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Obtaining Gems

Consistent Gem sources

These are all of the consistent and repeatable ways of earning free gems in the game. Earning gems by these methods, the average numbers vary wildly, but with good performance in all activities, you can expect roughly ~5000 gems a month. You may end up with more or less, so don't take this as concrete.


  • The standard Log-in bonus gives 240 gems over the course of the month in small bits.


  • Daily Missions. The daily missions are comprised of "Play a story quest", "Play a Dx2 Duel", and "Enter the Aura Gate once". Each of these will net you 5 gems, with completion of all giving 5 more, resulting in 20 gems a day.
  • Weekly missions. You will be rewarded 200 gems per week (resetting on sunday) for completing all weekly missions. These Include:
    • Use 300 stamina
    • Play 10 Demon Buster quests
    • Enhance a brand 10 times
    • Enter the aura gate 3 times
    • Evolve one demon
    • Fuse one demon
    • Collect login bonuses 3 times (Event bonuses do not count, only one step of this can be completed a day).

PvP Gems

  • Dx2 Duels are considered the best passive source of gems.
    • Ranking can give anywhere from 150 to 1200 gems depending on your place on the ladder.
    • Training duels give 3 gems per battle, and 5 are available. These regenerate over time and can be replayed.
    • Winning 7 matches daily gives 10 gems.

Misc. Sources

  • The safe in the hideout can save up to 2 gems, regenerating one passively over ~4 hours.
  • Demon Dispatch in the hideout can give 6 gems periodically at random.
  • Hell's park gives 300 gems monthly for reaching floor 30.
  • Democalypse participation gives 20 gems per battle, meaning 40 per day, also meaning 120 gems per democalypse period for simply playing.
  • Democalypse Rank rewards can give 200-450 gems depending on your faction's percentile and whether or not you're participating in the bonus area.
    • Pro tip: Try to join higher ranking factions and improve your scores if you want the most out of this, as it's a commonly recurring event.

One time Gem sources

There are some other great sources of gems in the game that aren't repeatable but worth noting anyways. They are normally the fastest way to earn gems, but they are not dependable enough to rely on. Here are some examples.

  • Playing the Story Mode.
    • You can earn gems from completion of normal stages, but Hard and Hell mode stages will also reward gems if you can beat them.
  • Advancing in Aura Gate 1 and Hollow World.
    • Certain floors will reward large sums of gems upon completion alongside the Action Point cap increase.
  • Completion of Orders and Missions.
    • Orders are your progression missions, and can reward gems amongst other things.
    • Missions are periodically added, though are one time completion tasks that can reward good amounts of gems.
  • Completing the Alter-World stages
    • These are mostly easy, and reward large sums of gems on completion.
    • Stage 6 of each area is extremely hard, but rewards 100 gems per area on completion.

Using Gems


You can use gems several ways in summoning. For a more detailed description on summoning, visit the Summoning Guide on the Beginner's Guide. Here are some ways gems can be used in Summoning.

  • Step up Summons
    • These are banners that start with a half off 10 pull and have guaranteed 4 or 5 stars related to the current step. These banners only have 10 pulls available. These are usually recommended to pull on, since half cost is very good and guaranteed 4/5 stars make sure you don't get nothing. Cost = 500 for step 1, 1000 for step 2-6. On special banners, it's 500 for step 1/6. 1000 for step 2-5/7-10.
  • Gem Summons
    • These are the normal pulls, normally rewarding parchment pieces or the related tome. They don't offer the "Guaranteed 4 or 5 star" benefits, so normally aren't worth using unless you've used up an entire step up banner. It's 100 gems per pull, 1000 for 10.
  • Skill Boxes
    • These are usually secondary to just pulling for units, but skill boxes can guarantee you one of the visible skills if you keep going long enough. These are worth doing only if you see a very valuable skill that you do not have, or need strongly. 100 gems per pull, 1000 for 10. There is usually a maximum of 30 to 50 skills within a box, requiring 3000 to 5000 gems for the guarantee (Although you will more than likely get it earlier).

Shop Items

Although the shop is mostly filled with microtransactions, there are many packs available for Gems as well.


  • Discount Stamina Set
    • Very worth getting, as 5 stamina pots for 100 gems is a very good deal. This resets weekly.
  • Blank Genome Set
    • Also great value, although you may not need this one very much. 500 gems for 5 blank genomes.
  • Skill Customization Set
    • Very bad value, gives 5 Skill files (Very bad chances of good skills) and 5 1 star Yasaka Magatamas (5 skill points). Costs 1000 gems for a very poor set of skill items.


  • Blank genome
    • 1 for 500 gems, terrible value.
  • Yasaka Magatama x1/x10
    • Costs 100/1000, terrible value as Yasaka Magatamas can be gotten much easier though other means.
  • Monster Dew x1/x11/x60
    • Costs 30/300/1500. The x60 is the best value, but do not get it unless you have a good reason to.
  • Hell bull x1/x11
    • Costs 30/300. Generally not useful outside pvp ladder climbing, when you're trying to hit gold/diamond for the first time or climb into d3 or legend.
  • Tome of EXP (1d)(3d)
    • Costs 125/250.
  • Tome of Talk (1d)(3d)
    • Costs 125/250.
  • Demon Contract x1/x10
    • Costs 50/450. Do not buy these.
  • Signal Scanner (1d)
    • Costs 100. Not useful unless you're impatient.
  • Aether Crystal
    • Costs 500. Used to awaken 1 demon without aether. Not worth buying unless you're impatient, as you can just grind aether.
  • Dodgy Meds
    • Costs 125. Not useful at all in the grand majority of gameplay. Resets the level and skill points of a Dx2 to level 1.

Other Uses

  • Gems can be used to expand demon storage slots so that more demons can be owned. This can be expanded up to 400 slots now.
  • More uses may come in the future

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