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Pictures of the important resources mentioned in this Section. The objects are: Kasane Magatama (top-left), Blank Genome (top-right), Yasaka Magatama (bottom-left) and Skill Genome (bottom-right)

Yasaka Magatama; Green Beans

Are resources used to add Skill Points (SP) to a demon.

  • The amount of SP a Yasaka Magatama adds depends on its rarity,for example a 1* Yasaka Magatama gives 1 SP to the demon its used on while a 6* Yasaka Magatama gives 6 SP to the demon.

Kasane Magatama; Red Beans

Are resources used to level up a skill on a demon.

  • Leveling skills by using Kasane Magatamas DO NOT require SP.


Is the process of taking off a skill from a demon. (see in-game tutorial)

  • Only gacha skills can be harvested

Blank Genomes

Are resources used to Harvest skills from demons.

  • Can only be used to harvest moves that are transferable i.e. transferable skills and gacha skills.
  • A Blank Genome can only be used once.

Skill Genomes

Genomes obtained via summoning on skill gacha banners,harvesting gacha skills,as pvp tier rewards.These genomes can be used to transfer the skill it contains

  • A Skill Genome can only be used once.

Skill Transfer

Transferable skills are indicated by a genome icone (here Mazionga and Mahashibaboo). The "blue" skill (Mahashibaboo) is the so-called "Gacha skill", it can be extracted using a Blank Genome without killing the holder

Skill transfer allows a demon to learn a skill from another demon, increasing its combat options and creating powerful combinations. To transfer a skill, the demon that receives the skill needs skill points, and you need another demon with the skill you want to transfer. Skill points are per-demon, and they are acquired by sacrificing other demons or special items (either demon's souls or Yasaka Magatamas) in Pandemonium, more precisely the possible sacrifices/fodders are:

  • A copy of the same demon (ignoring level and rarity). (1 + demon's base rarity skill points) (recommended practice ONLY for 3★ and below)
  • A demon of the same base rarity. (1 skill point) (not a recommended practice)
  • A demon soul (obtained from encounters in the Aura Gate) of the same demon. (1 skill point)
  • A Yasaka Magatama item (1 to 6 skill points, number of points equal to the item’s Stars) Don’t use your Yasaka Magatama on 3★ or lower rarity demons as duplicates or the same rarity can easily be fused or pulled from the gacha for skill points!

Transferring skills can be done in two ways:

  • Using a demon with the skill you want to transfer, a donor. The donor may only transfer certain skills, marked with a DNA tag in their description. This is always the first skill, any skills received by transfer, and the bonus skill a Summoned demon receives (colloquially called "Gacha skill"). The user interface (UI) is well done, so there will be no problem performing what you seek to do.
    • By default, the donor will die during the transfer process.
    • If the skill you wish to transfer is on the last two skill slots, meaning the skill was a skill received by transfer or a Gacha skill, then you can use a Blank Genome to "harvest" the skill. Harvesting does not kill the demon.
  • Using a Skill Genome with the name of the skill you wish to transfer. Skill Genomes are items that are obtained by summoning the skill (through gacha) or through the "harvesting" previously mentioned.

Skill points and transferred skills are lost when fusing. Skills are not lost when evolving, so feel free to power up! Once you have transferred a skill, you can replace it with another transferred skill using the same process. If you transfer the same skill again, the skill will level up and become more powerful!

NB: a skill can be leveled up by "transfering" a duplicate of itself, so everything above also applies to skill leveling (except for leveling unique skill which requires the use of Kasane Magatama).

List of good transferable skills

Skill List has all the Skills in the game and in their corresponding category. The demons from which they can be transfered from is also listed. Each skill also has a wiki page listing all the demons the skill can be transfered from.

Basic and Cheap skills

When thinking about which skills should be transferred to a demon, consider these guidelines as a general rule for early-mid game:

  1. Does it have any weaknesses? If it has a single weakness, you should cover it up with a [Resist x] transfer, as the press turn system makes weaknesses deadly.
  2. Figure out the role that you want the demon to fulfill and give skills that fit it.

Here are cheap and basic skills obtainable by fusing the corresponding demon:


Resist skills are used to cover up a weakness on a demon.

  • Resist Phys (4★ Hanuman)
  • Resist Fire (4★ Pazuzu)
  • Resist Ice (4★ Odin)
  • Resist Elec (4★ Throne)
  • Resist Force (4★ Pallas Athena)
  • Resist Light (4★ Bishamonten)
  • Resist Dark (4★ Girimehkala)

Physical Skills

Passive skill and self-buff

  • Phys Boost (4★ Wu Kong)
  • Charge (3★ Berserker)
  • Rebellion (3★ Ammut)

Physical attacks.

  • Hades Blast (3★ Ose)
  • Fatal Sword (2★ Naga)
  • Oni-Kagura (3★ Setanta)

Magic Skills

Almighty magic doesn't contain as much power as Elemental magic, but it ignores Makarakarn and the damage cannot be blocked.

  • Megido (3★ Arahabaki)

Elemental Boosts are passive skills that drastically increase damage dealt of an element.

  • Fire Boost (4★ Prometheus)
  • Ice Boost (4★ Beiji-Wang, 4★ King Frost)
  • Elec Boost (4★ Titania)
  • Force Boost (4★ Oberon, 4★ Dragon Long)
  • Light Boost (4★ Sleipnir)
  • Dark Boost (4★ Anubis)

Basic single target 4 MP magic are great for exploiting weaknesses and getting extra Press Turns.

  • Agi (1★ Inugami, 1★ Pyro Jack)
  • Bufu (1★ Preta, 1★ Jack Frost)
  • Zio (1★ Mokoi, 1★ Phantom, 2★ Suparna)
  • Zan (1★ Pixie, 1★ Sandman)
  • Hama (2★ Angel, 2★ Hamsa)
  • Mudo (1★ Eligor, 2★ Mou-Ryo)

Magic that hits all targets can be situationally useful for 5 MP.

  • Maragi (2★ Decarabia)
  • Mabufula (3★ Tiamat)
  • Mazio (2★ Nue)
  • Mazan (2★ Chupacabra, 2★ Legion)
  • Mahama (3★ Valkyrie)
  • Mamudo (2★ Pisaca, 3★ Baphomet)

Healing Skills

Healing is great for healing up your demons without having to waste items. Here's a list of skills commonly transferred for healing.

  • Mediara (3★ Lailah)
  • Diarama (3★ Horus)

Resurrection is useful for when things don't go as planned.

  • Samrecarm (3★ Isis)

Support Skills

Stat buff skills are powerful as they affect all allies.

  • Tarukaja (2★ Archangel, 3★ Apis)
  • Rakukaja (2★ Kurama Tengu)
  • Sukukaja (3★ Zouchouten)
  • Dekaja (3★ Hare of Inaba)

Stat debuff skills are powerful as they affect all enemies.

  • Tarunda (2★ Shikome)
  • Rakunda (2★ Shadow)
  • Sukunda (3★ Kresnik, 3★ Baihu)
  • Dekunda (2★ Abraxas)

Repel Phys/Mag can definitely be great for reducing enemy Press Turns.

  • Makarakarn (4★ Dantalian)
  • Tetrakarn (4★ Azrael)

Status Ailment Skills

Status ailments are best inflicted against all enemies for the best chance of getting at least a single target. Bind & Charm are the best status ailments to inflict.

  • Mashibaboo (4★ Skadi)
  • Mamarin Karin (4★ Succubus)

Advanced skills - Hoarding Demons for their Gacha skills

If you ever ask yourself which 3 stars or 4 stars demons you can sell or which ones you should keep because of a rare Gacha skill they may have, simply look at the Sections below. This is a basic list of skills you may or may not want to keep.

For 5 stars demons, you don't want to use them as fodder (except fusion or panel fodders), yet they may possess rare Gacha skills. In this case you'd want to use a Blank Genome to extract the skill without killing the holder.

Remark : the lists are not exhaustive as new demons may be added where as the list may not be updated. But they provide a very good grasp on what are the good Gacha skills.

Gacha skills from 3★

Gacha skills from 3★ demons are not worth using a Blank Genome on. However some may be worth keeping the demon in the storage as "skill transfer fodder". Here are these skills:

Rare skills with somewhat good effect (no indication on the demon carriers is given for skills carried by many many demons; please click on the skill for the full list of carrier demons)

Rare attacks of average power/usefulness, but good to stock up for leveling up the skill on a demon that has it innately

Skill already obtainable from fusing 4★ demons. But getting them as gacha skill can save you up to a few 100s K Magnetite

Gacha skills from 4★

Gacha skills from 4★ demons are not worth using a Blank Genome on unless the demon itself is Gacha exclusive. But they can nonetheless be used as fodders.

Rare skills with excellent effects (no indication on the demon carriers is given for skills carried by many many demons; please click on the skill for the full list of carrier demons)

Rare skills to be used either for Democalypse or leveling up skills on demons who innately have them

Skill already obtainable from fusing expensive 4★ demons. But getting them as gacha skill can save you up to 400 K Magnetites or more

Gacha skills from 5★

Gacha skills from 5★ that are worth using a Blank Genome on.

Supremely rare and powerful skills: must-haves

Rare and very powerful skills

Rare skills to be used either for Democalypse or leveling up skills on demons who innately have them

Resource Management

Yasaka Magatamas, Blank Genomes and Kasane Magatamas are the 'resources' of skill transfer.

For Yasaka management, there is little to add aside from the what we explain in the Section 1.2. Skill points are only mildly difficult to get, and they get easier to obtain as you become an advanced player.

Blank Genome

Hell's Park rewards: a solid monthly source of Blank Genome and Kasane Magatama.

Obtaining Blank Genome

It is not a farmable item. You obtain it as reward, gifts or purchase:

  • Each month, 1 Blank Genome can be obtained by completing Hell's Park 8th Area : Hell Library.
  • From Event reward or Event Login Bonus : there is no way to predict them but one can expect 1 or more Blank Genomes per month through this mean, but it is up to Sega generosity.
  • Each month, a pack of 5 Blank Genomes can be puchased fro 500 gems. The pricing is not bad. But it is not an excellent way to spend gems on either. Be moderate with this pack (if not ascetic).

In conclusion, Blank Genome is either very rare or expensive if you are willing to put gems in it. For a newbie it will also be very hard to get the Blank Genome from Hell Park because of how difficult the 8th Area is.

Using Blank Genome

Please refer to the Sections above for the skills worth Genoming : only use a blank genome on 5 stars demons or non-fusable 4 stars demons.

  • Prioritize genoming the Gacha skills described as "supremely rare and good : must-haves" in the Section above.
  • The other skills are worth thinking about if you have spare Genomes
  • Due to the rarity of Blanks, think about keeping them on hold. And prefer using Blank only when you immediately need the skill, immediately need to fodderize the 5 stars demon holding the skill (fusion fodder or Spirit Merge fodder) or immediately need to use the two transfer skill slots of the holder.

Kasane Magatama

Obtaining Kasane Magatama

It is not a farmable item. You obtain it as reward, gifts or purchase:

  • Each month, 1 Kasane Magatama can be obtained by completing Hell's Park 5th Area : Blood Pond.
  • From Event Reward or Event Login Bonus : it is rarely given as Event Login Bonus but it does appear fairly often as Events Rewards. We usually have two Events per months and each Event has at least 1 Kasane Magatama you can earn/win. (Though, one of the 2 Events per months has frequently been a BIG Events giving from 2 to 4 Kasanes instead of 1)
  • From Democalypse : if you get top 10% in personal score you obtain 1 Kasane Magatame. There are 2 Democalypse events per month.
  • Some packs purchasable with money.

Kasane Magatama are more abundant than Blank Genome but you need much more of them (skills often need 5 level up to reach their max). Hell's Park Blood Pond is relatively easy to complete. As a Event reward, it is not very hard to get the Kasane as long as you make it your priority. And getting top 10% in Democalypse is midly hard, probably out of reach for newbies; you also need to join a Faction as this is a Faction event. In conclusion, expect at least 5 Kasane per months, enough to max level up one unique skill.

Using Kasane Magatama

Considering skills typically need 5 level ups and newbies can get around 3 Kasane per month (5 for more advanced players), you don't want to waste them on any skills. Kasane Magatama should be reserved for "Unique Skills". Unique skills are indicated by the fact their Skill Point cost is " - ". Their level up boost is often much much better than other skills (they often get -1MP cost as their max level bonus). Except a few, all 5 Stars demons have an Unique Skill that can be leveled up.

However you do not want to level up all Unique Skills of all demons. You want to use Kasane on (listed by priority order):

  • Strong Demons you will use on PvP in the long run. Look at their Tier rating + Pros/Cons on their wiki profile page to get an idea on whether they are PvP futureproof (you can also use your own brain to determine it).
  • Demons used to farm any of the Brands of Sin stage 11 (Brand farming is so important it is worth using Kasanes... but only for stage 11)
  • Demons you could use against most of the strongest Bosses of the game (bosses in Aura Gate 2, Kiwamis etc.)

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