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Mahakala.jpg Elemental Resistances














- Drain - Resist - - Null
Rarity Race Grade AI
5★ Tenma 92 Attack
6★ Stats
HP 1187 (47/293) Vitality 174 (46/293)
Strength 109 (187/293) Agility 148 (116/293)
Magic 218 (8/293) Luck 151 (115/293)
PATK 558 PDEF 575
MATK 787 MDEF 630
Innate Skills
Passive.png Fire Amp Passive +25% to Fire damage.
Passive.png The Great Darkness Passive Adds Fire Pierce. Activates the following Chain Effect at the beginning of every third turn. Inflicts Fire (Magic) damage 5 times (Power: 40) on random enemies. Enters into a state of Concentrate, increasing next Mag attack damage by 125% if the attack is successful.
Fire.png Wrathful Flame 6 MP Inflicts Fire(Magic) damage 3 times on a single enemy. Reduce DEF of all enemies by 20% if the attack is successful. (3 turns) Power: 65
Gacha: -
Awaken: Fire.png Maragidyne 7 MP Inflicts Fire (Magic) damage with 120 power on All Enemies.
Gacha: Passive.png Butcher Passive +20% damage to skills that target all or random enemies.
Awaken: Support.png Concentrate 6 MP Self enters a state of Concentrate. Increases the next Mag attack damage by 125%.
Gacha: Passive.png Fire Enhancement Passive +15% to Fire damage. +10% damage when attacking the enemy's weak point.
Awaken: Passive.png Merciless Blow Passive +20% damage when attacking the enemy's weak point.
Gacha: Passive.png Null Charm Passive Adds Null Charm.
Awaken: Passive.png Drain Dark Passive Adds Dark Drain.
Gacha: Passive.png Master Assassin Passive +20% to single-target attack skill damage.
Spirit Merge Panel Upgrades
Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3
Panel Completion Bonus +15% to Fire damage. -50% to Fire damage received. Activates the following Chain Effect after Wrathful Flame is activated:
Increases own party's ATK/DEF by 20%. (3 turns)
Panel Step Stat Bonus HP +25 (MAX +250) Mag ATK +10 (MAX +100) HP +25 (MAX +250)


Used In Fusions

  • Only available from a banner specific event.
  • Available as a gacha.

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Role Summary

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP
PVE PVP Offense Defense
Mahakala.jpg Mahakala
ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 8 8 7
  • High Magic stats and innate Concentrate + Pierce from The Great Darkness make him a very powerful ST Nuker.
  • Wrathful Flame reduces defense, allowing your teammates to hit harder. It can also be cast on turn 1 PVP with spell brands if maxed.
  • Very effective in Democalypse boss rounds as buffs/debuffs are difficult to come by.
  • Goes through Endure as Wrathful Flame counts as three separate hits.
  • Lack of MP recovery means he cannot effectively spam Wrathful Flame in PVP.
  • Combination of ST and AOE in his kit, coupled with innate Fire Amp makes it difficult to further boost damage.
  • If Mahakala is not alive at the beginning of the turn The Great Darkness won't increase the turn count until Mahakala is revived and survives until the start of the following turn.

PvE Builds

PvP Builds

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Official Profile

Indian god who repels evil, known as Daikokuten in Buddhism. His many swords are fearsome, but by paying tribute, the devout may be blessed with tremendous wealth and happiness. There are beliefs that Mahakala is actually just another name for Shiva the destroyer, or that he is the form Shiva takes when enraged.