War Cry

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Type Description
Support.png War Cry | Demons | MP: 6 | Skill Points: 8 | Target: All Enemies

Reduces ATK and DEF of All Enemies by 20% for 3 turns.

Lv2: +5% chance of 1 MP recovery.
Lv3: +10% chance of 1 MP recovery.
Lv4: +15% chance of 1 MP recovery.

Lv5: +25% chance of 1 MP recovery.
Demons to transfer skill from
Default / Gacha Archetype Demon
ArchClear.png Orcus
ArchRed.png Throne
ArchYellow.png Hell Biker
ArchPurple.png Persephone
Demons with skill
Awakened Archetype Demon

Innate Skills

Anzu, Cerberus
ArchClear.png Kamiotoko
ArchYellow.png Ammut, Chatterskull, Chimera, Fafnir, Hresvelgr, Kali, Mozgus, Susano-o A