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Melchizedek.jpg Elemental Resistances














Resist - - - Weak Drain -
Rarity Race Grade AI
5★ Herald 80 Attack
6★ Stats
HP 1263 (43/374) Vitality 190 (43/374)
Strength 200 (58/374) Agility 111 (301/374)
Magic 88 (321/374) Luck 169 (58/374)
PATK 750 PDEF 639
MATK 514 MDEF 583
Innate Skills
Passive.png Epitome of Interception Passive +15% to Phys hit rate, +20% to max HP.
Passive.png Strength Blessing Passive Grants Phys Pierce.

+30% to Max HP. +30% to hit rate.
When the one with this skill's HP is at 50% or below, damage received will be reduced by 60%, and damage dealt will increase by 50%.
Activates the following Chain Effect when a party member (including the one with this skill) dies:
Revives a single fallen party member at random with 49% HP, and adds a Bulwark (1 turn) with an HP value equal to 85% of their Max HP.

*This effect will only activate once per battle, and will not activate if the entire party is wiped out.
Almighty.png Mighty Blow 6 MP Inflicts Almighty (Physical) damage to a single enemy (Power: 150) with a 50% critical hit rate.

Activates the following Chain Effect if the attack is successful:
Inflicts Almighty (Physical) damage 10 times (Power: 20) with 50% crit rate on random enemies.
*Attacks made using this skill nullify the activation of all counter skills.
Lv2:+5% to damage dealt using this skill.
Lv3:+10% to damage dealt using this skill.
Lv4:+15% to damage dealt using this skill.
Lv5:+20% to damage dealt using this skill.

Lv6:+20% to damage dealt using this skill. + MP cost of this skill -1.
Gacha: -
Awaken: Phys.png Gigantomachia 8 MP Inflicts Phys (Physical) damage with 160 power on All Enemies.
Gacha: Passive.png Epitome of Fortitude Passive +20% to max HP, -50% to Critical hit rate of damage received.
Awaken: Passive.png Lunar Prosperity Passive Activates the following Chain Effect at the beginning of a battle if the enemy attacks first:
Increases own party's DEF and EV/AC by 20%. (1 turn)
Gacha: Passive.png Faithful Counter Passive The following effect will activate when receiving a Phys Attack: 100% chance to counter dealing Phys (Physical) damage. Power: 100
Awaken: Passive.png Almighty Amp Passive +25% to Almighty damage.
Gacha: Passive.png Epitome of Endurance Passive -25% to this demon's affect on Battle Speed. +20% to max HP.
Awaken: Passive.png Null Force Passive Adds Force Null.
Gacha: Passive.png Almighty Slowda Passive +15% to Almighty damage. -20% to own affect on Battle Speed.
Spirit Merge Panel Upgrades
Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3
Panel Completion Bonus +20% to Phys Hit Rate. +20% to Max HP. Activates the following Chain Effect when a party member (including the one with this skill) revives: Adds a Bulwark with an HP equivalent to 15% of Max HP to all party members. (1 turn) +20% to Almighty damage. +20% to Max HP.
Panel Step Stat Bonus HP: +250(MAX) Phys ATK: +100(MAX) HP: +250(MAX)


  • Banner s.png Only available from a banner specific event.
  • Gacha s.png Available from the gacha.

Melchizedek/Sword Melchizedek/Shield

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Role Summary

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP Democalypse
PVE PVP Offense Defense Prelim Boss
Melchizedek.jpg Melchizedek
Purple Teal Purple Yellow 3 3 3 1 1
  • Gains 60% damage reduction and a 50% damage boost when below half HP, applying offensive and defensive pressure if the opponent can't 1-shot him. Combined with Demeter he's near immortal at low HP.
  • Super tanky with high VIT and 70% HP boost from skills and panels.
  • Low AGI but 50% accuracy boost from skills and panels means he can fit well into slow teams, while still being able to hit decently often.
  • Automatically revives a random teammate when one dies (once per battle), and gives them a massive Bulwark. If panel 2, it's raised to a full Bulwark, and also gives smaller Bulwarks to the rest of the team. This can add considerable bulk to your #1 threat, which is presumably who the enemy will try to kill first. This effect can also revive Melchi himself if he dies, so attacking him first doesn't solve the issue.
  • Mighty Blow deals Almighty Physical ST damage with a 50% crit rate and counter-ignoring, followed by a 10-hits random-target attack with the same traits. This combined with his high LUK means he should crit often, and the many hits of the chain effect could break endures. Repel Almighty Physical is also quite rare, and even if it did show up, the multiple small hits will just break it with little penalty - so he usually won't be blocked out of dealing damage with this skill.
  • Weak to Force unless Teal.
  • Lacks Null Mortal, potentially making his high bulk irrelevant.
  • If the enemy takes out 2 or 3 allies in one skill cast, they likely took out your #1 threat and whoever was next to them. The random targeting of Melchi's revive might revive the less-threatening one.
  • Can't cast Bulwarks until somebody dies first, and can't re-cast Bulwarks after the ones from the chain effect wear off.
  • Shut down by Revive Ban - not only can he not revive anyone, he can't Bulwark anyone either.
  • Mighty Blow's random-targeting chain effect can be inconsistent if most of the enemies are still alive. It also has problems against Demeter teams, where hitting an enemy other than Demeter means she'll re-Bulwark her whole team.
  • The damage boosters in his kit only apply to Almighty, so Red's Gigantomachia only gets the accuracy boosts.

PvE Builds

PvP Builds