3rd)
Trying to kidnap me? (3 op) Not+ (2nd)
Unpopular Unpopular+
Vegetarian Yeah+
Virtual space... Is it really reality I wonder+
Wanna play Play+ (1st)
Wanna step on a big pile Yeah+
Want... Need (3 op) I want stuff too~ (3rd)
War is awesome (3 op) Lights my fire+~ (1st)
Warring is eternal Last forever+
Wasting youth lazing (2 op) My time to laze~
Watch your feet (3 op) You too+ (3rd)
Wear human clothes (3 op) You'd look good+ / Fashion+ (1st)
Studying for (3 op) Beat demons+ (3rd)
What sort of entity god is 3 op) Great+ (1st)
When usually shed tears (3 op) Yawning+ (3rd)
Where am I? Are you okay?+
Where are your manners (2 op) Talk to the hand~ (2nd)
Where is your body in your mind Heart~
Why (3 op) I want to know too+
Why... alone (2 op) Alone too+ (2nd)
Why fight when you look so weak Don't want to die+~# (1st)
Why humans lie... Get found out in the end Weak minded+
Why humans need speech (3 op) Just formality~ (3rd)
Why so many accidents with seniors There's just a lot of old people~+ (2nd)
Winning side of humanity (2 op) Yes~
Wondered about death (2 op) Yes~+ (1st)
Won't forgive (2 op) Who?+ (1st)
World ends... New one will be born (2 op) Always reborn+ (2nd)
World conflict... Carefree (2 op) [That's not true~][We're not involved]
Worship me, I can grant that wish Fine as human~
Your first should be with someone you love (3 op) Of course+ (1st)

Third Question

If it's an items request, and you have them, just comply. Most items are useless (e.g., Emeralds, Garnets) and there'll be hundreds piling in the inventory after some time walking in the Aura Gates.

In other cases, usually the first option (upper left) is the way to go. If any of the other options is chosen, the whole conversation may be spoiled (usually, it depends on the number of good reactions obtained on the first and second questions). If the request is not reasonable, like taking the life of an important demon, then it's necessary to evaluate if the demon is worth risking the battle, or a Demon Contract, because it may not give a second chance and go back to battle if declining.

Question Answer Result
Give best scream Leave it to me good
Brain cells I don't mind good / drains lots of HP of all demons
Pamper me / Mother's Day agree good
Big life / All life / Lot of energy agree it may take a lot of HP from all demons, might even kill weak/weakened ones, or may heal all demons
Touch hand / Lick eyeballs / Dive into my chest agree it may take a little HP or a lot, might even kill weak/weakened ones, or may heal all demons
Take off head Pretend good
Accept my feelings I'll try good