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Genome Extraction is effectively like summoning, but you get Icon Skill Genome.png Skill Genome items instead of demons.

This page lists the possible genomes in the general pool - that is, the pool that is not time-limited, with nothing rated up. This is also the pool you would pull from if you're using a Icon Skill Extraction File.png Skill Extraction File.

The rates per rarity are as follows:

Genome Gacha Rates: 2% for a 5★, 28% for a 4★, and 705% for a 3★

Please note that the rarity of a genome may not be accurate to how rare it is in the demon gacha. For example:

  • Wild Instinct is rated as a 5★, but in the demon gacha it's available to transfer from some 4★ demons.
  • Concentrate is rated as a 3★, but in the demon gacha it's only available to transfer from 5★ gacha-exclusive demons.

5★ Genomes

  • 2% chance for a 5★.
  • 65 skills total, meaning approx 0.030% rate for each skill (rounded down)
Type Name
Phys Phys God's Hand
Phys Phys Gigantomachia
Phys Phys Myriad Arrows
Fire Fire Trisagion
Fire Fire Maragidyne
Ice Ice Ice Age
Ice Ice Mabufudyne
Elec Elec Thunder Reign
Elec Elec Maziodyne
Force Force Killing Wind
Force Force Mazandyne
Light Light Thunderclap
Light Light Mahamadyne
Dark Dark Hell Gaze
Dark Dark Mamudodyne
Almighty Almighty Megidolaon
Almighty Almighty Judgement
Almighty Almighty Necro Dogma
Almighty Almighty Foresight
Almighty Almighty Demon Birth Cry
Almighty Almighty Sea of Chaos
Almighty Almighty Rattle
Multi.png Support Mediarahan
Multi.png Support Salvation
Multi.png Support Silent Prayer
Multi.png Support Luster Candy
Multi.png Support Debilitate
Multi.png Support Offensive Cry
Multi.png Support Defensive Cry
Multi.png Support Agile Cry
Passive Passive Null Phys
Passive Passive Null Fire
Passive Passive Null Ice
Passive Passive Null Elec
Passive Passive Null Force
Passive Passive Null Light
Passive Passive Null Dark
Passive Passive Phys Pierce (weak)
Passive Passive Fire Pierce (weak)
Passive Passive Ice Pierce (weak)
Passive Passive Elec Pierce (weak)
Passive Passive Force Pierce (weak)
Passive Passive Light Pierce (weak)
Passive Passive Dark Pierce (weak)
Passive Passive Phys Amp
Passive Passive Fire Amp
Passive Passive Ice Amp
Passive Passive Elec Amp
Passive Passive Force Amp
Passive Passive Light Amp
Passive Passive Dark Amp
Passive Passive Recovery Amp
Passive Passive Master Assassin
Passive Passive Butcher
Passive Passive Great Aim
Passive Passive Evade
Passive Passive Insanity
Passive Passive Infernal Mask
Passive Passive Epic Recovery
Passive Passive Savage Glee
Passive Passive Wild Instinct
Passive Passive Life Surge
Passive Passive Mana Surge
Passive Passive Death Counter
Passive Passive Mana Aid

4★ Genomes

  • 28% chance for a 4★.
  • 81 skills total, meaning approx 0.345% rate for each skill (rounded down)
Type Name
Phys Phys Megaton Raid
Phys Phys Vorpal Blade
Phys Phys Mortal Jihad
Phys Phys Titanomachia
Phys Phys Nihil Claw
Phys Phys Tempest Slash
Phys Phys Binge Eating
Phys Phys Bleeder
Fire Fire Agidyne
Fire Fire Maragion
Fire Fire Hellfire
Ice Ice Bufudyne
Ice Ice Mabufula
Ice Ice Glacial Blast
Elec Elec Ziodyne
Elec Elec Mazionga
Elec Elec Bolt Storm
Force Force Zandyne
Force Force Mazanma
Force Force Twister
Light Light Hamadyne
Light Light Mahamaon
Light Light Holy Wrath
Dark Dark Mudodyne
Dark Dark Mamudoon
Dark Dark Purgatory
Almighty Almighty Megidola
Almighty Almighty Deathtouch
Almighty Almighty Soul Drain
Almighty Almighty Mind Blast
Multi.png Support Mahapoismaon
Multi.png Support Mahashibabooon
Multi.png Support Mahamarin Karinon
Multi.png Support Mahamakajamaon
Multi.png Support Mahajuon
Multi.png Support Madezoreton
Multi.png Support Diarahan
Multi.png Support Mediarama
Multi.png Support Prayer
Multi.png Support Samrecarm
Multi.png Support Recarmdra
Multi.png Support War Cry
Multi.png Support Acid Breath
Multi.png Support Fog Breath
Multi.png Support Taunt
Multi.png Support War Dance
Multi.png Support Nocturne
Multi.png Support Blood Rush
Passive Passive Resist Phys
Passive Passive Resist Fire
Passive Passive Resist Ice
Passive Passive Resist Elec
Passive Passive Resist Force
Passive Passive Resist Light
Passive Passive Resist Dark
Passive Passive Null Poison
Passive Passive Null Bind
Passive Passive Null Charm
Passive Passive Null Mute
Passive Passive Null Curse
Passive Passive Null Weak
Passive Passive Phys Boost
Passive Passive Fire Boost
Passive Passive Ice Boost
Passive Passive Elec Boost
Passive Passive Force Boost
Passive Passive Light Boost
Passive Passive Dark Boost
Passive Passive Recovery Boost
Passive Passive Strength Amp III
Passive Passive Magic Amp III
Passive Passive Vitality Amp III
Passive Passive Agility Amp III
Passive Passive Luck Amp III
Passive Passive Life Gain
Passive Passive Mana Gain
Passive Passive Retaliate
Passive Passive Enduring Soul
Passive Passive Life Aid
Passive Passive Speedster
Passive Passive Merciless Blow

3★ Genomes

  • 70% chance for a 3★.
  • 97 skills total, meaning approx 0.721% rate for each skill (rounded down)
Type Name
Phys Phys Berserker God
Phys Phys Hades Blast
Phys Phys Oni-Kagura
Phys Phys Megaton Press
Phys Phys Madness Nails
Phys Phys Toxic Sting
Phys Phys Binding Claw
Phys Phys Dark Sword
Phys Phys Sweet Bite
Phys Phys Eat Whole
Phys Phys Power Hit
Fire Fire Agilao
Fire Fire Maragi
Fire Fire Fire Breath
Ice Ice Bufula
Ice Ice Mabufu
Ice Ice Ice Breath
Elec Elec Zionga
Elec Elec Mazio
Elec Elec Shock
Force Force Zanma
Force Force Mazan
Force Force Wind Breath
Light Light Hamaon
Light Light Mahama
Light Light Judgement Light
Dark Dark Mudoon
Dark Dark Mamudo
Dark Dark Evil Gaze
Almighty Almighty Megido
Almighty Almighty Life Drain
Almighty Almighty Spirit Drain
Almighty Almighty Energy Drain
Almighty Almighty Mind Break
Multi.png Support Poismaon
Multi.png Support Mahapoisma
Multi.png Support Toxic Cloud
Multi.png Support Shibabooon
Multi.png Support Mahashibaboo
Multi.png Support Binding Cry
Multi.png Support Marin Karion
Multi.png Support Mahamarin Karin
Multi.png Support Sexy Dance
Multi.png Support Makajamaon
Multi.png Support Mahamakajam
Multi.png Support White Noise
Multi.png Support Juon
Multi.png Support Mahaju
Multi.png Support Vengeance
Multi.png Support Dezoreton
Multi.png Support Madezoreto
Multi.png Support Outbreak
Multi.png Support Diarama
Multi.png Support Mediara
Multi.png Support Recarm
Multi.png Support Tarukaja
Multi.png Support Rakukaja
Multi.png Support Sukukaja
Multi.png Support Tarunda
Multi.png Support Rakunda
Multi.png Support Sukunda
Multi.png Support Dekaja
Multi.png Support Dekunda
Multi.png Support Tetraja
Multi.png Support Tetrakarn
Multi.png Support Makarakarn
Multi.png Support Charge
Multi.png Support Concentrate
Multi.png Support Rebellion
Multi.png Support Discord
Multi.png Support Barrier
Multi.png Support Lydia
Passive Passive Assassin
Passive Passive Serial Killer
Passive Passive Deadly Poison
Passive Passive Deadly Bondage
Passive Passive Deadly Charm
Passive Passive Deadly Mute
Passive Passive Berserker
Passive Passive Strength Amp II
Passive Passive Magic Amp II
Passive Passive Vitality Amp II
Passive Passive Agility Amp II
Passive Passive Luck Amp II
Passive Passive Good Aim
Passive Passive Dodge
Passive Passive Madness
Passive Passive Hellish Mask
Passive Passive Fast Recovery
Passive Passive Bloody Glee
Passive Passive Wild Guess
Passive Passive Life Bonus
Passive Passive Mana Bonus
Passive Passive Counter
Passive Passive Endure
Passive Passive Back Attack
Passive Passive Dmg Panel V II
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