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Awakening uses Aether, a resource from Strange Signal, to unlock an extra skill on a target demon and slightly increase their stats. The skill available through Awakening depends on the target demon's Archetype (color).


Archetypes (from left to right): Aragami (red), Protector (yellow), Psychic (purple), Elementalist (teal/cyan) and Common (clear/grey).

Demons come in five different Archetypes:

  • Red Aragami (red)
  • Yellow Protector (yellow)
  • Purple Psychic (purple)
  • Teal Elementalist (teal/cyan)
  • Clear Common (clear/grey)

Awakening a demon unlocks their Archetype Skill, which varies depending on the demon and its Archetype, and slightly increases their stats.

  • Every demon requires Small, Medium, and/or Large Aethers of specific types and specific quantities to be awakened.
  • The required Aether types and quantities to awaken a Demon are dependent on the demon's race and base rarity.
  • Aethers are available in 5 common types, AetherL-Light.jpg Light (Yellow), AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful (Blue), AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral (Green), AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark (Purple), and AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic (Red).
    • Several special types are only available during limited events, and are usually required to awaken Demons also exclusively available during those events.
  • Aethers can be obtained in some missions and in most quests, including Aura Gates, but especially in Strange Signal.
  • Icon Aether Crystal.png Aether Crystal is a special item that can awaken any Demon, regardless of which and how many Aethers would be required for that.
    • They can be purchased in the Shop for 500 Icon Gems.png Gems each, which is ridiculously expensive, so avoid buying them.
    • They are sometimes offered as rewards for completing event missions, or as part of Log-in Bonuses.
    • Don't use an Aether Crystal on a Demon that can be awakened by common Aethers, which can be easily harvested in Strange Signal quests. Save them for awakening event-exclusive Demons that require special types of Aether, just in case you're unable to gather enough during its event period.
Aether types

Strange Signal quests drop only one type of Aether, depending on the Signal chosen. The quality is random, but higher levels drop more of the larger sizes.

Strange Signal quest availability rotates based on the day, with Neutral being open all the time.

Strange Signal Schedule
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AetherL-Light.jpg Light X X X X X
AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful X X X X
AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral X X X X X X X
AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark X X X X X
AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic X X X X

Determining aether type and amount

The type of aether needed will depend on a demon's race:

  • Most races each have an alignment of (Light/Neutral/Dark) + (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic), and will need aether matching the two groups they are in. We will call this "LND + LNC".
  • Certain races (usually gacha-exclusives or multi-fusions) will have Light + Dark + Lawful + Chaotic (basically, everything except Neutral), thus needing some aether of each type. We will call this "Variety".

The amount of aether needed will depend on a demon's base rarity:

  • Example 1: Metatron.jpg Metatron is a Herald, which is aligned Light + Lawful. Since he is base 5★ rarity, you will need 20M + 15L AetherL-Light.jpg Light aether, as well as 20M + 15L AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful aether to awaken him.
  • Example 2: Gogmagog.jpg Gogmagog is a Jirae, which is aligned Neutral + Neutral. Since he is base 5★ rarity, you will need 40M + 30L AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral aether to awaken him. (since both sides are Neutral, you are adding 20M + 20M = 40M, and 15L + 15L = 30L).
  • Example 3: Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune is a Hero, which has Variety alignment. Since he is base 5★ rarity, you will need 15L AetherL-Light.jpg Light aether + 15L AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark aether + 15L AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful aether + 15L AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic aether to awaken him.
Base Rarity Type Aether needed (per alignment group)
5★ LND + LNC - 20 15
Variety - - 15
4★ LND + LNC - 15 5
Variety - - 5
3★ LND + LNC 5 10 -
Variety - 10 -
2★ LND + LNC 10 5 -
Variety - 5 -
1★ LND + LNC 10 - -
Variety 5 - -

Collaboration Aether

Most collaboration demons use special Aether only available during their event, and will not follow the aether pattern of their race.

Additionally, collaboration Aether only comes in S and L sizes, no M, and cannot be converted between sizes.

Base Rarity Collab Aether needed
5★ 80 40
4★ 30 15
Collab Aether type
Bayonetta Icon Witch Aether S.pngIcon Witch Aether L.png Witch Aether
Devil May Cry V Icon Soul Aether S.pngIcon Soul Aether L.png Soul Aether
Berserk Icon Od Aether S.pngIcon Od Aether L.png Od Aether
Ghost in the Shell Icon Cyber Aether S.pngIcon Cyber Aether L.png Cyber Aether
The Seven Deadly Sins Icon Power Aether S.pngIcon Power Aether L.png Power Aether
Neon Genesis Evangelion Core Aether
Overlord Undead Aether

Alignments per race

Race Alignment
Herald AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful
Megami AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful
Deity AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Avatar AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Holy AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Genma AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Fury AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Lady AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Kishin AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Divine AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful
Yoma AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful
Snake AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Beast AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Fairy AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Neutral.jpgNeutral
Fallen AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Brute AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Femme AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Night AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Vile AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful
Wilder AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Foul AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Tyrant AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Haunt AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Fiend AetherL-Light.jpgAetherL-Dark.jpgAetherL-Lawful.jpgAetherL-Chaotic.jpg Variety
Hero AetherL-Light.jpgAetherL-Dark.jpgAetherL-Lawful.jpgAetherL-Chaotic.jpg Variety
Rumor AetherL-Light.jpgAetherL-Dark.jpgAetherL-Lawful.jpgAetherL-Chaotic.jpg Variety
UMA AetherL-Light.jpgAetherL-Dark.jpgAetherL-Lawful.jpgAetherL-Chaotic.jpg Variety
Enigma AetherL-Light.jpgAetherL-Dark.jpgAetherL-Lawful.jpgAetherL-Chaotic.jpg Variety
Avian AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful
Zealot AetherL-Light.jpgAetherL-Dark.jpgAetherL-Lawful.jpgAetherL-Chaotic.jpg Variety
Entity AetherL-Light.jpgAetherL-Dark.jpgAetherL-Lawful.jpgAetherL-Chaotic.jpg Variety
Dragon AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Jaki AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Reaper AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Undead AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
General AetherL-Light.jpgAetherL-Dark.jpgAetherL-Lawful.jpgAetherL-Chaotic.jpg Variety
Mitama AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Witch AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
?? AetherL-Light.jpgAetherL-Dark.jpgAetherL-Lawful.jpgAetherL-Chaotic.jpg Variety
Jirae AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral + AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral
Tenma AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Drake AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic
Raptor AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful
Seraph AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful
Wood AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful
Godly AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful
Tree AetherL-Light.jpg Light + AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful

The following races are currently collab-only, and do not use normal Aether:

  • Powers
  • Cyborg
  • Machine
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