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Disclaimer: This guide will call Hollow World "AG2", because it was known as "Aura Gate 2.0" when announced and this is what the community mostly refers to it as.

AG2 is a whole new world inhabited by a race of people called Hollows. Unlocked by clearing F30 of AG1. It is a dungeon-crawler with (in contrast to AG1s randomly generated) predetermined floors, with only a few elements randomized. Currently Floors 1 to 30 are implemented.

News Posts

  • Original News Post: Link
  • Floors 11 to 20 added: Link
  • Floors 21 to 30 added: Link
  • Floors 31 to 40 added: Link
  • Floors 41 to 50 added: Link

Similarities to AG1

Similarities to AG1
  • Same Stamina is used.
  • Full Moon and its bonuses apply.
  • MAG Chests and the number of times you can open them.
  • Most Gimmicks still apply, such as Poison and Damage Tiles.

Differences to AG1

  • AG2 has no time limit.
  • To access the Boss, you need to find the hidden Key(s) first.
  • No Gate Keepers or Chaos Knights.


Reward for completely mapping a Floor.
  • Event Points
    • Yellow Symbols on the mini-map indicate an Event Point
    • Some Event Points open up new Areas of the map or give you a Key.
  • Warp Gates are found from Floor 21 onward
    • These Warp you to a different location on the Floor.
    • Some warp you directly, others give you a choice if you want to warp or not.
Example of Gimmick Rooms.
  • Gimmick Rooms (indicated by a Question mark in a room): These can contain either a MAG Chest, a Treasure Chest or a Berserk Chest. Resets every full hour (You will have to re-enter the floor though).
    • Treasure Chests
      • These contain Treasure, ranging from Mag, Macca to Mitama Extracts and can also include enemy encounters.
    • MAG Chest
      • Same as AG1: You pick a number between 1 and 30, Each number can only be picked once by everyone on the same floor.
        • One of these numbers is the Jackpot and gives you the amount of Magnetite in it, one is a Dud, which will cost you 10% Action Point and double the Jackpot.
        • The other 28 numbers give you a small mag reward.
  • Go-through Wall
    • These walls look normal, but can be penetrated by walking directly through them.
    • Will be shown with a dotted line after you went through that wall once.
  • Save Points
    • From floor 32 onwards there are Save Points, which save your progress in the level.
    • When you restart the floor, you will start at the last Save Point used.
  • Reward for mapping complete floor.
    • Completely mapping a floor gives you a reward, such as Magatama.

Berserk Level

  • A Special Stat only available in AG2.
  • For each element (including Physical, excluding Almighty) you can accumulate Berserk Levels.
    • Each Level in these Elements boosts its respective Damage by 2%.
  • Can be raised in two ways:
    • Collecting Mana by defeating enemies in AG2 (Small chance to drop).
      • Ten Mana combined raise the Berserk Level of a random Element by one.
    • Berserk Chests in Gimmick Rooms
      • You have a certain chance when opening these to raise the Berserk Level of a random Element by one.
        • The higher your total Berserk Levels, the lower the chance.
        • If you fail, nothing happens.
        • When already at max Berserk Level, you will gain some Magnetite.
  • A simple way to farm Berserk Levels is getting a floor's map to 100% completion, then putting it on Auto. The AI goes directly for any unopened Gimmick Rooms before anything else at 100% map.
    • Note that you can only get one Berserk Level per floor, per hour, so switch to the next floor once you've found the current floor's Berserk Chest.
    • It's recommended to Auto on the highest set of 5 floors you can manage (1-5, 6-10, ... 41-45, 46-50). You have a higher chance to get a Berserk Level on higher floors as opposed to lower floors, and that chance increases every 5 floors. So, floors 6-10 have a higher chance than 1-5 and so on, for example.


  • Certain very hard Bosses, the Celestials, are in preset Locations in AG2.
  • Rewards are 1 Million Macca plus the Kasane for 100% completing the floor.
  • Specific Information about these fights are located on their respective pages.


  • Certain Multi-Fusions can be unlocked by defeating their respective Bosses in AG2.

General Strategy

Strategy for Random Battles: The Team you use for Aura Gate 1 works well in Hollow World with some caveats:

  • Almighty is less and less useful as you climb the Floors. Full Phys compositions are not good because of some Battles with Anti-Phys strategies.
  • Floors in Hollow World have an Elemental Weakness pattern: random encounters will have higher proportion of demons weak to that element. Using the Element countering the Floor can be good.
  • Floot 1-10 : Weak to Force.
  • Floor 11-20 : Weak to Dark.
  • Floor 21-30 : Weak to Ice.
  • Floor 31-40 : Weak to Light.
  • Floor 41-50 : Weak to Elec.

Strat for Boss Battles: Few Bosses use Almighty. Nearly all of them have Pierce, but few have Pierce for multiple elements. The sidekicks rarely have Null Mortal

  • The Basic Strategy is using 1 Team with Mortal Inflictors (Alice, Masakado and/or White Rider) to kill the sidekicks.
    • God's Bow from White Rider is not to be underestimated: indeed even if the Mortal fails you can close the app, opening it again and going to Aura Gate will reset the Boss Fight without any loss of Stamina or anything.
    • The Reset Strategy can be also used to "Outspeed" any Bosses: Use Kangaroo Boxer with Position Hack skill unlock, then reset the battle; at one point, you'll go first.
  • In both teams or in the non-Mortal users team, use Anti-Pierce Demon (Alilat, Rama or Atavaka) and pair them with the Element the Boss has Pierce on.
  • Templar Dragon and/or Items are extremely useful; probably one of the best if not the best healer of the game. No need of Demons doing the Healing.

Bosses that have their Sidekicks Mortal'ed, and have their Element countered by Anti-Pierce are essentially harmless as long as you have enough Healing Items.

Hollow World is the best place to farm Magnetites. The higher Floors the better. For a Full Guide on MAG Farming see Magnetite


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