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Zaou-Gongen.jpg Elemental Resistances














Null Repel - Weak - Resist Resist
Rarity Race Grade AI
5★ Fury 85 Attack
6★ Stats
HP 1065 (124/292) Vitality 148 (124/292)
Strength 193 (55/292) Agility 123 (204/292)
Magic 170 (124/292) Luck 148 (134/292)
PATK 735 PDEF 589
MATK 687 MDEF 577
Innate Skills
Fire.png Maragidyne 7 MP Inflicts Fire (Magic) damage with 120 power on All Enemies.
Physical.png God's Hand 8 MP Inflicts Phys (Physical) damage with 200 power on a Single Enemy.
Passive.png Kongo Zaou Passive All party members in the state of Might gain Phys Pierce while the demon with this skill is alive.
Awaken: Passive.png Enduring Soul Passive Heals 200 HP upon receiving the first killing blow.
Gacha: -
Awaken: Physical.png Herculean Strike 5 MP Inflicts Phys (Physical) damage with 100 power on All Enemies.
Gacha: Passive.png Strength Amp III Passive +15 to Strength.
Awaken: Support.png Rebellion 4 MP Self enters a state of Might. The next Phys attack will have a Critical effect.
Gacha: Passive.png Auto-Taruka Passive Casts Tarukaja at the beginning of the 1st turn.
Awaken: Passive.png Fire Amp Passive +25% to Fire damage.
Gacha: Fire.png Hellfire 5 MP Inflicts Fire (Magic) damage 2 to 4 times with 55 power on Random Enemies.
Awaken: Passive.png Drain Phys Passive Adds Phys Drain.
Gacha: Passive.png Death Counter Passive When receiving a Phys Attack, 50% chance to counter dealing Phys damage with 150 power.
Spirit Merge Panel Upgrades
Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3
Panel Completion Bonus +15% to Phys & Fire damage dealt. +15% to Phys hit rate. Activates the following Chain Effect if own attack deals a critical hit:

Puts all party members into a state of Might.

Panel Step Stat Bonus HP +25 (MAX +250) Phys ATK:+80(MAX) Mag ATK:+80(MAX) HP +25 (MAX +250)


Used In Fusions
How To Make

  • Available as a normal Fusion.

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Role Summary

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP
PVE PVP Offense Defense
Zaou-Gongen.jpg Zaou-Gongen
ArchRed.png ArchRed.png 9 6 9
  • Kongo Zaou grants Phys Pierce to teammates under Rebellion.
  • A core demon of Hell Gongen, one of the best PVE Team.
  • With Panel 3 he can start a crit loop, providing infinite Crits for the whole team and negating the need for Hell Biker.
  • Great set of Panels that provide additional damage, accuracy and team-wide Rebellion.
  • Absolute terror against people who do Random Battle in PVP if he is Panel 3 and in a Hero Masakado T1 PVP Defense Team.
  • To put into practice his 9 Defense PVP rating you need Masakado A and Shiva A, very rare demons.
  • Without Panel 3, he is worth less than 6 in PVP ratings. Lack of Auto-Rebellion genome can also put a dent on his PVP rating.
  • Middling AGI lowers a lot Hell Gongen team Battle Speed, a team that needs to be as fast as possible in PVP.
  • Requires good Crit% Brands to run without Hell Biker at Panel 3, esp. Lead Brand Sets as you want him to go first to provide Rebellion for the team.

PvE Builds

PvP Builds

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Official Profile

A saint that originated in Japan and is believed to be a fusion of Buddha, Guanyin and Maitreya. Zaou-Gongen was created as a part of Kinpussen belief system before the Nara period.