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Event Reward Demons are demons that are only available through event rewards, such as login bonuses, item exchanges, missions, or quests.

Demons completely exclusive to event rewards

These demons cannot be obtained in any way other than event rewards. Due to this, they are always Clear Clear.

Demon Race Grade Rarity Notes
Clear Halloween Jack.jpg Halloween Jack Fairy 65 4★
Clear Helper Frost.jpg Helper Frost Fairy 63 4★
Clear Nadja.jpg Nadja Fairy 30 2★
Clear Kabuso.jpg Kabuso Beast 20 2★
Clear Jack the Ripper.jpg Jack the Ripper Foul 22 2★
Clear Vouivre.jpg Vouivre Snake 60 4★
Clear Party Pixie.jpg Party Pixie Fairy 88 5★
Clear Poltergeist.jpg Poltergeist Haunt 21 2★
Clear Seraph.jpg Seraph Herald 95 5★ Democalypse exchange
Clear Norn.jpg Norn Megami 86 5★ Democalypse exchange (Sep 3, 2020 onwards)

Demons whose Clear Clear versions are exclusive to event rewards

These demons are obtainable with non-clear colors from the gacha, but event rewards are the only way to get them in Clear Clear.

Demon Race Grade Rarity Notes
Clear Man Eater.jpg Man Eater Undead 60 4★ Dance Off of the Dead (Sep 25 - Oct 9, 2019)
Clear Bodyconian.jpg Bodyconian Undead 40 3★
Clear Ame no Uzume.jpg Ame no Uzume Megami 60 4★ Wind-Scarred Wastes (Apr 20 - May 4, 2022)
Clear Cait Sith.jpg Cait Sith Beast 68 4★ Angel Army in the Cat Kingdom (Jul 26 - Aug 9, 2023)
Clear Frost Ace.jpg Frost Ace Genma 80 5★ The Makings of a Hero (Dec 11 - 26, 2019)
Clear Narcissus.jpg Narcissus Tree 80 5★ Red-Light District in Bloom (Nov 30 - Dec 13, 2023)
Clear Bayonetta.jpg Bayonetta Witch 65 4★
Clear Jeanne.jpg Jeanne Witch 65 4★
Clear Beloved.jpg Beloved Powers 70 4★
Clear Dante.jpg Dante Fiend 70 4★
Clear Nero.jpg Nero Fiend 70 4★
Clear V.jpg V ?? 70 4★
Clear Guts.jpg Guts Hero 85 5★ Berserk collaboration - Black Swordsman from Beyond (May 27 - Jun 10, 2020)
Clear Zodd.jpg Zodd Fiend 90 5★ Berserk collaboration 2 - Berserker's Revenge (Mar 3 - 17, 2021)
Clear Tachikoma.jpg Tachikoma Machine 70 4★

Low-grade Eclipse demons

Up through October 2021, Sega used to give out a low-grade Red Red demon when each Eclipse event started, matching one of the required races.

Normally, demons with colors are pulled from the gacha, with a minimum rarity of 3★. This means that, to get a 1★ or 2★ demon with a color, a colored 3★ demon must have its stars downgraded by repeatedly fusing it with low-grade demons.

However, due to how the fusion system works, it is not possible to decrease the grade far enough for the lowest-grade demons - making it impossible to transfer a color to them. This issue affects demons of grade 5 or lower.

Therefore, Eclipse gifts are the only way to get certain low-grade demons in a non-clear color:

Demon Race Grade Rarity Notes
Red Mokoi.jpg Mokoi Night 5 1★ -
Red Chagrin.jpg Chagrin Wilder 4 1★ -
Red Cu Sith.jpg Cu Sith Beast 3 1★ -
Red Pixie.jpg Pixie Fairy 2 1★ -

By performing careful fusions with the above gifts, it is possible to obtain some of the non-gifted low-grade demons with colors:

Demon Race Grade Rarity Fusion method
Red Agathion.jpg Agathion Yoma 5 1★ Red Mokoi.jpg Mokoi + Clear Slime.jpg Slime = Red Agathion.jpg Agathion
Red Melchom.jpg Melchom Fallen 4 1★ Red Cu Sith.jpg Cu Sith + Clear Azumi.jpg Azumi = Red Melchom.jpg Melchom
Red Preta.jpg Preta Haunt 4 1★ Red Pixie.jpg Pixie + Clear Slime.jpg Slime = Red Preta.jpg Preta
Red Azumi.jpg Azumi Brute 3 1★


  • Slime.jpg Slime cannot be created through fusion, and it was never given out with a color, so it is NOT possible to obtain a non-clear Slime.
  • Pixie.jpg Pixie cannot be created through fusion, so receiving her directly is the only way to get her in a color.
    • However, she can be used as a starting point to create any of the 7 other demons listed.
  • Since Preta.jpg Preta's only fusion involves Pixie and Slime, and considering the above points, the only way to get Preta with a color is from a colored Pixie.
    • By extension, since Azumi.jpg Azumi's only fusion involves Preta and Slime, the only way to get Azumi with a color is from a colored Pixie.
  • Agathion.jpg Agathion can be created by starting from a colored Pixie or Mokoi.
  • Melchom.jpg Melchom can be created by starting from any of the colored gifts, except Mokoi.
  • Mokoi.jpg Mokoi, if not received as a gift directly, can only be created from a colored Pixie.
  • Chagrin.jpg Chagrin and Cu Sith.jpg Cu Sith can endlessly swap between each other in both directions, by fusing with Slime.
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