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Farming Magnetite


Main ways to get MAG:

  • Farming Aura Gate which can be divided into 3 sources of MAG:
    • MAG gained from Random Battles and MAG picked on the ground in Aura Gate.
    • Hitting Jackpots from MAG Chest.
    • Boss Rush in Floors higher than 30 in Hollow World.
  • MAG gained from Democalypse: up to 500K MAG every 2 weeks if your Faction gets top 3%.
  • MAG gained from Events: expect a new event every 2 weeks, each giving minimum 150K very easily.
  • Buying the Pack giving 1 Million and Gems for Money.
  • Buying the monthly pack gives a 50% boost to MAG, Macca, and EXP + 1000 gems. 20 day login in bonus that gives 300000 mag over a 20 day period + 2 5★ mirrors + 2 Blank Genomes. Continuation of this pack also gives a Kasane. Unlocks 4× speed while pack is active.
  • Buying the daily pack gives 100% boost to MAG, Macca, and EXP. This is not a great value but isn't the worst combined with AG Weeks.
  • Login Bonus.
  • One-time missions.

Most of your MAG should come from Farming Aura Gate if you wish to fuse the strong Fusable Demons of the game as well as their Panels. Among the 3 Aura Gate sources, Boss Rush is the most potent one. However, it is extremely hard to perform and requires strong Demons. So until then you need another method.

The second best source of MAG are Random Battles+Ground MAG in Aura Gate. Despite the fact you only seem to get very few MAG for each battle or item, this must become your main source until you can Boss Rush. Farming Random Battles/Items can be very simple, it can consist in running AUTO MOVE in the highest Floor you can Auto and let your phone run until you consumed your all your Steps.

In third is chasing MAG Chest to get Jackpot. The good thing is you can farm MAG Chest while farming Random Battles. The two methods are not excluding one another.

Remark: the so-called Boost Mode (gain 2x more MAG from ground items and battles but use 2x more Steps) is not particularly good. But it is not absolutely bad, just less efficient, especially since you also farm Aura Gate to get Divine Brands and Mitamas.


AUTO MOVE options to activate/deactivate in order to Farm in Aura Gate


  • The lower floors of Aura Gate 1 give around 150 MAG per battles
  • The highest floors of Aura Gate 1 and the lowest floors of Aura Gate 2 give around 270 per battles
  • and the highest floors of Aura Gate 2 is about 320 per battles.
  • MAG Ground Items usually give around half of a random battle of the floor.

So Hollow World gives the most MAG! More than twice more than the lowest floors of AG1.

But more concretely, in Aura Gate 2 floors:

  • spending all your Steps, you could expect 20K or 30K MAG even if you are a bit careless. It can go higher if you are careful about Full Moon or change floors once you think you've got most of the floor items (+10 Steps and MAG on the ground).
    • Changing floors can be important because (at least for higher AG2 floors) half or more of the MAG you gain from auto-farming is from MAG items.
  • The simplest way is to Auto-farm/spending all your steps once the morning (after you wake up) and once before going to bed. Doing that, you would easily gain 50K per day. This is the minimum earning you should aim to get.
  • You can also be more diligent, and spend all your Steps gained throughout the day: expect minimum and easily 100K per day even with no care about Full Moon or changing floors.
  • Lastly, each month (often at the beginning of the month) there is an event called Power Week. Lasting between 1 or 2 weeks, it increases by +100% your MAG gain from battles in Aura Gates. Since MAG items are not affected, it will translate into about +50% more MAG earning.

Farming random battles can be quite simple:

  • Megakin as first Dx2 to get Demons to talk, Eileen as second for more Divine Brands drops.
    • If you do not use Megakin as first Dx2, you should deactivate auto-talk else you risk dying from (failed) Talk.
  • A Demon with Dmg Panel Immunity and one with Void Dark Zones in your second team.
  • Get yourself to the highest Floor you can Auto.
  • Use the AUTO MOVE options like on the picture.
  • Let your phone run and do something else, take a nap etc.

Full Moon

The Full Moon lasts 10 minutes and are separated by 1h59min from one another. You can check when the Full Moon starts in-game. It increases by +100% the amount of MAG gained in battles and the MAG picked on the ground.

2 Hours is enough to replenish around 100 Steps which in turn can be enough to auto for 10 full minutes. So a hardcore but efficient way to farm is to connect every 2 hours for AG farming.

On Dx2 Discord, you can get a bot to ping you each time Full Moon occurs. You could also use a timer yourself.

MAG Chest

  • At the start of every hours (UTC), Aura Gate 1 floors are reset and Aura Gate 2 Chests are reset.
  • MAG Chests in floors multiple of 10s in Aura Gate 2 have the highest Jackpots with 120K being the minimum at floor 10.
  • You can only open 10 MAG Chest per day. Opening 10 MAG Chest actually requires you to try hard.
  • Chasing MAG Chest is totally compatible with Auto-farming random battles.
  • MAG Chests will not be you main source of MAG income.

Expert Techniques

Guidance of Luopan from Seiran allows you to scan the surrounding of Boss Room

Spring Hunt

  • Springs restore you 50 Steps
  • You can only use 1 Spring per hour: using one Spring will close all the Springs in all other floors of both AG1 and AG2 until the next hour (UTC).
  • Each hour, not all floors have a Spring (only very few do).
    • It is purely luck-based. No floor has higher chance of getting a Spring.
  • In Aura Gate 2, the Springs has a different location for each player.
  • In Aura Gate 1, the locations are the same for all players during the hour.
    • So you could help each other.

The benefit of Spring Hunting is very clear. Get +50 Steps per hour. Over a full day you can gather a few more 100s Steps!

Spring Hunting is done in Aura Gate 1. It uses Guidance of Luopan, an ability possessed by Seiran in AG1: upon entering a Aura Gate 1 floor, the surrounding of the Boss Room is revealed. If you are lucky and the floor not only contained a Spring but had a Spring near the Boss, it will be reveal. The strategy is thus to scan every floors (starting preferably from the lowest floors) and hope for the best.

Higher floors are bigger than lower floors, so you need to pray for the Spring to appear in the lower ones. Moreover, it may not even be beneficial to chase a Spring revealed in a very high floor.

Some people post Spring locations each hour on twitter under the hashtag #D2泉ハンター協会

Boss Rush

Starting from Floor 31 of Aura Gate 2, Save Points are introduced (cf. in-game tutorial). Some Save Points are very close to the Boss Room... Lastly Bosses give you much more MAG than random battles when beaten.

As the name indicates, Boss Rush exploits these two things to farm MAG extremely efficiently.

  • List the Floors where a Save Point is close to the Boss.
  • Create a team that can beat said bosses.
  • Use Boost Mode (2x more MAG but 2x more Steps used).
  • If possible wait Full Moon if possible.
  • Perform the Boss Rush: beat all the Bosses you planned to beat one after the other.
  • Bosses respawn at the start of every hours!

This is the most powerful way of earning MAG, getting Millions of MAG in few days is possible. But it is also the most difficult. A Hell Gongen team is typically used for Boss Rush as it is a generalist team that is suited to beat quite a lot of Floor Bosses.

Obviously, you decide which floors you want to farm Bosses. Use the wiki to plan your Boss Rush as it has the Map and Boss of all floors Hollow World#Floors

Good floors to farm are:

  • 33F (Boss: Valkyrie, BS=20833)
  • 36F (Boss: Rangda, BS=24900, has a higher Acc% requirement)
  • 38F (Boss: Succubus, BS=21466)
  • 39F (Boss: Kikuri-Hime, BS=27266, has Hell Counter(but no phys pierce)
  • 41F (Boss: Sandalphon, BS=21666)
  • 42F (Boss: Skadi, BS=26150, path from the save point to boss is long, decide for yourself if it's worth to you)
  • 45F (Boss: Cu Chulainn, BS=20966)
  • 47F (Boss: Ananta, BS=27600)
  • 48F (Boss: Baal, BS=21533)
  • 49F (Boss: Shiva and Vishnu, BS=25250, difficult to reliably beat both in a single turn; it's a good idea to weaken them and finish them off with team two)

Floors that a close to a save point but need a more specialized team include 40F(Orcus), 44F(Nidhoggr), 46F(Michael). You're better off farming the floors written above, though.

Boss Rush Teams

Sushi's Boss Rush Team
ArchRed.png Zaou-Gongen.jpg Zaou-Gongen
Epitome of Carnage
Savage Glee
Panel 3
13AG Mitama
ArchClear.png Kartikeya.jpg Kartikeya
Offensive Cry
as much Speed% as possible
ArchPurple.png Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune
Epitome of Carnage
1.9k PAtk
Panel 2
ArchPurple.png Mara.jpg Mara
Phys Amp
Phys Boost
1.9k PAtk
Panel 3
  • Dx2 Liberator Black Carbon is used for increased crit damage
  • BS must hit 27600 for floor 47
  • Requires mostly manual play
  • Berserk levels are maxed
  • Second team has Hare of Inaba with Dmg Panel V I & Dmg Panel V II, and three single target nukes
  • Order of floors: 33>38>41>45>47>48>39>49>42(if enough time left)

Ramen's Boss Rush video

BuffMaister's Boss Rush video

Fusion Guide


  • is the best tool to plan fusion!
  • The race of the resulting demon is entirely and solely determined by the race of the 2 materials, a table exists and can be seen in-game.
  • Then the particular resulting demon is calculating from the Grade of the materials:
    • Calculate the average between the materials, then add +1.
    • The resulting demon will be the first demon of the resulting race with higher Grade than the above result.
  • It means higher grade demons are better fusion materials, likewise they are harder to fuse.
  • In this game, Panels are very important (see Spirit Merge). Thus, do not simply assume every 5★ duplicates should be fusion fodders! (you will actually want to fuse dupes at some point).


  • Fusing 5★ Demons costs Millions of MAG. Expect around 3 Millions for each one you fuse (it can be less if you use another 5★ as fusion material).
    • Fusing a (non-clear) 5★ using another 5★ and a 4★ costs around 1.6 Millions
    • Fusing a (non-clear) 5★ using two 4★ as materials costs 3.2 Millions
    • Using the Boss Rush method, you could fuse a new 5★ every few days. But otherwise do not expect to fuse more than a few 5★ each month.
  • Around the start of each month (and lasting around 2 weeks), two races are discounted by -30%. Please check the in-game news regularly.
  • The 4★ materials for 5★ are usually high grade 4★, and fusing them from scratch can cost you several 100Ks MAG.


To determine whether a 5★ should be fused or used as fusion material, there can be many factors but some to keep your mind on is:

  • How much MAG this 5★ is worth (=the MAG needed to fuse the demon from scratch)?
  • How much MAG you're saving up by using the 5★ fodder as fusion material?

Since 4★ demons cost 10x less than 5★, you could ignore the prices of 4★ fusions when approximating the cost of a 5★: so in the end it'd just revolve around the number of other 5★ you need to fuse in order to finally get the one you aim for.

The cheapest and thus the most notable 5★s are the ones that do not need you to fuse any other 5★ i.e. demons that are 4+4=5 (can be fused from two 4s). More expensive are the 5★ needing a single 4+4=5 demon, etc.

4+4=5 are usually around 3.6 Millions to fuse from scratch. So they are the best to fuse from scratch, and the "worst" to sacrifice another 5★ on (you'd "only" save up around 1.6 Millions MAG by fodderizing a 5★ to fuse a 4+4=5). Fusing a 4★ and a 5★ costs 1.6 Millions (not counting the cost of that 5★ and 4★)

Here is a list of 4+4=5 Demons

(Status: After Raptor race was added)

Demon Race Grade Number of 4+4 Fusions
Mastema Herald 83 9
Ishtar Megami 82 4
Cu Chulainn Genma 81 24
Susano-o Fury 82 22
Asherah Lady 83 36
Ananta Snake 83 6
Samael Fallen 84 2
Lilith Night 80 63
Seth Vile 84 13
Surt Tyrant 83 1
Garuda Avian 80 20
Quetzalcoatl Dragon 80 13
Black Frost Jaki 81 2
Gogmagog Jirae 80 15
Hresvelgr Raptor 84 2

Fusion Fodder

What qualifies as fusion fodder varies from person to person but it's a general consensus that clear 4★should be primarily used as fusion fodder unless they have skills you desire from them: I.E. Physical Boost

Clear 5★ also make for good fusion fodder for other 5★.

  • Some 4★ demons can only be fused using two other 4★ demons (examples: Ym, Loki), which makes them expensive to fuse, even in common archetype. It is generally not recommended to sell these 4★ demons for karma.
  • Some 5★ demons can only be fused using two other 5★ demons (examples: Metatron, Izanami, Lucifer), which makes them expensive to fuse, even in common archetype. It is generally not recommended to use these 5★ demons in fusion unless there are no alternatives.
  • Common archetype demons sell for 10% of the karma value of colored archetypes - don't sell them!

  • Getting a Clear Asherah from Hell Buns should be used towards a Cybele but is only a suggestion that saves you mag/time.
  • Getting a Clear Shiva from Hell Buns should be used towards a Kartikeya and albeit only a suggestion this is a 5,608,889 minimum mag saving
  • Getting a Clear Seth from Hell Buns should be used towards Baal but is only a suggestion that saves mag/time.

Demons to Fuse

Must have PVE fusable Demons:

High Tier Fusable Demons (see Tier List) for PVP :

See Also