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Hell Gongen is a term for a team consisting of only Physical Attackers and the two demons Hell Biker and Zaou-Gongen (Hence the name).


  • Hell Biker will go first, casting Red Zone, which gives every member of you team might.
  • Combined with Kongo Zaou from Zaou-Gongen, this will also give every member Phys Pierce.
    • So now we ignore every NDR we encounter.
  • Now our Phys Attackers will clear the wave.
    • Best case after all three attacked, the wave will be dead and the rotation begins again.
  • This works fully on auto battle too, which means we can use this to farm the content we want and need!

Pros and Cons


  • Very Powerful Team!
  • Capable of farming most content on Auto.
  • With slight alterations even Kiwami Bosses can be beaten with this setup.


  • Fairly hard entry cost due to Demon Requirements - One Gacha Exclusive (albeit 4*) and one 5+4 (cheapest as 5+5) fusion.
  • Can be fairly hard to Brand for hardest content.
  • Needs certain skills or some Kasane to fully work.


Now lets go in-depth as to how to build this Team.


To fully utilise this teams potential, an Attacker in this team needs to bring a few things:

  • It needs to use its AoE Attack Skill at least three times. (Once per Wave to clear it)
    • To do this, there are three main ways:
      • Use manual play to Pass when necessary
      • Transfer Mana Aid
      • Use a low MP skill, so natural MP regen fills enough MP.
        • A 5MP Skill (such as Herculean Strike) can be used 3 times in a row with War brands. To use a 6MP Skill (such as Hades Blast) in this setup, the demon needs Divine Brands. (If you have a choice, use War Brands and a 5 MP skill - the set bonus will boost damage more than switching to a 6 MP skill will.)
      • There are other shenanigans you can use to do this, such as transfer Mana Bonus or Mana Surge to fiddle around with MP Management, but this guide will not go into these.
  • It needs to be fairly fast, as to outspeed all encounters.
    • Ideally, we clear each wave in one turn, letting us ignore defense in most circumstances and get away with things like not covering weaknesses or not using Ward brands to guard against ailments.
  • And of course, it needs to have high STR as to actually output good damage.
  • Best case it also brings a ST Skill for Bosses.

Lets first look at our two core Demons.

Hell Biker

  • He needs to spam Red Zone.
    • For this he NEEDS the Attack AI Tendency. Do not shift him!
  • In order for him to spam Red Zone three times (once every wave), there are two ways:
    • Transfer Mana Aid to him.
    • Max Red Zones level to decrease its use cost by 1MP and give him Divine Brands.
  • Color does not really matter, though Teal or Purple is most used.
    • Other colors give more skills, which (in theory) could mess with AI on Auto.
  • If you need two rotations on the boss wave, youd want him to attack as to proc his Critical Hit, so you get another Press Turn.
    • As he does not have a good Attack Skill, Deathbound suits him well.
  • For second Skill slot, Phys Boost works well, so he does some more damage.
  • For Kiwami or other hard bosses, consider a debuff such as Offensive Cry or Acid Breath.
  • For Aura Gate or PvP, where there are no waves, Auto buff/debuff skills are very helpful.


  • Mostly used for his passive effect.
  • Since he does have fairly high STR and we need to use him anyway, we will build him to attack.
  • As his AGI is really low, he needs all the Acc he can get.
    • For this, transfer Good Aim (Or Great Aim, if you have it).
    • If you feel you have enough accuracy from Tertiary brand attributes, you can go with Phys Boost/Amp for extra damage.

Rest of the Team

Now that two of our four slots are filled, we need to think about the other two Demons. Which ones you choose is just what you have (and/or already invested into) and personal preference.

Gacha Exclusives

The best choices are, sadly, Gacha-Exclusive:

Guan Yu
  • Really good STR, fairly low AGI, but Dragon Blade is the best Skill for this team though!
    • Good ST, which then inflicts good AoE Damage! Loyal God of War also regenerates MP on Kill (and gives AC%!), which makes him be able to use it multiple times.
  • Archetype does not matter here.
  • Consider transferring Phys Boost and Good Aim (if you struggle with Acc) or Serial Killer (Butcher if you have it) or Berserker.
  • Highest STR in Game, low AGI, good AoE Skill with inherent Vorpal Blade, really good ST Skill Occult Flash.
  • Purple Archetype is best, as it gives Phys Amp.
  • As he does not have a way to regen MP as the other three do, we need Mana Aid on him for perfect auto-battling. Other Transfer should be Phys Boost.

Other good Gacha Choices include:

  • High STR, really high AGI
  • As no AoE Skill is inherent, Red Archetype is recommended for 5MP Hades Blast.
  • Transfers should be Phys Amp and Phys Boost. You shouldnt have Acc problems with his amount of AGI and decent luck.
Huang Di
Shiva A
  • Unique skill Third Eye is a Mag Atk-based skill that can critical and benefits from Red Zone the same way as physical attacks.
  • Very high MAG, high AGI, decent LUK
  • Archetype doesn't matter. Comes with Mana Aid when summoned as Purple and Great Aim when summoned as Yellow.
  • Because Third Eye costs 8 MP (or 7 at max level), Mana Aid is highly recommended, even for manual play.
Non-Gacha Demons

Now, there are multiple other Demons that fit well in to this team:

Pallas Athena
Wu Kong
  • Really high STR, good AGI, decent Luck, inherent Vorpal Blade and Serial Killer
  • Archetype doesnt matter.
  • Pralaya can't critical, but it can be useful in PvP against Alilat and Rama, or against enemies with extremely high evasion.
  • Mana Aid or Panel 3 completion is needed for perfect auto-battling; other transfer Phys Boost/Phys Amp or Butcher.
  • Really high STR, decent AGI, really high Luck, one of the best ST Nukes in game with Ouas
  • Archetype doesnt matter - Preferably Teal to not fuck up AI.
  • If Clear, use Titanomachia and Divine brands. Otherwise transfer Herculean Strike and use War.
  • Transfer Phys Boost/Phys Amp.
  • Really high STR, high AGI, decent luck.
  • In wave-less fights (PvP and Aura Gate), Rakshasa's auto-Might effect will let you get in an extra action if it acts before Hell Biker.
  • Archetype doesnt matter.
  • Transfer Herculean Strike and Phys Boost/Phys Amp.
  • Decent STR, Really high AGI, inherent Hades Blast, inherent Speedster, inherent Auto-Sukunda
  • Low VIT and HP, but evasion makes up for it somewhat.
  • Clear Archetype gets Phys Boost. Red Archetype gets Mortal Jihad at 5 MP. Purple Archetype gets Evade and is sometimes used in PvP.
  • At level 50, Yatagarasu will have an AGI stat that's two points higher than Hell Biker, making him go first. This is fine for manual play - just Pass on the first action - but for auto-battling you should correct this with Mitama Infusion or Lead Brands. (If two demons have exactly the same AGI, turn order is determined by their placement in the party select screen.)
  • Probably the best overall 4* physical attacker, its speed can make it as useful as many of the natural 5* demons.
  • Decent STR, tied for highest AGI in game
  • Excellent passive skills: Great Aim, Speedster, and unique skill Skanda
  • Inherent Mortal Jihad is a decent ST attack
  • Will have 27 more AGI than Hell Biker at level 50, which requires manual play or Lead Brands on Hell Biker
  • Transfer Herculean Strike and Phys Boost/Phys Amp
  • Incredibly expensive to fuse. Fusing the necessary ingredients and then performing the Multi-Fusion to create it will require about eight million Magnetite.

Alternative to Zaou-Gongen

If you don't have ZG or don't want to use him, you can also use Hell Biker with 3 Phys Pierce Demons. In this case ZGs Unique Ability would be wasted and you can use a better Attacker instead.

The rest of this Guide is still valid, but theres a lot less Demons to choose from in this case.

Our List boils down to:

This strategy can also be used without phys pierce in some areas which don't have phys resistances like Kiwami/Mara.


  • Generally you want to use War Brands on all Attackers as to maximise the damage.
    • If using a 6MP Skill without Mana Aid, use Divine.
  • Second Set for Attackers is generally Aim, unless your Terts are really good and/or you got Panel upgrades for Acc (such as Yoshi Panel 1)
  • You want to Aim for 15% to 25% Acc minimum, depending on Demon (AGI and Luck Stat) and Content you want to do (S10 needs more Acc than D10 for example)
    • Acc is crucial in Hell Gongen Teams, as a miss can potentially ruin your whole run by killing your team outright or messing up your rotation.
    • If you can hit that Acc without Aim Set, you can also go for Speed Set, if needed.
  • As mentioned above, Hell Biker needs Divine Set (if maxed Red Zone and no Mana Aid), second Set doesnt matter, can be Speed if you want/need.
    • If using Mana Aid, go for War.
  • On everything else, go for as much PAtk% as possible.

Perfect RArm/LArm/Legs would look like:

  • PAtk% Primary
  • PAtk+ Secondary
  • Acc% Tert
  • Speed% Tert
  • Last slot does not really matter, "perfect" would be HP%, but you want every upgrade to go to Acc ideally.

Perfect Head/Body:

  • PAtk+ Secondary
  • PAtk% Tert
  • Acc% Tert
  • Speed% Tert (Same as above, you want all upgrades to go to Acc ideally)

Alterations for Kiwami

  • To easily do Kiwamis, you can change out Phys Boost on most Attackers in a Hell Gongen team with Charge.
  • To pull this off, a Yoshitsune is ideal, as his Hassou Tobi is ideal for finishing off the Boss in the end.
    • Asura could work too, its untested for now.
  • A good Debuff for Hell Biker is recommended, see his section.
  • Be sure to outspeed the boss (Check Kiwami for Battlespeed information).
  • For most, you do not even need Zaou-Gongen, as there is no NDR Phys.

  • Any Kiwami can be cheesed this way except for Orcus, Garuda and Lakshmi.
    • Most are very brand-dependant though, as they are still hard encounters.


  • Start clearing Wave 1, but leave one demon alive with low HP. Leave 2 uses of Red Zone.
  • Cast Red Zone, so everyone gains Might.
  • Use Charge on all your attackers.
  • Pass until everyone is at full MP.
  • Kill the last demon using HB.
  • As you go first, debuff the enemy team with HB, then clear the adds with your non-Yoshi(or Asura) Attackers. Pass with Yoshi (or Asura).
  • When its HBs turn again, use Red Zone again.
  • When only the boss is alive, use Hassou Tobi for huge Damage on the Boss.

  • If the Boss is not dead, you can either pray one of your attackers survives so he can finish it off or you need better brands.

  • Example Video
    • With better brands, it is possible to T1 her. This is true for most Kiwamis.


Because Hell Gongen teams are very good at doing damage quickly, they seem like an obvious choice for a PvP Offense team. Unfortunately their raw power means that (almost) every defense team you will face will have a way not to get immediately shredded by Phys Pierce attackers. Usually this means Alilat for Repel Pierce or Rama for Drain Pierce, but teams with Orcus, double Intimidating Stance, extremely high Phys Evasion, or extremely high Battle Speed can also avoid automatically losing to Hell Gongen offenses.

On the other hand, an extremely fast Hell Gongen team can work tolerably well in PvP defense, because many offense teams expect to go first against most opponents and aren't prepared to endure a round of Hell Gongen attacks before they get to act. A Hell Gongen defense team should have at least 30,000 Battle Speed and usually includes Yatagarasu, Fenrir, and/or Kartikeya in its two flexible slots.

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