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Listed here are all the Resource Management Guides on the wiki.

Every Resource Management Guides can be read without needing to read Beginner's Guide first. It is however advised to have gone through the in-game tutorial related to the resource the Guide deals with first.

Summoning Guide

Main article: Summoning Guide

The Summoning Guide is designed to help you spending your Gems (and Tomes/Parchments) wisely in the Summoning Portals. It gives you plenty of informations on the best banners to pull from.

Skill Transfer

Main article : Skill Transfer

Guide on managing the main resources involved with skills : Kasane Magatama, Blank Genome and Yasaka Magatama/Skill Points. Also contains Sections with lists of good Transferable skills, "Gacha skills" to hoard, separating demons that can be sold from those you may want to keep for their transferable skills, what skills deserved to be leveled up with Kasanes, what skill are worth using a Blank Genome on etc.

Selling Demons

Main article : Karma

Guide about demons that can be sold for Karma, what to purchase with Karma, with a section explaining what Archetypes are, how to change them and which demons should get their Archetypes changed etc.


Main article : Leveling

Guide about the best ways to farm EXP and how to manage evolution fodders.


Main article : Brands

Guide about Brands management : sorting out the better brands from the worse, guidelines on equipping the best brands to your demons and general info on brands.

Magnetite Farming

Main article: Magnetite

About Magnetite Farming and spending the Magnetite optimally in Fusion.

Spirit Merge

Main article: Spirit Merge

Very incomplete guide. But once completed the guide should be about Spirit, panels and spiritizing demons

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