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Daily Tickets

During the event period, SP Ticket distribution and changes to Challenges will be made daily. SP ticket gives double the points for one run and is automatically consumed at your first run.


Challenges are given at random and must be completed every run to get 10% bonus pt per challenges completed (up to a total of 30%). The challenges are renewed daily.


There's currently 3 difficulties: novice, expert, master. Each successful run increases the boss lv and also gives extra 1% to next run of the same difficulty. This can be repeated up to 30x. Repeated completion bonus pt does not stack to other difficulties.

Point distribution

In AG SP events, you receive points from a variety of things. You can pick up points lying around in AG SP, which varies from 7-128 point so far, as well as from chests within AG SP, ranging up to 2500 points (highest I have observed from a chest thus far), and you also receive points from defeating regular enemies and bosses. In general, bosses give the most points and different bosses give different amounts of points. The rarer the boss, the higher the points. It is not uncommon for the rarest bosses to award over 3500 points.

Depending on the units you use, you can increase the number of points earned in combat. Gold star units give 25% bonus multiplier each while Silver star units give 10% each.

Also, your first run of the day, you will have an SP ticket. This item gives you 500% more items based on your points on your next run. So if you want to maximize the amount of items you get in a run, you should try to maximize the points of the first run of the day to give you a boost. Beyond the SP Ticket, you will receive items based on the number of points you earn on a run. Specifically you will get 1 item for every 10 points you earn on a run.

The following table (Accurate as of July 2020 Undead Alice event) shows the flat number of points available in bonus factors that go into your final score:

Bonus\Difficulty Novice Expert Master
Difficulty Bonus 170 250 380
Boss Defeated: Turn 1• 150 240 360
Boss Defeated: Turn 2• 100 120 240
Boss Defeated: Turn 3• 50 60 120
AP Left Upon Completion AP Remaining X 2 AP Remaining X 2 AP Remaining X 3
Maximum Damage Dealt in One Turn Total Damage Dealt / 10 Total Damage Dealt / 14.25 Total Damage Dealt / 20

•Only one of these bonuses applies based on how long it took you to kill the boss.

The total number of points as calculated using the bonuses above combined with the total number of points acquired through pickups, defeating enemies and killing the boss are then increased by a percentage based on the number of challenges you completed (10% per challenge completed, 3 challenges maximum) as well as the number of runs you have made on the same difficulty (1% per run up to a maximum of 30 runs per difficulty), to a maximum bonus of 60%.

Note: There is no point penalty for using a gem revive, however previous turns used to fight the boss are counted. For example, you have taken 2 turns and on the second turn, the boss wipes out your party. If you use a gem revive and kill the boss on the revive turn, you will receive a points bonus for killing the boss on the Turn 3.

Boosted Demons

Use new Thin demon template if you want:

or just a table as usual


Rush boss? Explore? etc etc

Example Teams

Maybe? idk.



Currently there are 10 fixed maps chosen at random. Since the item pickup locations are fixed too, you can chose the most optimal path to get the most pickup before heading to the boss room. Yellow highlight represents the area where the pickups are. Unless marked, the starting point is the same as the starting cursor shown on the map.

AG SP Map1.png AG SP Map2.png AG SP Map3.png AG SP Map4.png AG SP Map5.png AG SP Map6.png AG SP Map7.png AG SP Map 8.png AG SP Map9.png AG SP Map10.png


Asura Cubes

Asura cubes are obtained from exchanging 500 blood karma each or from AG SP drops or from completing the missions in AG SP. These cubes gives 1 of the following at random:

Item Quantity
Ara Mitama 1
Nigi Mitama 1
Saki Mitama 1
Kusi Mitama 1
Mitama Extract St 1
Mitama Extract Ma 1
Mitama Extract Vi 1
Mitama Extract Lu 1
Mitama Extract Ag 1
Absolute Summon File 1
Ultimate Summon File 1
Special Summon File 1
Superior Summon File 1
Kasane Magatama 1
Yasaka Magatama 2★ 1
Magnetite 100,000
Macca 100,000