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Demon Alliance Invasion is an event type where players work together to stack buffs and fight extremely-bulky bosses.

Getting Boss Spawns

Bosses may spawn from most mission types.

Bosses will NOT spawn from the following:

  • Story quests that play cutscenes after the fight. Seemingly, ones that play the cutscene before the fight will spawn the bosses normally.
  • Alter-World quests.

Once a boss appears, it will be available to fight for 8 hours, or until it is defeated - whichever happens first.

Up to 10 bosses discovered by the player can be stored in the battle menu at a time. Bosses discovered by other players are not subject to this limit.

Boss tiers

There are three tiers of bosses that can spawn:

  • Normal Boss (tier 1)
  • Superior Boss (tier 2)
  • Ultimate Boss (tier 3)

When a boss spawns from completing quests, it can be any of the three tiers.

When a boss spawns from defeating another boss, it will be a Superior or Ultimate Boss (never a Normal Boss).

Higher-tier bosses have much more HP per level, and will give much more event points.

Battle Basics

Example of the buff stacking in effect. Notice the +420% attack bonus due to several stacked Tarukaja effects.

These boss fights will allow you to field two parties, similarly to Leveling Quests or Aura Gate exploration parties. Important to note that the party configurations are saved independently from Dx2 selected, so you may form a party, decide that a different Dx2 would be a better match, and change them without needing to re-select your demons once again.

  • Both fights have a 2-turn limit
  • If your first team can't defeat the boss in time, the battle will progress to its second phase, with your second team.
  • If your first team dies to the boss, the battle will simply move to the next phase.
  • If the second team also can't beat the boss within the turn limit, the battle will end inconclusively, and you will request an S.O.S. from a group of random players.
    • This SOS will target 10 players who have played within the last 3 days, divided into: 4 friends, 4 faction users, and 2 random players. You can also send friend requests if the player in question isn't already a friend.
  • If the boss's HP reaches 0, the battle will end immediately, regardless of which team is currently fighting.

If a boss that you found dies (whether you killed it or someone else did), that boss's level will go up by +1 the next time you encounter one. (Example: You discover a level 2 Anat and it dies. The next Anat that you discover will be level 3.) At higher levels, bosses will gain higher stats and especially HP. Their skills will stay the same, though.

  • However, if a boss someone else found dies, that does NOT affect your own boss levels.
  • Bosses that escape due to a time-out will not count as killed, and therefore will not increase level.

All players' boss levels will reset once the second half of the event starts.

Buff Stacking

One player's buffs will carry over to other players' fights, stacking to high numbers, allowing the participants to deal increasing amounts of damage to high level bosses. This is necessary to even be able to survive high level boss attacks.

  • Buffs you cast during a run will be added to your total buffs immediately.
  • Buffs cast by other players will be applied to your total buffs only after the other player finishes their run.

Buffs have the following stacking caps:

Stat Stack cap
Icon EVAC Buff.png EV/AC +100%
Icon DEF Buff.png DEF +10,000%
Icon ATK Buff.png ATK +10,000%

(EV/AC's low cap is likely meant to prevent the boss from missing)

Liberator effects (such as Chalk.png Chalk Eater) also count for buff stacking.

However, debuffs will NOT stack. Only buffs will stack!

BP and Attack Modes

With this new event comes a new form of Stamina, called BP. These are used exclusively on this kind of battle, and recovers independently from normal Stamina, Duel Stamina, or Aura Gate Steps. 1 BP recovers every 10 minutes.

BP has its own refill drinks as well, called Icon Rader Pepper.png Rader Pepper and Icon Time Limited Rader Pepper.png Time-Limited Rader Pepper.

When selecting a fight, three options are available, each with a different cost and different boost to the team's damage output:

Option Cost ATK boost
Attack 1 BP 1x
Strong Attack 2 BP 3x
Full Power 3 BP 5x

Additionally, the boost will multiply the amount of buffs received per cast.

  • For example: Casting a Icon DEF Buff.png DEF buff normally adds +20% to your buff totals. During a Full Power run (x5 multiplier), casting a Icon DEF Buff.png DEF buff will add +100% to your buff total instead.

When responding to another player's SOS call, the first run against that boss will have all BP options discounted by 1 BP.

Point Calculation

After each run you are awarded points depending on your performance. There are two types of scores awarded:

  • If you did not kill the boss, and nobody killed the boss while you were running your attempt, you will just get points based on your current run.
  • Else if the boss did die, you will also get an additional set of points for your total performance in that boss fight.

The general formula for score calculation is the following:

LAST ATTACK BONUS = 1.5 if boss is killed during run, 1 otherwise
DISCOVERY BONUS = 1.2 if boss is discovered by you, 1 otherwise
BUFF BONUS = 1 + X * (0.15), where X is the amount of times a buff effect was used while one of the corresponding buffs was already active (max X = 40)
DAMAGE BONUS = (max value of 6 if you dealt 100% of the boss's health in damage. exact scaling needs testing)

Further explanations:

  • Battle Points varies depending on the boss, in general the rarer the boss the higher the Battle Points you receive. Increases with Bonus SP demons
  • Buff Bonus only looks if one of the stats is already buffed, meaning if you have both DEF, and ATK up and cast War Dance, the factor X will still just go up by 1. This means you want as many chain effects/separate skills that apply buffs as possible
  • Total Score when the boss is killed is calculated using the same formula, only using the total amount of damage you did across all runs of the boss for the Damage Bonus and the total amount of times you triggered the Buff Bonus

General Pointers

When looking at the formula, the following guidelines appear for maximizing your own points:

  • Having a team that can apply buffs while also still dealing damage is optimal, to also make use of the buff multiplier as much as possible.
  • The buff bonus has a cap of being increased 40 times, meaning that at some point you will get no more score increases from buffs during your run. Since this is after at least 41 instances of applying buffs, this will rarely happen during a single run. The damage/defense multiplier will still increase though, so it's usually still effective to get as many ways to buff your team as possible
  • You want to deal most of the damage in the same run that you finish off the boss, to combine the final blow multiplier with the damage multiplier. Finishing off a boss with just a sliver of health will generally give very little points.
  • Use Silveruniticon.pngGolduniticon.png Bonus SP demons whenever possible. However, you're unlikely to have a full set of 8 that are actually functional. Aim for a balance between bonus demons, and demons that are good by their own merits.
Icon Bonus
  • Battle Certificate +50%
  • Greatly increased encounter rate with rare bosses when defeating bosses
  • Battle Certificate +12.5%
  • Small increased encounter rate with rare bosses when defeating bosses


The primary rewards from Invasion events are Icon Demon Subjugation Medal.png Demon Subjugation Medals.

50 medals can be exchanged for one demon of choice from this list:

Demon Race Grade Rarity Awaken Skill Notes
Clear Asura Lord.jpg Asura Lord Tenma 95 5★ Passive Strength Amp III -
Clear Mahakala.jpg Mahakala Tenma 92 5★ Passive Magic Amp III Armaments are available.
Clear Gabriel.jpg Gabriel Herald 88 5★ Elec Ziodyne -
Clear Indrajit.jpg Indrajit Tenma 88 5★ Passive Agility Amp III Armaments are available.
Clear Raphael.jpg Raphael Herald 87 5★ Mediarama -
Clear Uriel.jpg Uriel Herald 86 5★ Fire Agidyne -
Clear Aniel.jpg Aniel Herald 85 5★ Light Mahamadyne -
Clear Atropos.jpg Atropos Femme 84 5★ Passive Luck Amp III -
Clear Pale Rider.jpg Pale Rider Fiend 84 5★ Passive Luck Amp III Available in the general summon pool.
Clear Yama.jpg Yama Tenma 84 5★ Fire Hellfire -
Clear Lachesis.jpg Lachesis Femme 82 5★ Passive Luck Amp III -
Clear Black Rider.jpg Black Rider Fiend 82 5★ Passive Vitality Amp III Available in the general summon pool.
Clear Clotho.jpg Clotho Femme 80 5★ Passive Luck Amp III -
Clear Red Rider.jpg Red Rider Fiend 80 5★ Passive Strength Amp III Available in the general summon pool.
Clear Asura.jpg Asura Tenma 80 5★ Passive Strength Amp III Armaments are available.


  • Clear Clear is not the best archetype for any of the demons here. However, it's okay to pick a demon as a placeholder until you have a colored version - just try not to invest too heavily into the Clear one (so avoid paneling, using red magatamas, etc. Leveling and Awakening is fine. Evolving is iffy.)
    • Spiritizing Clears to help panel your colored copy is also a good strategy - but try to hold off until you can claim enough spirits to complete a panel.
  • If the armaments interest you, this is the best way to obtain them, as Clear Clear demons would normally spiritize to only 60 spirits. You can then spiritize colored copies from the gacha for 100 spirits to panel the armaments.
  • Among the options, you will probably want to pick a Tenma.
  • Demons NOT worth picking: Riders (they're in the general summoning pool, so they're easy to get), Sisters (irrelevant in PvE and PvP currently). Archangels are not awful picks, but they are only really helpful for Democalypse.

Recommended demons:

  • Indrajit.jpg Indrajit - Strong Elec Elec mage. Can also counter Almighty Almighty users, especially The 10th Angel.jpg The 10th Angel in PvP. Replace with a Purple Purple one later.
  • Asura Lord.jpg Asura Lord - Buff/debuff control for Phys Phys Democalypse prelim, and is helpful for Almighty Almighty damage in Hell's Park 100. Replace with a Red Red or Purple Purple one when you can.
  • Mahakala.jpg Mahakala - Strong Fire Fire mage, especially for Democalypse boss since he also debuffs the enemy. Replace with a Purple Purple one later.
  • Asura.jpg Asura - Helpful in Brands of Sin: Deceit 10, but stages 11-13 may need his panel 2 (and you should NOT panel the Clear one). In Deceit 14, he strongly prefers Teal Teal to deal with the first wave.
  • Yama.jpg Yama - Icon Null Mortal.png Evade Mortal and buff control for the team. Works as a generalist for magic-based Democalypse prelims, especially Dark Dark, but he can work in any of them. Replace with a Purple Purple one later.

Recommended armaments:


BP management:

  • Once you start fighting higher-level bosses, the damage you can deal during your first battle will be very low compared to their scaling HP stat. It's best to do one or two battles using the standard 1 BP attack option to build your buff stock, then use the 3 BP option to attack for massive damage.
  • Normal-tier bosses have very low drops, so they're only worth fighting to spawn a Superior or Ultimate boss, if your SOS list has none at the moment. Be careful not to spend too much BP on Normal bosses.
  • As boss levels increase, farming the event becomes more difficult. The discovery bonus multiplier also isn't very high. Therefore, you should prioritize fighting SOS bosses over your own bosses, especially Ultimate (tier 3) bosses for points.
    • For SOS Ultimate bosses, do a couple 1 BP runs to set up buffs, then a bunch of 3 BP runs to grind out as much points as possible (getting a kill is great for the multiplier, but it's difficult as you're competing with other players to get it). Use Icon Rader Pepper.pngIcon Time Limited Rader Pepper.png Rader Peppers if you have any, as spending 3 BP on Ultimate boss runs in this way is the most-efficient use of BP.


  • You may be able to kill the first or second boss quickly enough to not worry about their damage, but in time you will have to bring healer/tank units to keep your team alive.
  • Do not neglect Icon EVAC Buff.png Sukukaja buffs. They may not increase your damage, but a lucky dodge may well save your team from death to let them fight another turn.
  • Remember that each team only gets to fight for 2 turns. Whether your team has the speed to go first or second, affects how much survivability you need to have:
    • If you go first, then you need to tank 1 turn of the boss's attacks - if the boss kills someone on its second turn, it won't matter, as you'll automatically switch to the next team or finish the run anyway.
    • If you go second, then you need to tank 2 turns of the boss's attacks.

Useful Liberators


  • Chalk.png Chalk Eater is the man to use if you find yourself fighting a boss with an exploitable weakness. He will repeatedly provide you with buffs of all 3 types, MP recovery, and occasionally extra press turns. If no weaknesses are present, he can still give your demons +7 MAG.
  • Eileen.png Eileen will make Random Targets Random Targets attacks have higher minimum hits, and will occasionally not use up any press turns when Passing. This is especially helpful as the fight drags on, as your demons might eventually not have enough MP to attack, making you Pass their turns. Getting that Pass for free could let you squeeze in a couple more skill uses.


  • Kangaroo.png Kangaroo Boxer boosts your physical attacks (+7 STR, +7 AGI), and casts Icon EVAC Buff.png Sukukaja and Icon EVAC Debuff.png Sukunda to help with accuracy.
  • CarbonBlack.png Vince boosts physical attacks as well (+12 STR), while also boosting critical hit damage and casting Icon EVAC Buff.png Sukukaja and Icon EVAC Debuff.png Sukunda when you land them. If you have demons that can cast Icon Critical.png Rebellion automatically through passives, Vince can also cast Icon DEF Debuff.png Rakunda.
  • Templar.png Templar Dragon will boost Icon Concentrate.png Concentrate and Icon Charge.png Charge effects, like those provided by Mahakala.jpg Mahakala or Panel 2 Cu Chulainn A.jpg Cu Chulainn A. She also gives +5 STR/MAG, and improves healing.
  • Shionyan.png Shionyan grants +12 MAG to the party, improving magic damage. Good choice if you can't meet the conditions of other Liberators. If paired with Idun.jpg Idun, you can try for extra MP regen, since Poison/Charm/Mute each have a 7% chance to give 1 MP to the party.


  • Balloon.png Meat Balloon fits more defensive parties (+12 VIT), and will cast Icon DEF Buff.png Rakukaja when hit by magic or Icon ATK Debuff.png Tarunda when hit by a critical attack. Counter effects will have a higher chance to activate, and will deal more damage.
  • Megakin.png Megakin supports NDR tanking by having a chance to cast Icon DEF Buff.png Rakukaja when Nulling, Icon ATK Buff.png Tarukaja when Repelling, or Icon EVAC Buff.png Sukukaja when Draining a boss's attack. Repels will deal more damage, while Drains will heal more. He also provides +5 VIT/AGI/LUK to slightly improve bulk and accuracy/evasion.

Useful Demons

These demons should work well against almost any boss, whereas other demons might be punished by the current boss's gimmick (for example, heavily reduced damage from certain elements)

  • Erlkonig.jpg Erlkonig will consistently heal your party every turn, and cast Icon ATK Debuff.png Tarunda at the start of the enemy's turn (plus Icon DEF Buff.png Rakukaja if panel 3) to lessen the boss's onslaught.
  • Barong.jpg Barong can cast Luster Candy in addition to healing, increasing your offensive power. If he's panel 4, he can also generate Bulwarks.
  • Demeter.jpg Demeter can keep your party's Bulwarks topped off consistently, trivializing damage taken, as well as casting Luster Candy whenever any other party member receives an attack. My Harvest! additionally grants 2 MP to party members, helping them to keep casting skills.
  • Idun.jpg Idun increases team bulk with Fortify and Icon ATK Debuff.png ATK debuffs on the boss, automatically revives one demon per turn if they die (including herself), and also increases team MP regen by 2 to allow firing off expensive skills. Her skill Goddess's Prank also deals a variety of ailments at once - even though the boss will recover from these when their turn starts, during your turn you can exploit this with Shionyan for chances at MP recovery.
  • Demiurge.jpg Demiurge, if paired with "Drain <element> " party members corresponding to the boss, can both automatically heal and generate MP for the party - on top of making the boss lose turns, of course.
  • Kalki.jpg Kalki casts Luster Candy and a team heal when using Ratnamaru, which itself uses only half a press turn due to Remnants. This skill can also revive a fallen ally, and give them a Bulwark. To top it all off, Kalki also grants +1 MP recovery to the team, and Repel Pierce + Drain Pierce.
  • Orcus.jpg Orcus reduces damage taken from AoE attacks for the party. If panel 2, he will also cast Icon ATK Buff.png Tarukaja when a party member's weakness is exploited. This can let you stack attack buffs quickly.
  • Ananta.jpg Ananta will cast Luster Candy automatically every player and enemy turn (effectively twice per turn), making him a good budget option for stacking buffs. If panel 4, he will also cast Debilitate at the start of the boss's turn, or whenever you use a skill or chain effect that heals (but it does NOT count Icon Lydia.png Lydia, Dx2 skills, or Devil Connector).
  • Elohim.jpg Elohim follows up every Solar Flare with an automatic Offensive Cry to stack up the Icon ATK Buff.png ATK buffs, in addition to his massive damage.
  • Uriel.jpg Uriel, Gabriel.jpg Gabriel, & Raphael.jpg Raphael will cast each of the three buffs as part of their beginning-of-turn chain when 3 or more Divine/Herald demons are in the party.
  • Ame no Uzume.jpg Ame no Uzume will cast Icon ATK Buff.png Tarukaja after any skill heals the party - this includes not just heal skills, but also life-steal effects such as Ouas, and chain effects such as Blossoming Cyclone or Supreme Creator (but it does NOT count Icon Lydia.png Lydia, Dx2 skills, or Devil Connector). If panel 2, she also casts Icon DEF Buff.png Rakukaja.

"Hell's Hunter Takes Aim" event

[Official News Announcement]

Normal: Ose Ose.jpg

Encounter ose.jpg

Battle 1

Phys Fire Ice Elec Force Light Dark
Ose - - - - Wk - Rs


Battle 2

Phys Fire Ice Elec Force Light Dark
Ose - - - - Wk - Rs

Soul-fracture-20.jpg Super-auto-recovery-bind.jpg


  • Trivial fight, just bring your SP units to squeeze as many points from it as possible.

Superior: Dantalian Dantalian.jpg

Encounter dantalian.png

Battle 1

Phys Fire Ice Elec Force Light Dark
Dantalian - Rs Rs Rs Wk Rs Rs

Fierce-fog-breath.png Phys-fire-ice-wisdom.png Tailwind-boost.png Resist-elec-light.png Super-auto-recovery-bind.jpg

Battle 1

Phys Fire Ice Elec Force Light Dark
Dantalian - Rs Rs Rs Wk Rs Rs

Fierce-fog-breath.png Elec-light-dark-wisdom.png Tailwind-boost.png Resist-elec-light.png Super-auto-recovery-bind.jpg


  • Another simple fight, the main concern is 80% damage reduction + a 1000 HP Bulwark if you use certain elements, depending on the phase:
    • Phase 1 penalizes Phys Phys, Fire Fire or Ice Ice damage.
    • Phase 2 penalizes Elec Elec, Light Light or Dark Dark damage.
    • Force Force damage is safe on either phase.
    • The Bulwark is actually a non-issue, as 1,000 HP is practically nothing for the boss in this mode. As long as your main damage dealers aren't getting 805 reduced, you should be able to punch through the Bulwarks no problem.
  • Dantalian is weak to Force the whole time, as opposed to Barbatos, who needs setup. This means you can earn extra turns with cheap non-piercing Force Zan transfers on supports, if needed.

Recommended demons:
In addition to the units detailed in the Useful Demons section of this guide:



Ultimate: Barbatos Barbatos.jpg

Encounter barbatos.png

Battle 1

Phys Fire Ice Elec Force Light Dark
Barbatos - - - Rs Nu Rs Rs

Fierce-turbulent-advent.png Yakumo-ensnarement.png Fallen-angels-corrosion.png Hunting-guns-pursuit.png Rule-control-intimidation.png Super-auto-recovery-bind.jpg

Battle 2

Phys Fire Ice Elec Force Light Dark
Barbatos - - - Rs Nu Rs Rs

Soul-fracture-20.jpg Fierce-turbulent-advent.png Yakumo-ensnarement.png Fallen-angels-corrosion.png Rule-control-intimidation.png Super-auto-recovery-bind.jpg


  • Avoid using Intimidating Stance-like effects, as that'll trigger Rule Control, which will most likely KO your party.
  • Fallen Angel's Corrosion reduces the boss's Force Force resistance by 2 levels, up to twice. He starts at Null, so attack with piercing Force damage twice to get him down to Weak. This can then get you more damage, more turns, and Chalk Eater synergy for buffs + more turns.
    • Alternatively, someone with Attribute affinity down can work as a more-direct solution that doesn't need as much setup.
    • Devil Connector skills unfortunately do not count for triggering Corrosion.
  • In Phase 1, be careful about bringing Force Force weak demons, as this will trigger a follow up attack by the boss.
    • If you have Demeter.jpg Demeter, then you can bring them intentionally, so she can Bulwark + buff from the boss's follow-up hit.
    • Orcus.jpg Orcus works similarly, but he will only apply Icon ATK Buff.png ATK buffs and will disable bonus turns gained from weakness, making him a worse, but still useful, alternative.
    • Other options for the weakness-tanking strategy: Rahab.jpg Rahab, Gogmagog.jpg Gogmagog (also heals for Ame), Barong.jpg Barong (also heals for Ame), Ananta.jpg Ananta.
    • Zeus.jpg Zeus is weak to Force, and so are most Elec Elec attackers - his attribute affinity down can open the door for them to attack, while their Force weaknesses synergize with the tank strategy.
  • Liberators:
    • Chalk.png Chalk Eater - Grants buffs or more press turns when hitting weaknesses.
    • Shionyan.png Shionyan - Grants +12 Mag for magic teams. If paired with Idun, can offer extra MP occasionally.
    • CarbonBlack.png Carbon Black - Crit damage and +12 Str for physical teams.
    • Templar.png Templar Dragon - Boost damage of demons that use Icon Charge.png Charge or Icon Concentrate.png Concentrate.
    • Balloon.png Meat Balloon - 10% chance to cast a Icon DEF Buff.png DEF buff when hit by magic. Helpful if running a tanky buff engine that eats lots of hits, such as Demeter/Orcus + Ame no Uzume + Barong + Ananta.

Recommended demons:
In addition to the units detailed in the Useful Demons section of this guide:


  • Ame no Uzume.jpg Ame no Uzume's Force weakness makes her synergize with the Demeter tank strategy in phase 1. Consider pairing her with Seth.jpg Seth or Mahamayuri.jpg Mahamayuri, since they deal Force damage and heal, triggering Ame's Icon ATK Buff.png ATK buff.
  • Idun.jpg Idun offers bulk and MP regen to the team, like Demeter. The variety of ailments on Goddess's Prank can also help trigger Shionyan's MP recovery effects against Poisoned/Charmed/Muted enemies.
  • Side note: be careful about using Narcissus.jpg Narcissus. His Force chain effect and team bulwarks seem promising, but the event's stacked buffs can get so high that he will kill his own party members (his gimmick is that he bulwarks the team, Merciless Love slaps teammates for tiny damage since he's charmed, then his chains hit the enemy for big damage).
    • Narcissus' standard attack (the thing he hits allies with) sometimes deals much less damage to allies than it should. It's unclear what causes this (tends to happen in team 2, but not always, etc), but due to this it's fairly safe to use him in the Dantalian fight. It's still not a good idea to use him in the Barbatos fight, though.


  • Silveruniticon.png Morrighan.jpg Morrighan: Damage and Luster Candy buff from Ruthless Death Gale.
  • Silveruniticon.png Susano-o.jpg Susano-o: Damage and Icon ATK Buff.png ATK buff from Kusanagi. Note that he uses PATK but his skill outputs magic damage, so this may make synergies awkward. Also be careful that he does not have pierce until panel 4.
  • Silveruniticon.png Lugh.jpg Lugh: Force (and Light) affinity down, grants weakness damage aura to the party.
  • Silveruniticon.png Rahab.jpg Rahab: Icon ATK Buff.png ATK buff when an ally or the enemy hits a weakness. This can synergize with the Demeter tank strat in phase 1, especially since Rahab himself is also weak to Force. Even though the enemy's not weak to Ice, Rahab gives himself Icon Critical.png Might alongside this effect, so he can therefore crit reliably for extra turns.
  • Silveruniticon.png Pendragon.jpg Pendragon: Deals a Force (or Ice) follow-up every time an ally hits a weakness.
  • Silveruniticon.png Sabaoth.jpg Sabaoth: Potentially grants an extra press turn, if he uses Sanction while in the second half of a press turn.
  • Silveruniticon.png Seth.jpg Seth: Damage and self-heal from Ouas to trigger Ame no Uzume's buffs.
  • Silveruniticon.png Mahamayuri.jpg Mahamayuri: Damage and party heal from Blossoming Cyclone to trigger Ame no Uzume's buffs.
  • Silveruniticon.png Nyarlathotep.jpg Nyarlathotep: Sets up Icon Gloom.png Gloom (but only in phase 1!) and makes the enemy take more magic damage while Gloomed.
  • Any Affinity lowering demon will help greatly, since they can enable Chalk Eater teams.


For older events, see Demon Alliance Invasion/History
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