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This is an alphabetical list of terms used in Dx2 or the community with a brief explanation.


  • Anti Pierce: A team consisting of either Alilat or Rama and corresponding demons that utilize Repel Pierce or Drain Pierce, respectively. Used to counter Pierce on the enemy team.
  • AoE: Area of Effect ; A Skill that does Damage to multiple or all enemies.
  • BoS: Brand of Sin ; often also used as "BoS10" or "BoS11", indicating the stage.
  • Meta: Metatron OR also used as a way to describe the common tactics used in PvP.
  • NDR: Referring to an element that gets Nulled, Drained or Repelled.
  • Nuker: A demon that uses a (or multiple) ST Skill(s).
  • PvE: Player vs. Environment
  • PvP: Player vs. Player
  • ST: Single Target ; A skill that does damage to a single enemy.
  • Sweeper: A demon that uses a (or multiple) AoE Skill(s), often with great damage to quickly kill the enemy team.
  • Tag Bros: (Also referred to as Jack Bros) Referring to the two demons that have the Tag Skill in the protector archetype, Jack Frost and Pyro Jack.