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Demonite are stat-boosting items that the Main Character can equip in Alter-World, similar to the Brands that demons can use.

Demonite comes in 1~6★ varieties like Brands, with higher rarities having better stat bonuses.

However, there are several important differences between Demonite and Brands:

  • Up to 3 pieces of Demonite can be equipped at a time. There is no separation into body parts: any 3 pieces of Demonite can be equipped.
  • Demonite cannot be leveled up. Whatever stats you rolled on them, you're stuck with.
  • Demonite stats are always percentages, never flat numbers.
  • Demonite does not have set bonuses. Instead, each individual piece of Demonite has a type, which gives a guaranteed primary effect. The intensity of this primary depends on the Demonite's rarity.
  • Elemental types of Demonite will drop from quests in Alter-World. Additional special types without an element can be made through Synthesis, which uses shards obtained from selling elemental Demonite.

All bonuses from Demonite will only apply to the Main Character, it will not apply to any of their demons.

Demonite can only be used in Alter-World quests and the Battle Tower. They cannot be used in Tokyo Abyss.



Each piece of Demonite is assigned a type. This type determines the Demonite's Primary bonus, and the intensity of this bonus depends on the rarity of the Demonite.

The most basic type of Demonite is elemental Demonite, which can drop from Alter-World quests of a matching element (or the Demonite mine):

Type Primary bonus Intensity
5★ 6★
Phys Valor Phys Damage +3% +5%
Fire Heat Fire Damage +3% +5%
Ice Freeze Ice Damage +3% +5%
Elec Thunder Elec Damage +3% +5%
Force Tornedo Force Damage +3% +5%
Light Daylight Light Damage +3% +5%
Dark Night Dark Damage +3% +5%

The following types of Demonite only drop from specific-element quests:

Type Primary bonus Intensity Quests
5★ 6★
HP HP +3% Phys Phys quests
Accuracy Accuracy Fire Fire quests
Evasion Evasion Ice Ice quests
Crit Rate Critical hit rate Elec Elec quests
Crit Down Critical hit rate of damage received Force Force quests
Resistance Light Light quests
Hit Rate Dark Dark quests

The following types of Demonite can only be created through Synthesis. These types are always 6★.

  • Performing synthesis requires elemental shards, which are obtained by selling elemental Demonite.
    • Selling a 5★ Demonite will give 40 shards, while selling a 6★ will give 60 shards.
Type Primary bonus Shards needed
Phys Phys Fire Fire Ice Ice Elec Elec Force Force Light Light Dark Dark
Physical Physical Damage +7% 40 - - 40 40 - -
Magic Magic Damage +7% - - 40 - - 40 40
Fast Speed +10% 40 40 - 40 - - -
Delay Speed -10% - - 40 - 40 - 40
Agility Evasion +5%, & accuracy +5% - 60 60 - - - -
Dream -15% chance to receive status ailments, & +10% chance to inflict status ailments - - - - - 60 60
Bold +5% max HP, & -15% critical hit rate of damage received 60 - - - 60 - -
Despotic +10% critical hit rate, & +5% physical hit rate - 60 - 60 - - -
Fog +5% physical evasion, & -15% chance to receive status ailments - - 60 - - 60 -
Mute Res Chance to be Muted reduced by 35% - 60 - - - 60 -
Bind Res Chance to be Bound reduced by 35% 60 - - 60 - - -
Charm Res Chance to be Charmed reduced by 35% - - - - 60 - 60


Secondary bonuses are assigned at random when you obtain a Demonite - whether through a quest drop, or through synthesis.

Secondary bonuses can be any two of the bonuses in the following chart.

  • The range of possible values depends on the Demonite's rarity, with higher rarities having higher minimum and maximum values.
Secondary intensity
HP% PAtk% MAtk% PDef% MDef% Acc% Phys. EV% Ailm. Infl. Ailm. Res. Crit% Heal% <Element> Damage%
5★ 2 - 4% 2 - 4% 2 - 4% 2 - 4% 2 - 4% 2 - 4% 2 - 4% 5 - 7% 5 - 7% 2 - 4% 5 - 7% 2 - 4%
6★ 3 - 5% 3 - 5% 3 - 5% 3 - 5% 3 - 5% 3 - 5% 3 - 5% 6 - 8% 6 - 8% 3 - 5% 6 - 8% 3 - 5%

Some restrictions apply:

  • A single Demonite cannot have two secondary bonuses in the same stat. - So for example, you cannot have PAtk% as both secondaries on a single Demonite.
    • However, this rule does not apply to the primary - So it is possible to have the primary and one secondary in the same stat (example: Elec Elec Damage % primary and Elec Elec Damage % secondary on the same Demonite).
  • Elemental Demonite cannot have a mismatched elemental secondary - For example: A Demonite with Elec Elec Damage % primary can have Elec Elec Damage % as a secondary, but it CANNOT have Dark Dark Damage % as a secondary.
    • Due to this, Almighty Almighty Damage % can only appear on synthesized Demonite.

Which bonuses to look for

First, it's important to note that all elemental Demonite is outclassed by synthesized Demonite eventually.

  • Elemental's primary is only a 5% damage boost at 6★, while Physical and Magic Demonite offer primaries with a 7% damage boost.
  • Synthesized Demonite also offers a variety of effects other than just elemental damage.
  • The only advantage elemental Demonite really has, is the guarantee that an elemental secondary must match the primary. Physical and Magic Demonite could have a secondary of any element.
    • For example: This means it's easier to get an Elec Elec elemental Demonite with an Elec Elec damage secondary, than it is to get a Magic Demonite with Elec Elec damage secondary.
    • This makes elemental Demonite a good stepping-stone to kickstart Alter-World quest farming (as each is single-element), at least until you have good-enough Physical/Magic Demonite to replace them.

For Alter-World

The main concerns in Alter-World farming quests are:

  • Have demons that deal damage in the correct element.
  • Have demons that NDR the correct element. (In the Phys Phys quest, you can have a dodge tank such as Garuda.jpg Garuda instead)
  • Have demons with damage reduction in the correct element, for when the enemy uses a piercing attack.

In terms of Demonite, we can't reduce damage taken by much, so it's better to focus Demonite all-in on attacking instead.

Initially, aim for an elemental Demonite that:

  • Has the correct-element primary for the quest.
  • Has a matching correct-element secondary for the quest (ideally 4 or 5%).
  • Has PAtk% or MAtk%, depending on which stat your current sword uses (ideally 4 or 5%).

Farm elemental Demonite and sell them for shards until you synthesize a Physical or Magic Demonite (depending on sword) that:

  • Has a matching correct-element secondary for the quest (ideally 4 or 5%).
  • Has PAtk% or MAtk%, depending on which stat your current sword uses (ideally 4 or 5%).

Note that Fire Fire Demonite's shards do not contribute to synthesizing Physical or Magic Demonite, so focus on farming the other elements first.

For Battle Tower


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