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Take Back Tokyo is an event type introduced with Wind-Scarred Wastes on April 20th, 2022, as part of the Golden Week celebration events. Similar to other collection events, this one consists of farming certain specified content (Leveling Quests, Brands of Sin, etc.) for an exclusive event currency utilized not to buy items in a shop, but rather to sequentially unlock spots in a map, which give out either pre-determined or randomly selected rewards.

The event currency for this event is Icon Spirit Orb.png Spirit Orbs. Most quests drop 1 Spirit Orb per stamina spent, but Brands of Sin specifically drops 4 orbs per stamina spent instead.


Players will only be able to capture nodes that are adjacent to the Start spot, or adjacent to other nodes that have been captured already.

The cost of capturing spots will progressively increase the farther one goes on certain "paths", reaching several-hundred-items per node in the farthest reaches of the map.

Special Spots

Tbt unlock silver.png Tbt unlock gold.png

Some nodes, marked with this icon, can only be captured by completing the objectives specified in it, for example, 'participating in Dx2 Duel X amount of times' or beating certain Brands of Sin stages. Note that usually completing the objective before reaching said node will not unlock it, i.e. doing PvP will not count towards unlocking a node if you haven't captured the node adjacent to it yet. These spots do not require event currency to be captured.

Dark Spots

Tbt random silver low.png Tbt random gold low.png Tbt random silver high.png Tbt random gold high.png

These Nodes can contain one of several random rewards, decided when the node is captured. The more elaborate the design around the spot, the better the reward will be (allegedly).

Common Rare
Icon Macca.png Macca Icon Absolute Summon File.png Absolute Summon File
Icon Mag.png Magnetite Icon Kasane Magatama.png Kasane Magatama
Icon Mitama Extract St.png Mitama Extract St Icon Blank Genome.png Blank Genome
Icon Mitama Extract Ma.png Mitama Extract Ma Icon Arch Shifter 5 Star.png Arch-Shifter 5★
Icon Mitama Extract Vi.png Mitama Extract Vi
Icon Mitama Extract Ag.png Mitama Extract Ag
Icon Mitama Extract Lu.png Mitama Extract Lu

Boss Spots

Tbt boss.png

These nodes also do not require event currency to be captured - instead, they contain a Boss fight that must be beaten in order to continue. The difficulty of the boss will vary depending on how far along they are on the map, however due to the confusing and non-linear layout you will likely end up fighting "harder" bosses before their weaker, lower level counterparts.

Some of these, usually the ones near the corners of the map, are equivalent to the Advanced Challenges in Ranking collection events. This means they will pit you against a much-higher-difficulty boss, occasionally the same event's Gold SP unit, or a previous Gacha-exclusive unit with full Spirit Panel infusion unlocked, as well as higher-than-normal stats and powerful minions. These require specialized strategies and may not be doable for newer accounts, but if beaten, unlock the path to several good rewards, such as Icon Universal Spirit 5 Star.pngIcon Universal Spirit Shard 5 Star.png Universal Spirits/Shards, Icon Transcend Stone.png Transcend Stones for certain demons, etc.

Battle Stories

Tbt battle story.png

A new addition with this kind of event is the Battle Stories, which are unique fights during which small dialogue cutscenes between the featured Liberator and the Boss will happen. As well as giving some plot exposition, these conversations will give you dialogue options which will have an effect in the battle, such as casting Luster Candy/Debilitate, putting your party in a state of Icon Zenith.png Zenith, etc. reminiscent of the system used in SMT IV.

Certain fights will also have special dialogue if you use certain story-relevant demons (like Throne.jpg Throne during the second Take Back Tokyo event). This may lead to additional effects, such as inflicting fractional damage on the boss.

SP effects

As with other collection events, the game will designate "SP units" that award bonus event currency, experience, and Macca when used in battle.

These bonuses stack, including in content that allows for two teams (Leveling Quests, non-SP Aura Gate) letting players use, for example, 8 Silver SP demons for 200% bonus item gain, or two copies of the Gold SP unit and 6 Silver units, for 350% bonus item gain.

Icon Bonus
  • Icon Spirit Orb.png Spirit Orb +100%
  • Icon Tome of Exp 12h.png EXP +100%
  • Icon Macca.png Macca +15%
  • Icon Spirit Orb.png Spirit Orb +25%
  • Icon Tome of Exp 12h.png EXP +25%
  • Icon Macca.png Macca +2%

Golduniticon.png Gold SP units tend to be the featured demon/s released along with the event, like Vishnu A.jpg Vishnu A (gacha exclusive) and Ame no Uzume.jpg Ame no Uzume (gacha exclusive but handed out to all players during this event) for Wind-Scarred Wastes.

Silveruniticon.png Silver SP units usually belong to two pre-determined races, and change to a different set during Part 2 of the event.


Take Back Tokyo events feature a greater amount of rewards compared to Ranking collectathon events, in exchange for necessitating higher player engagement. Events will reward large amounts of Icon Mag.png Magnetite, some Icon Kasane Magatama.png Kasane Magatamas, Icon Universal Spirit Shard 5 Star.png Universal Spirit Shards and some Icon Gems.png Gems through the various Boss fights available on the map.

This event introduced, and is currently the only way of acquiring, Embattle brands through exclusive Brand Cubes. See Brands for more information.

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