Ose Hallel

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Ose Hallel.jpg Elemental Resistances














- - - - - Repel Null
Rarity Race Grade AI
5★ Seraph 90 Attack
6★ Stats
HP 1122 (111/365) Vitality 160 (111/365)
Strength 205 (42/365) Agility 169 (52/365)
Magic 90 (305/365) Luck 160 (92/365)
PATK 760 PDEF 608
MATK 519 MDEF 551
Innate Skills
Passive.png Enduring Soul + Passive Heals 500 HP upon receiving the first killing blow.
Passive.png Sword of Hallel Passive Adds Phys Pierce.

Activates the Chain Effect Enters a state of Might. at the beginning of own turn and gains 1 Boost level.
Boost Level 1: +20% to Phys hit rate.
Boost Level 2: +20% to Phys damage.
Boost Level 3: Activates the Chain Effect Reduces ATK, DEF and EV/AC of all enemies by 20%. (1 turn) at the beginning of own turn.

*Chain Effect activation is dependent on Boost level before start of own turn.
Phys.png Heavenly Sword 6 MP Inflicts Phys (Physical) damage (Power: 125) on a single enemy.

*Damage from this skill ignores all death prevention skills.

*Enters a state of Might and Charge, and gains 1 Boost level for Sword of Hallel if the attack is successful.
Gacha: -
Awaken: Phys.png Hades Blast 6 MP Inflicts Phys (Physical) damage with 120 power on All Enemies.
Gacha: Passive.png Death Blow Passive +20% to critical hit damage.
Awaken: Recovery.png Recarmdra 8 MP Revive All Party Members with full HP, caster dies. (1 use)
Gacha: Passive.png Auto-Sukunda Passive Casts Sukunda at the beginning of the 1st turn.
Awaken: Passive.png Phys Amp Passive +25% to Phys damage.
Gacha: Passive.png Great Aim Passive +20% to Phys hit rate.
Awaken: Passive.png Repel Phys Passive Adds Phys Repel.
Gacha: Passive.png Death Counter Passive When receiving a Phys Attack, 50% chance to counter dealing Phys damage with 150 power.
Spirit Merge Panel Upgrades
Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3
Panel Completion Bonus +20% to Phys hit rate. +20% to max HP. Reduces the cost of Heavenly Sword by 1MP. +20% to Phys damage. +20% to max HP.
Panel Step Stat Bonus HP: +250(MAX) Phys ATK: +100(MAX) HP: +250(MAX)


Used In Fusions
Link to Fusion Calculator

  • Only available from a banner specific event.
  • Available as a gacha.

Ose Hallel/Sword Ose Hallel/Shield

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Role Summary

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP Democalypse
PVE PVP Offense Defense Prelim Boss
Ose Hallel.jpg Ose Hallel
Red Purple Purple Red Teal 4 3 3 4 5
  • Heavenly Sword puts him in a state of Charge and Rebellion after a single cast. This allows him to deal OBSCENE damage by spamming it over and over, especially if you have P2 unlocked for the MP reduction. It also bypasses Endures as a bonus.
  • Sword of Hallel gains boost levels as the fight drags on. At max level, it autocasts Debilitate at the start of turn, which is incredibly valuable for Phys Democalypse Boss Phase.
  • Can reliably crit for Press Turns thanks to Heavenly Sword constantly putting him in a state of Rebellion.
  • Phys Amp in Purple greatly increases his damage output. Teal can be used for Repel Phys if you plan to combo him with Repel Pierce units such as Atavaka.
  • Red gives him access to discounted Hades Blast, which is extremely powerful when combined with the Charge effect from Heavenly Sword. As a bonus, this also evokes memories of simpler times, where Charge + Hades Blast Teal Ose was all the rage in PvP.
Notes -

PvE Builds


  • Red: Discounted Phys AOE in the form of Hades Blast (Shoutouts to Teal Ose during launch).
  • Purple: Phys Amp for a high damage boost, plus saves on a skill transfer
  • Teal: Repel Phys to be paired with Alilat/Atavaka or Demiurge to cheese certain boss fights.

Skill Transfers

Damage boosters to allow OseH to dish out ungodly levels of damage. Accuracy Boosters if facing fast/dodgy bosses.

Damage Boosters:

  • Master Assassin: Boosts ST damage for Heavenly Sword.
  • Death Blow: Takes advantage of OseH's constant Rebellion to make it a guaranteed damage modifier.
  • Sadistic Blow: Takes advantage of OseH's constant Rebellion to make it a guaranteed damage modifier, plus if hitting a weakness, there is an additional 10% boost making it 25%. However it is hard to obtain, as it is only available via Red ThorA and Yellow Ardha as Gacha.
  • Phys Boost/Assassin: Early game/budget option.

Accuracy Boosters:

  • Great Aim: The highest accuracy modifier.
  • Epitome of Aggression: Accuracy boost + ailment resistance.
  • Good Aim: Early game/budget option.

Other/Misc. Skills:

  • Speedster: Boosts team speed if needed.
  • Enduring Soul/Endure: Allows him to stack endures to survive as long as possible in order to actiavte Sword of Hallel as often as possible.


  • Stat priorities: Phys ATK%
  • War: Boosts his damage.
  • Aim: Boosts his accuracy.
  • Destruct: Adds on even more damage.
  • Speed: Boosts team speed if needed.


  1. STR (20): Boosts damage output.
  2. AGI (20): Boosts team speed and his accuracy.
  3. LUK (10): Increases his chances of landing hits.


Boss Fight MVP
ArchPurple.png Transferred Skills Notes:

Sword of Hallel is a stacked passive that constantly gives OseH rebellion to crit plus casts fast debilitate (1 turn) on max boost level. Heavenly Sword when casted gives Rebellion + Charge, making the next hit, deal tons of damage, especially when Templar Dragon is used to boost Charge damage by 50%. This allows OseH to be a premier boss killing demon.

Master Assassin Death Blow
Infused Mitama
St 20 Ag 20 Lu 10
War + Speed/Aim with Phys ATK%
Target Stats

PvP Builds

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Official Profile

Ose, who was once one of the Fallen, with his angelic powers restored by God. He is ranked as one of the Seraph, a type of angel placed as the rankest in the nine ranks of the angel hierarchy by Pseudo-Dyonisus the Areopagite. The fallen angel Ose is said to have the ability to make people believe that they are the king or pope, but only for one hour a day. One theory is that Ose is the corrupted form of Odin after being incorporated into Christianity.