Brands of Sin: Avarice

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Brands of Sin


Brand of Avarice

Yatagarasu (Stage 1~5)

Flauros (Stage 6~9)

Shiva (Stage 10-12)

Wave 1



Resistances Phys.png Fire.png Ice.png Elec.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Seth - Wk - Nu Nu - Dr
Battle Speed <19,000

Wave 2



Resistances Phys.png Fire.png Ice.png Elec.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Shiva Rs Dr Wk Dr - - -
Battle Speed <19,000

Auto Party

There are two possible strategies, either deal massive damage to kill Seth and Shiva T1, or send in tanky Demons, with good Brands, and a powerful healer to keep the fight going.

Suggestions for resistant Teams:

  • Select Dx2 Eileen to randomly get free Turns when passing.
  • Careful when choosing Support Demons. Check if they are Evasive enough and don't have Phys or Force Weaknesses.
  • P3 Erlkonig to passively heal all Party Members every turn.
  • Evasive Demons to make Seth and Shiva miss and waste turns.
  • Masakado A helps with his Kuyo Flash, as it increases EV of the whole Team and reduces AC of all enemies, increasing the chances of them missing. Also, Seth has Debilitate replace by Null Mortal, so it won't be able to debuff the Team.
  • Avarice: Fire & Ice reduces all damage by 80%, except from Ice and Fire. Because Shiva drains Fire, but is weak to Ice, send in Demons with strong Ice Skills to hit on his Weakness and get extra turns.