Recommended Transferable Skills

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When thinking about which skills should be transferred to a demon, consider these guidelines as a general rule:

  1. Does it have any weaknesses? If it has a single weakness, you should cover it up with a [Resist x] transfer, as the press turn system makes weaknesses deadly.
  2. Figure out the role that you want the demon to fulfill and give skills that fit it.


Resist skills are used to cover up a weakness on a demon.

  • Resist Phys (4★ Hanuman)
  • Resist Fire (4★ Pazuzu)
  • Resist Ice (4★ Odin)
  • Resist Elec (4★ Throne)
  • Resist Force (4★ Pallas Athena)
  • Resist Light (4★ Bishamonten)
  • Resist Dark (4★ Girimehkala)

Physical Skills

Passive skills work the best when a demon already has a physical skill.

  • Phys Boost (4★ Wu Kong)
  • Bloody Glee (3★ Silky (Red Gacha), 3★ Kaiwan (Purple Gacha), 3★ Koumokuten (Purple Gacha), 3★ Feng Huang (Red Gacha))
  • Savage Glee (4★ Orochi (Teal Gacha), 4★ Sarasvati (Purple Gacha))
  • Good Aim (3★ Kresnik (Teal Gacha), 3★ Isis (Yellow Gacha))

Self buff skills work well when you're able to prepare for them (by doing it before a wave, or using a series of passes to power up a single demon)

  • Charge (3★ Berserker)
  • Rebellion (3★ Ammut)

Physical Skills should be given only if a demon lacks a physical skill already.

  • Hades Blast (3★ Ose)
  • Fatal Sword (2★ Naga)
  • Oni-Kagura (3★ Setanta)

Counter skills can be useful in situational circumstances.

  • Counterstrike (2★ Take-Minakata)
  • Death Counter (4★ Abaddon)

Magic Skills

Almighty magic doesn't contain as much power as Elemental magic, but it ignores Makarakarn and the damage cannot be blocked.

  • Megido (3★ Arahabaki)
  • Soul Drain (3★ Berserker (Red Gacha))

Elemental Boosts are passive skills that drastically increase damage dealt of an element.

  • Fire Boost (4★ Prometheus)
  • Ice Boost (4★ Beiji-Wang, 4★ King Frost)
  • Elec Boost (4★ Titania)
  • Force Boost (4★ Oberon, 4★ Dragon Long)
  • Light Boost (4★ Sleipnir)
  • Dark Boost (4★ Anubis)

Basic single target 4 MP magic are great for exploiting weaknesses and getting extra Press Turns.

  • Agi (1★ Inugami, 1★ Pyro Jack)
  • Bufu (1★ Preta, 1★ Jack Frost)
  • Zio (1★ Mokoi, 1★ Phantom, 2★ Suparna)
  • Zan (1★ Pixie, 1★ Sandman)
  • Hama (2★ Angel, 2★ Hamsa)
  • Mudo (1★ Eligor, 2★ Mou-Ryo)

Magic that hits all targets can be situationally useful for 5 MP.

  • Maragi (2★ Decarabia)
  • Mabufu (2★ Fomorian)
  • Mazio (2★ Nue)
  • Mazan (2★ Chupacabra, 2★ Legion)
  • Mahama (3★ Valkyrie)
  • Mamudo (2★ Pisaca, 3★ Baphomet)

Healing Skills

Healing is great for healing up your demons without having to waste items. Here's a list of skills commonly transferred for healing.

  • Mediara (3★ Lailah)
  • Mediarahan (4★ Jikokuten (Yellow Gacha))
  • Diarama (3★ Horus)

Resurrection is useful for when things don't go as planned.

  • Samrecarm (3★ Isis)
  • Recarmdra (4★ Yurlungur (Yellow Gacha))

Support Skills

Stat buff skills are powerful as they affect all allies.

  • Tarukaja (2★ Archangel, 3★ Apis)
  • Rakukaja (2★ Kurama Tengu)
  • Sukukaja (3★ Zouchouten)
  • Dekaja (3★ Hare of Inaba)

Stat debuff skills are powerful as they affect all enemies.

  • Tarunda (2★ Shikome)
  • Rakunda (2★ Shadow)
  • Sukunda (3★ Kresnik, 3★ Baihu)
  • Dekunda (2★ Abraxas)

Repel Phys/Mag can definitely be great for reducing enemy Press Turns.

  • Makarakarn (4★ Dantalian)
  • Tetrakarn (4★ Azrael)

Speedster is an essential passive skill for increasing a demon's battle speed even further.

  • Speedster (4★ Kama)

Status Ailment Skills

Status ailments are best inflicted against all enemies for the best chance of getting at least a single target. Bind & Charm are the best status ailments to inflict.

  • Mashibaboo (4★ Skadi)
  • Mamarin Karin (4★ Succubus)

A passive skill to increase status ailment chance is almost mandatory if you want to inflict status ailments with a demon.

  • Madness (3★ Jatayu (Yellow Gacha), 3★ Gui Xian (Teal Gacha), 3★ Baihu (Red Gacha), 3★ Arahabaki (Yellow Gacha), 3★ Ose (Teal Gacha))

PvP Specific Skills

Endure/Enduring Soul is great for PvP as it gives a second chance for a demon.

  • Endure (3★ Horkos)
  • Enduring Soul (4★ Attis)

Barrier Break is specific for PvP when enemies may have the Ward Brand Set to auto-barrier.

  • Barrier Break (3★ Dakini)

Makara or Tetra Break may also come in handy against auto-karn demons.

  • Makara Break (3★ Chimera)
  • Tetra Break (2★ Oni)