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Alter-World is an area of the game that continues the storyline of Chapter 7a.

Alter-World is the only area where Lost and Destruct brands drop.

It is also the only area where demonite and demon compound (used to upgrade armaments) are dropped

It is the only area where the protagonist can be used in battle.

Each area focuses on one specific elemental type. There are currently four areas that have been released (Physical, Ice, Fire, Force).

Each area consists of 5 story levels and 1 challenge level. The challenge level offers 100 gems for the first clear and superior drop rates to the other levels.


The protagonist can be used in battle.

Some demons can be fused to be armaments (Sword and Shield, which increase offensive and defensive stats respectively).

Demonite is equipped in lieu of brands for the protagonist. No brand effects can be gotten on the protagonist.

The protagonist's max MP is 15.

The stats of the Protagonist can be selected via Battle Style, with 5 options available. STR, MA, AGI, VI, LU, and Balanced builds available. A focused build will change that stat to 200 but lower the others.

The protagonist is always in the first slot in the party (going first), and if the protagonist dies, it is an instant defeat.


All Dx2 skills are disabled

Tag is disabled.

All pierce nullification skills are prevented. This means Rama, Alilat, and Atavaka's unique passives do not function here.

All demons in each area have "Affinity Shift:ElementType", which makes them weak to the damage type they deal, but reduces damage taken from all other elements by 70%. It also makes them immune to crits from all damage besides their weakness. (Affinity shift is also seen on democalypse bosses).

Overbreak System is added.


Enemy demons start with a shield that reduces damage taken massively.

An overbreak gauge is added for your party, which starts at 0%.

Once it hits 100%, several things happen.

1. Enemy Shield breaks : they will take full damage from the element of the stage (ie, Ueno demons take full damage from force), and 10% damage from other types.

2. Party MP refills to full

3. If is the enemy's turn, it ends instantly

4. Overbreak status is entered. This gives "number of demons alive" multiplied by 2, as the duration of the overbreak. So, with 4 demons alive, 8 overbreak hits are granted.

5. Once all of these overbreak press turns are used, the enemy shield comes back online.

6. Wasting a press turn (ie, on a miss) will only consume a single overbreak hit from the gauge.

Overbreak Gauge

The gauge fills with a number of rules. Each stage has its own max value, and this number increases with each level in the area. IE, it's far easier to hit 100% on stage 1 than stage 6.


1. +500 when a NDR (null, drain, or repel) is hit, at most once per enemy attack

2. +250 for each press turn lost by an enemy attack

3. It increases by the amount of damage done per attack (ie, hitting for 30 dmg will increase the gauge by 30)

4. When attacked and the damage is reduced (be it by weak pierce effect on enemy vs a ndr demon, resist, or panels) the overbreak gauge increases by a set amount, depending on the amount reduced (generally between 37 and 75 per target hit). Multi target skills will increase by a lower amount per target than a single target skill.


1.Enemy hits a weakness

2.Party Member Dies

In the final stage of each area so far, the enemies all have full pierce aside from the overdrive skill on the non-boss enemies, which is an aoe non-piercing attack. It will be used on a set frequency by the enemy (roughly once every other turn), and this can be used to somewhat reliably increase the overbreak gauge.


Area - Element

Yotusuya - Physical

Akihabara - Fire

Shinagawa - Ice

Ueno - Force

Azabu - Electric

All elements besides almighty have been announced as planned for release.

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