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Disclaimer: This guide will call Hollow World "AG2", because it was known as "Aura Gate 2.0" when announced and this is what the community mostly refers to it as.

AG2 is a whole new world inhabited by a race of people called Hollows. Unlocked by clearing F30 of AG1. It is a dungeon-crawler with (in contrast to AG1s randomly generated) predetermined floors, with only a few elements randomized. Currently Floors 1 to 30 are implemented.

News Posts

  • Original News Post: Link
  • Floors 11 to 20 added: Link
  • Floors 21 to 30 added: Link
  • Floors 31 to 40 added: Link

Similarities to AG1

Similarities to AG1
  • Same Stamina is used.
  • Full Moon and its bonuses apply.
  • MAG Chests and the number of times you can open them.
  • Most Gimmicks still apply, such as Poison and Damage Tiles.

Differences to AG1

  • AG2 has no time limit.
  • To access the Boss, you need to find the hidden Key(s) first.
  • No Gate Keepers or Chaos Knights.


Reward for completely mapping a Floor.
  • Event Points
    • Yellow Symbols on the mini-map indicate an Event Point
    • Some Event Points open up new Areas of the map or give you a Key.
  • Warp Gates are found from Floor 21 onward
    • These Warp you to a different location on the Floor.
    • Some warp you directly, others give you a choice if you want to warp or not.
Example of Gimmick Rooms.
  • Gimmick Rooms (indicated by a Question mark in a room): These can contain either a MAG Chest, a Treasure Chest or a Berserk Chest. Resets every full hour (You will have to re-enter the floor though).
    • Treasure Chests
      • These contain Treasure, ranging from Mag, Macca to Mitama Extracts and can also include enemy encounters.
    • MAG Chest
      • Same as AG1: You pick a number between 1 and 30, Each number can only be picked once by everyone on the same floor.
        • One of these numbers is the Jackpot and gives you the amount of Magnetite in it, one is a Dud, which will cost you 10% Action Point and double the Jackpot.
        • The other 28 numbers give you a small mag reward.
  • Go-through Wall
    • These walls look normal, but can be penetrated by walking directly through them.
    • Will be shown with a dotted line after you went through that wall once.
  • Save Points
    • From floor 32 onwards there are Save Points, which save your progress in the level.
    • When you restart the floor, you will start at the last Save Point used.
  • Reward for mapping complete floor.
    • Completely mapping a floor gives you a reward, such as Magatama.

Berserk Level

  • A Special Stat only available in AG2.
  • For each element (including Physical, excluding Almighty) you can accumulate Berserk Levels.
    • Each Level in these Elements boosts its respective Damage by 2%.
  • Can be raised in two ways:
    • Collecting Mana by defeating enemies in AG2 (Small chance to drop).
      • Ten Mana combined raise the Berserk Level of a random Element by one.
    • Berserk Chests in Gimmick Rooms
      • You have a certain chance when opening these to raise the Berserk Level of a random Element by one.
        • The higher your total Berserk Levels, the lower the chance.
        • If you fail, nothing happens.
        • When already at max Berserk Level, you will gain some Magnetite.


  • Certain very hard Bosses, the Celestials, are in preset Locations in AG2.
  • Rewards are 1 Million Macca plus the Kasane for 100% completing the floor.
  • Specific Information about these fights are located on their respective pages.


  • Certain Multi-Fusions can be unlocked by defeating their respective Bosses in AG2.


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