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Image of the "Leveling Quest" at Chapter 8. At the bottom are the difficulty levels of the quest (Normal, Hard, Hell). The stamina cost indicated for this quest is 11.

PvE contents grant EXP points. However in order to level up demons, the best way is to use "Leveling Quests". Every Story Chapter has a Leveling Quest. Leveling Quests not only let you bring two parties (e.g. two Liberators and 8 demons) to level them up, but will give you much more EXP than a regular quest. There also exists Liberators (the main character) and demons (Kanbari) that increase the EXP you gain by a substantial amount.

Now onto evolving:

Evolving a demon increases their level cap and slightly increased base stats as their rarity will increase. To evolve a demon you need to sacrifice demons with the same actual rarity (unlike with skill points where you needed to sacrifice demons with the same base rarity - if you have a 4★ Pixie, which is a base 1★ demon, and want to evolve her to 5★ you need to sacrifice demons with 4★ rarity) or use a Yata Mirror, an item that can substitute a sacrifice; Yata Mirrors come with different rarities so you need a 2★ Yata Mirror to evolve a 2★ demon, for example.

XP per Stage per Stamina for each Leveling Quest

Leveling Quest Stamina Exp Exp/Stamina Exp/Stamina (1/2 Stamina)
Chapter 1(NORMAL) 2 66 33 66
Chapter 1(HARD) 3 182 60.6 182
Chapter 1(HELL) 4 342 85.5 171
Chapter 2(NORMAL) 3 133 44.3 133
Chapter 2(HARD) 4 301 75.2 150.5
Chapter 2(HELL) 5 410 82 205
Chapter 3(NORMAL) 4 234 58.5 117
Chapter 3(HARD) 5 356 71.2 178
Chapter 3(HELL) 6 499 83.1 166.3
Chapter 4(NORMAL) 5 336 67.2 168
Chapter 4(HARD) 6 465 77.5 155
Chapter 4(HELL) 7 585 83 195
Chapter 5(NORMAL) 6 474 79 158
Chapter 5(HARD) 7 573 81.8 191
Chapter 5(HELL) 8 716 89.5 179
Chapter 6(NORMAL) 7 576 82.3 192
Chapter 6(HARD) 8 691 86.4 172.7
Chapter 6(HELL) 9 840 93.3 210
Chapter 7(NORMAL) 8 638 79.7 159.4
Chapter 7(HARD) 9 765 85 191.25
Chapter 7(HELL) 10 957 95.7 191
Chapter 7a(NORMAL) 8 693 86.6 173.2
Chapter 7a(HARD) 9 831 92.3 207.7
Chapter 7a(HELL) 10 1039 103.9 207.8
Intermission Ep3 Leveling (NORMAL) 8 733 91.625 183.25
Intermission Ep3 Leveling (HARD) 9 898 99.8 224.5
Intermission Ep3 Leveling (HELL) 10 1097 109.7 219.4
Intermission Ep6 Leveling (NORMAL) 8 767 95.875 191.75
Intermission Ep6 Leveling (HARD) 9 912 101 228
Intermission Ep6 Leveling (HELL) 10 1168 116.8 233.6
Chapter 8 (HELL) 11 1370 124.5 273.9
Chapter 9 (HELL) 11 1425 130 285

In terms of EXP/Stamina efficiency, the quests highlighted in Red are the most efficient. The "1/2 Stamina" column indicates the efficiency of leveling quests during the monthly event called "half-stamina" where by Leveling Quests have their costs halved, thus changing their efficiency. Chapter 1 HARD is a good alternative for half-stamina events if your team isn't ready for the higher chapters.

Leveling Quests of lesser efficiency still have their uses. Since each Leveling Quest has different demons, you can use specific lower-efficiency Quests to recruit en mass specific demons you need for example: Chapter 3, 4 or 5 Leveling Quests.

General Strategy when leveling

The Problem of Evolution

Leveling does not simply consist in farming the highest Leveling Quests using the demons you try to level. Indeed, you do not just need EXP but you also want to increase the number of ★ of a demon (also called Evolution) until reaching 6★. To achieve this : you either need Yata Mirrors or demons with the same number of ★ (i.e. same "rarities") to be sacrificed/fodderized (see in-game tutorial in Pandemonium). Due to the scarcity of Yata Mirrors, the fodderization method is the more commonly used.

  • To evolve a 3★ to 4★, you need to level it to max level then fodderize 3 3★ demons
  • To evolve this same demon to 5★ you need to level it to max level again and fodderize 4 4★
  • 6★ evolution: you need to level it to max then fodderize 5 5★

The trick to make the process inexpensive is the fact you don't need the fodders to be natural 3/4/5★, they could be natural 2★ that you evolved as 5★ to be used as fodder for your future 6★. This means leveling up a single demon from 5★ level 1 to 6★ level 50 requires you to level up and evolve dozens to hundreds of 2★ and/or higher ★ in some sort of pyramidal scheme.

Suitable Evolution fodders and unsuitable ones

Unsuitable fodders :

  • Fusing a 3★ or 4★ to be used as evolution fodders is an extremely bad practice as Magnetite is a more precious resource than evolution fodders/Yata Mirrors.
  • Natural 4★ pulled from Summoning/Gacha are not to be used as evolution fodders (there are better uses : Skill Transfer fodders, fusion fodders or Karma fodders).
  • Natural 5★ must ABSOLUTELY NOT be used as evolution fodders!!!

Suitable fodders :

  • Natural 2★ demons you recruited or summoned are the best evolution fodders.
  • Fusing 2★ demons from 1★ you recruited or summoned is very good. The Magnetite cost is negligeable enough in this particular case.
  • Natural 1★ demons are subpar evolution fodders (but still suitable) as you could very easily fuse them into 2★ demons (best fodders).
  • Natural 3★ recruited through "Talk" (i.e. Common Archetype). They are best kept as fusion fodder, but are okay-ish evol fodder.
  • Natural 3★ demons obtained through Summoning/Gacha. You will get them in very very large numbers, many of them will be useless. As such evolution can be a potent way to get rid of them. But using them as Karma fodder is better, especially for new players.

Kanbari Evolution

For 3★ and 4★ evolution fodders all kind of Naturally 2★ demons could be used. But for 5★ evolution fodders, some demon is one of the best : Kanbari.jpg Kanbari .

Indeed, Kanbari provides experience bonuses. But being constantly in your party means he will reach max level. In order to avoid wasting EXP on a max level demon the solution is to evolve him: eventually, Kanbari will become a 5★, at that instant just use him as a evolution fooder for 5★ and fuse a new Kanbari for your parties (then repeat the cycle).

This does create the question of where additional Kanbaris will be sourced:

  • a guide listed below tell you how to fuse Kanbari: simply run the aforementioned leveling quests while farming XP in order to get the demons needed for a Kanbari.
  • The Compendium is an easier route: either directly summon Kanbari for 20 Karmas or summon the fusion ingredients you lack to get him. **But Karma is precious though, so it should only be used when you are really feeling lazy.

So, in essence, Kanbari is the quintessential evolution fodder for (4★s and) 5★s.

Steps to fuse a Kanbari:

  1. First, make sure you already completed Chapter 3-5
  2. Collect 5 Slimes in Chapter 1’s Leveling Quest
  3. Collect 2 Melchoms and 1 Preta in Chapter 2’s Leveling Quest
  4. Collect 1 Nekomata and 1 Sandman in Chapter 3’s Leveling Quest
  5. Fuse Bicorn with Slime x Nekomata
  6. Fuse Inugami with Bicorn x Slime
  7. Fuse 2 Kurama Tengu with Slime x Melchom
  8. Fuse Yomotsu-Shikome with Preta x Kurama Tengu
  9. Fuse 1 Koppa Tengu with Slime x Sandman
  10. Multi-Fuse Kanbari

The Evolution/Leveling flow and Guidelines

Issue of Game Over

So you want to evolve large batches of 2★ demons (or at least low grade demons) including Kanbari... And you want to do it on the most difficult Leveling Quests. Obviously a bunch of 2★ + Kanbaris versus Difficult Quests can only lead to Game Over.

Solutions can be:

  • get help from your friend list. Indeed, when auto-ing Leveling Quest you may select the auto-selection of Support Demon from the friend list.
  • But often, it will not be sufficient (unless you're very selective with your friend), as such people usually use some "Carry Demons". **Using the 5★ you want to evolve as Carry demon (you may want to equip it some brands) is a possible choice.
    • Or you can use a strong level 50 Demon. But you would lose a bit of XP on a capped demon.

Flow of 2 stars demons

How to get the natural 2★ (or 1★ if you're still a beginner) evolution fodder demons in large number? The answer is "Leveling Quests". The Leveling Quests you will be farming is the most efficient and obvious way to get a constant flow of 1★ or 2★ to farm. A complement would be Aura Gate: as you'll want to farm Magnetite, you'll end up spending Aura Gate Stamina there, and you'll encounter 1★ or 2★ to talk/recruit.

Either way, here are the general guidelines :

  • Use the highest leveling quest you can easily clear with one carry demon
  • Use Megakin (increase the number of "Talk"/recruitment) in first Party and MC in second (his XP Bonus still applies)
  • Use Kanbari in both teams
  • Use Friend Support demon for 20% XP Bonus and also XP Tome if you have any
  • Fill rest with 2★ fodder and units you actually want to level
  • Evolve fodder when max level until its 5★
  • Use 5* fodder to get your main units to level 6★

Carry Demons

  • Ch1 Hell: Any Elemental Demon
  • Ch6 Hell: Mastema
  • Ch7a Hell: Mastema
  • Intermission Hell: Thor

Use natural 3★s?

  • If you got spare natural 3★s that you do not need, feel free to use these to skip on 2★ fodder.
    • "Not needing" means not needing them for their Transfer Skills (see: Skill Transfer) or for fusion.
  • Never use natural 4★s, unless you are a whale and swimming in them. They are much better used for Karma, fusion or their transfer Skills.

Resources needed

  • Assuming we are farming Intermission 3 Hell Leveling Quest, with 2 Kanbaris and Main Liberator
    • This results in 75% bonus which means 1919xp per run.
    • Bringing a friend support adds another 20%, which I will not factor in here,as its likely you will run out.
    • Same with XP tome.

How many fodders are needed, math:

  • 2 2★ needed for 1 3★
  • 3 3★ needed for 1 4★
  • 4 4★ needed for 1 5★
  • 5 5★ needed for 1 6★
  • 6(2*3) 2★ needed for 1 4★
  • 24(6*4) 2★ needed for 1 5★
  • 120(24*5) 2★ needed for 1 6★
  • 12(3*4) 3★ needed for 1 5★
  • 60(12*5) 3* needed for 1 6★
  • 20(4*5) 4★ needed for 1 6★
Resources needed to level for given rarity
Target Rarity XP needed Runs needed Stamina needed
1★ 13410 7 70
2★ 23655 13 130
3★ 53900 29 290
4★ 111900 59 590
5★ 227900 119 1190
6★ 449900 235 2350
Resources needed to 6★ (lv1) when starting from given rarity
Starting Rarity XP needed Runs needed Stamina needed Cumulative 2* fodder needed
2★ 417355 218 2180 120
3★ 393700 206 2060 118
4★ 339800 178 1780 114
5★ 227900 119 1190 96

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