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Karma is mainly obtained by selling Demons in the Pandemonium which is the easiest way to get rid of demons you consider useless. Karma is not a farmable resource but more a resource that is accumulated. For non-veteran players, Karma is then mainly used for Arch-Shifters to change the Archetypes of Demons.


Barong's status page: his Awaken skill is Recarmdra, it is the skill marked by a lock. If Barong is Awakened the skill gets unlocked

Each demon may exist in 5 Archetypes : Common (clear/grey), Aragami (red), Elementalist (teal), Protector (yellow) and Psychic (purple). The color/archetype your demon has is visible on its status page.

  • The Archetype of a demon only determines the Awaken skill it possesses (see each demon wiki entry to see the different Awaken skills it may have).
  • Awaken skills are locked until the demon is Awakened in Pandemonium in exchange of Aethers (items you can farm in Strange Signal).
  • For a given demon, some archetypes may be better than others (see Tier List or the demon's wiki profile page to know what is the best Archetype for a given demon).

  • Archetypes are attributed to demons when you summon (Gacha) it. Except for "Normal Summon" and "Hell Bun Summon" (both only summon Common/Clear demons), the Archetypes of summoned demons are chosen completely randomly among the 4 non-Common Archetypes.
  • However fusing a demon allows you to fully decide which Archetype the demon will get: you need 1 of the two fusion materials to be Clear, and the result of the fusion will inherit the Archetype of the other fusion material.

This poses a problem : whenever you pull/summon a demon, you only have a 1/4 chance of getting the demon's optimal Archetype. This is even more serious if the demon you wish to summon is not fusable.

This problem is solved by items called Arch-Shifters that allow you to change the Archetype of a demon. They are either obtained through events or in the Karma shop.

Shifting Archetypes Items

Picture of the different Arch-Shifters

Arch-Shifters are consumable items that can be used on a non-Common Archetyped demon and, when used, randomly change the demon's Archetype.

  • 2 types exist : one that can only be used on Natural 4★ (Arch-Shifter 4★) and the other on Natural 5★ only (Arch-Shifter 5★).
  • The random aspect of the Archetype change means you will often need to use more than one Arch-Shifter on the same demon to obtain the desired Archetype.
  • Arch-Selectors will allow you to change to the Archetype of your choice. They also come in the 2 same types.
  • On a price per utility basis, Arch-Shifters are better than Arch-Selectors (on average you only need 3 Arch-Shifter to get the desired Archeype while Selectors cost 5 times more Karma)

Managing Arch-Shifters

Arch-Shifters 5★ are very expensive: 3000 Karmas represent 10 non-Common 4★ demons sold... And 3 of them are usually needed. The 4★ version is also expensive for what it does. As such, Arch-Shifters should be kept for:

  • Non-fusable Demons. Fusable ones should be fused with the correct Archetype instead.
  • Demons you plan to use immediately and who would benefit a lot from having the correct Archetype. If you don't plan to use the demon in the near future, it is smarter to wait as there is a chance you would summon the Demon again but in its correct Archetype.
  • Very expensive fusable demons. It can be acceptable to use Shifters on very high Grade 5★ demons (Lucifer, Metatron, Shiva etc.) if you absolutely need them now.

Aside from the very expensive Karma shop, Arch-Shifters can be obtained through events. It is not impossible to get one Arch-Shifter 5★ each month, from events, if Sega is being generous.

Karma management

Accumulating Karma

Karma is not to be farmed :

  • Do not pull/summon gacha with Gems for the sake of "farming" Karma.
  • Do not fuse higher rarity demons for the sake of selling them.

You must not farm Karma. You simply accumulate Karma by selling "useless" Natural 3★ and 4★ demons. Do not sell 5★! And not every 3★ and 4★ are suitable for being sold though:

  • if they have rare or useful transferable Gacha skills, you should keep them as transferable skill fodders (see Skill Transfer#Advanced skills - Hoarding Demons for their Gacha skills for a list of rare transferable Gacha skills)
  • Common (aka Clear) Archetype demons should not be sold as they offer you little Karma
  • Gacha demons (aka non-fusable) are not to be sold
  • 4★ can be useful for Democalypse (bi-weekly Faction Event) as least as long as you still lack 5★s. Anubis and Titania are the most notable decent 4★ to keep for Democalypse (please check the Democalypse article to have a "Tier List" for it and evaluate which one you want to keep)
    • That being said, as you go through the game gathering Magnetite to fuse 4★ will become quite easy. So you shouldn't worry too much about selling fusable 4★.

A few "useless" fusable demons should be kept for future fusions you may want to perform. Good fusion materials are high Grade demons, so you may want to keep the highest Grade 3 and 4 ★ demons. You would probably want them to be of diverse colors, in case you need to fuse a demon in a precise Archetype.

Last advice : only sell demons if you immediately need an Arch-Shifter or you feel flooded with too many Demons and are urged to do some cleaning.

As of Patch 3.2.00, you can sell 4★ Genomes (100 Karma) and 5★ Genomes (1000 Karma) in the Items menu. However, due to the scarcity of 4/5★ Genomes, it is ill-advised to sell Genomes for Karma. It is possible to obtain a supply of 4/5★ Genome by spending 250 Duel Points on Elemental Skill Boxes which hand out 4/5★ Genomes. The Almighty Skill Box contains not very useful almighty attacks such as Necro Dogma which are considered 5★ Genomes at the cost of 500 Duel Points. As of September 2020, reaching Diamond 1 in PvP at the end of each ranked season will net you a "H" elemental skill such as Maragidyne H which is useful for Democalypse, but also are 5★ Genomes worth 1000 karma.

Spending Karma

Arch-Shifters are the primary items for Karma spending. But you can buy a few other items with Karma:

  • Tendency Selectors: this item allows you to change the AI-type of a demon. 10 Karma in exchange of 10 Tendency Selectors; a very good price, good item to spend a few Karmas on.
  • Low rarity demons (1 and 2 stars): they are purchased in the compendium (not the Karma shop). Kanbari is one of the better compendium demon to purchase (see Leveling).
    • Other than that it can be worth it to spend on 2★ if they belong to the road map for a demon you want to fuse.
    • But you should be very conservative with your Karma purchase with the compendium. Try to avoid it as 2 stars and 1 star demon are easy to recruit and fuse.
  • 4★ (Clear) demons in the Karma shop: a selection of 4★ are available in the Karma shop. These are usually bought to be used in further fusions, saving you the MAG required to fuse them. Of all the 4★ on sale, Odin is the most valuable as he is expensive to fuse from scratch (500k MAG), . Don't buy these unless you have a clear fusion path in mind and want to save on MAG.
  • Hell Buns: These are ridiculously expensive, don't buy them.

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