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Written by Reika


Repel Teams are built around the Repel Pierce passive, available to both Alilat and Atavaka. The team typically runs demons with high Repel resistances, and is sometimes combined with other archetypes like Intimidating Stance Teams.


  • Repel Pierce passive prevents Piercing skills from working on Repel resistances.
    • Pierce is very widespread in PVP, especially Physical Pierce.
    • Running Repel Pierce prevents your team being swept by AOE Phys Sweepers. This forces them to either attack anyway and lose Press Turns, or be forced into a different action such as passing. Both work to your advantage.

Pros and Cons


  • Low cost of entry: The team can be built with fuseables
  • Flexible team composition, depending on the elements you want to counter.
  • As the minimum requirement is having Repel Pierce plus one other Repel demon, you can form Hybrid teams by combining with other archetypes such as Intimidating Stance Teams.
  • Not too reliant on battle speed, allows you to ignore the speed war.


  • Not as powerful as the other Anti-Pierce strategy, Drain Teams.
  • Does nothing against Almighty damage
  • Not as much variety as Drain Teams. Good Repel units are Banner exclusive.


Now lets go in-depth as to how to build this Team.

Core Demons

Two demons carry the coveted Repel Pierce skill.


Alilat.jpg Alilat

  • The first demon to feature Anti-Pierce, and the only one fuseable.
  • Alilat is a flexible support unit. She has no weaknesses, good bulk and a high LUK stat, allowing her to play a myriad of roles.
  • Repel Pierce passive prevents Piercing skills from working on Repel resistances. Keeping her alive is vital, as you want Repel Pierce to remain active for as long as possible.
  • She is very cheap to fuse, costing about 1m Mag total. This makes her the easiest 5-star demon to Panel.
    • Her Panels greatly increase her survivability, providing her Ailment Resistance, Elemental Resist and additional HP.

Skills and Brands


Atavaka.jpg Atavaka

  • War Aid increases his accuracy and provides a Repel Pierce effect.
  • Has Intimidating Stance in purple, and is the only Anti-Pierce demon with the skill.
    • High STR, decent HP with low AGI makes him the perfect Stance demon.
  • His unique active Enemy Annihilation fully debuffs the enemy before firing off a powerful Piercing AOE Physical attack.
  • This combination of abilities make him a highly flexible unit.

Skills and Brands:

  • Phys Amp is a good option to boost his damage.
  • Auto skills allow him to further support his team.
  • Epitome of Fortitude increases his HP and provides Critical Resistance.
  • Wild Instinct provides him even more Critical Resistance, consider this if you constantly face Crit-pass teams like Hero Masakado T1.
  • As Enemy Annihilation has a high MP cost, most players choose to run Divine Brands. Life brands can also be used to increase his HP. Aim brands are the recommended sub-set.

Repel Phys Demons

Due to widespread Phys Pierce in PVP, demons with Repel Phys are popular with this strat. It is recommended you run at least one Repel Phys demon to avoid getting sweeped by Phys Pierce.


Gogmagog.jpg Gogmagog

  • Gogmagog gains Repel Phys in Teal and is typically run as a support due to his excellent Panels.
  • His panels provide the entire team Physical reduction (-15%, cannot be pierced) and Crit Resistance (30%), useful against Hero Masakado T1 Teams.
    • He is also an easy demon to fuse, making P3 a reasonable goal to strive toward.
  • He has incredibly high HP and VIT stats, and his unique passive Final Opposition heals him whenever his weakness is hit.
    • His three weaknesses make him an ideal partner for Orcus to give your team massive AOE reduction.
  • While he can be run as an attacker due to innate Earthquake, low AGI (accuracy) and lack of Pierce hinder his sweeping potential.

Skills and Brands:

  • His huge bulk and Repel Phys means he is usually left for last, making him a suitable Recarmdra carrier.
  • Auto skills allow him to further support his team.
  • Epitome of Fortitude increases his HP and provides Critical Resistance.
  • Wild Instinct provides him even more Critical Resistance, consider this if you constantly face Crit-pass teams like Hero Masakado T1.
  • Life Brands are recommended to boost his bulk further. Shield brands can shore up his magic resistance, making him even tankier.


Quetzalcoatl.jpg Quetzalcoatl

  • Typically run as a support unit, Quetzalcoatl gains Repel Phys in Teal.
  • His unique skill Ce Acatls' Return revives all fallen teammates with no drawbacks.
    • The AI is notoriously bad with this skill, and will fire it off the moment a teammate is dead. This makes it easy to bait out on defense.

Skills and Brands:

  • Resist Dark can be used to cover his weakness
  • Endure and Enduring Soul give him extra layers of protection and more chances to cast Ce Acatls' Return.
  • Samarecarm gives him more support options.
  • Auto skills allow him to further support his team.
  • Epitome of Fortitude increases his HP and provides Critical Resistance.
  • Wild Instinct provides him even more Critical Resistance, consider this if you constantly face Crit-pass teams like Hero Masakado T1.
  • Divine Brands are recommended as his skills are rather costly, and his AI is horrible at MP management.


Rangda.jpg Rangda

  • Naturally repels Phys.
  • Has discounted Recarmdra in Yellow.
  • Usually run as a second revive unit, especially if you plan to run triple Phys Repel.

Skills and Brands:

  • Resist Elec can be used to cover her weakness
  • Endure and Enduring Soul give her extra layers of protection and more chances to cast Recarmdra.
  • Auto skills allow her to further support her team.
  • Epitome of Fortitude increases her HP and provides Critical Resistance.
  • Wild Instinct provides her even more Critical Resistance, consider this if you constantly face Crit-pass teams like Hero Masakado T1.
  • Divine Brands are recommended as her skills have high MP costs.


Asura.jpg Asura

  • Has Repel Phys in Teal.
  • His unique skill Ashura has Phys Pierce but costs 8 MP, and hit random targets. As such, he is not recommended for PVP.
  • On the flip side, he is a fantastic PVE unit. Not only does he deal massive damage to bosses rivaling the PVE God Yoshitsune, he also has innate Mana Aid to offset Ashura's high cost.
  • His other unique skill, Three Faces Six Arms redirects all random-targetting skills to him. This is very useful for cheesing several difficult PVE fights when used in a Repel Team, the notable ones being:
    • Brands of Sin Deceit 11 Metatron. Redirected Purgatory and Holy Wrath burns off Metatron's Press Turn, and he protects your team from Metatron's deadly Fire of Sinai.
    • AG2 Hollow World F30 Boss Mara. He will redirect and repel all of Mara's Hell Thrusts, wasting his Press Turns and damaging him.
    • Kiwami Asherah. Not only will he repel her Maragion, he will also redirect and repel Pallas Athena's Myriad Arrows.

Skills and Brands (PVE):

  • Phys Amp and Epitome of Carnage boost his damage.
  • As he has innate Mana Aid to help with mana issues, War Brands are used to increase his damage. Aim brands are the recommended subset, though Guard and Shield can also be used to buff up his bulk.

Other Repel Demons

While not as widespread as Physical, Pierce in other elements are also often employed in PVP. The demons below are common Repel techs to counter those elements.


Vairocana.jpg Vairocana

  • A powerful Mage that excels going second, Vairocana naturally repels Fire and Light and Repels Dark in Teal.
    • This combination in particular counters Archangels, as he is immune to two of their AOE elements.
  • Radiant Mantra wipes out all buffs on the enemy side and debuffs on your side at the start of their turn, essentially negating all their Auto skills.
  • Path of Prominence deals respectable Almighty damage while giving your team full buffs, letting him attack and support at the same time.
  • Purple gives him Butcher to further enhance his damage.
  • As he excels going second, this makes him a good partner for Atavaka, who is naturally slow and has Intimidating Stance.

Asura Lord

Asura Lord.jpg Asura Lord

  • Asura Lord is a single-target Nuker that naturally repels Fire and Light.
    • This combination in particular counters Archangels, as he is immune to two of their AOE elements.
  • His unique aura Endless War buffs the critical rate and damage of all your teammates.
    • This synergizes well with Atavaka running Physical Sweeper builds.
  • Slaughter All is a fully unblockable Single Target attack that deal ridiculous damage, can crit, bypasses Endures and can be casted T1, either through Divine Brands or Panels.
    • It is also of the Almighty-element. This is great versus Drain and Repel Teams, as it lets you freely clap Demons with Drain / Repel Phys.
    • This also makes it hard to boost his damage further, as Almighty does not have dedicated Boosts and Amp skills.
  • On the downside, his AGI is on the high side, making him a less suitable partner if you wish to run Intimidating Stance together.
  • Divine, Life and War brands are all acceptable choices for him. Aim brands are the recommended sub-set.
    • Divine Brands are mandatory if you wish to cast Slaughter All turn 1 without Panels.


Hecate.jpg Hecate

  • A powerful Dark Mage, Hecate repels Dark innately.
  • She is immune to Ailments thanks to Lunar Awakening, which also heals her every turn. By transferring Prayer or Silent Prayer, she can act as an effective Cleric.
    • She is the only Cleric that is immune to Alice, a popular Anti-Cleric demon.
  • Hell's Trivia is a cheap, hard-hitting spell that also functions as an Endure breaker. Purple gains access to Dark Enhancement, further increasing her damage and allowing her to murder demons weak to Dark like Asherah and Quetzalcoatl A.
  • Life brands are the recommended set to increase her bulk.


Mot.jpg Mot

  • Mot is a bulky Mage who thrives in extended fights, and naturally repels Force and Dark.
  • His unique Harmonious Death gives him an extra Press Turn and damage boost every second turn (stacks up to three times for 60% increase).
  • He has two powerful AOEs, Megidolaon for every day use and Mamudodyne to hit Archangels for Weakness.
  • He has three colors can be used depending on preference:
    • Red gives him access to discounted Deathtouch, providing him extra sustain. This is especially potent with Panel 1 unlocked as it will reduce its cost to a meager 4MP.
    • Yellow has discounted Judgement, letting you deal damage while providing Tarukaja. Panel 1 helps to reduce the skill cost.
    • Purple's Life Surge makes him tankier.
  • Life Brands are usually used to make him even tankier, though Divine can be used if you constantly run into MP issues. Shield or Guard brands are the recommended sub-set for increased bulk.


Mastema.jpg Mastema

  • A powerful Light Mage, Mastema repels Force and Light innately. He also gains Repel Ice in Teal, though this color is not recommended.
  • Trial of Hate is a hard-hitting skill that can be cast T1 with Divine Brands, and applies a random debuff.
  • Purple gains access to Light Amp, further increasing his sweeping potential.


Uriel.jpg Uriel

Gabriel.jpg Gabriel

Raphael.jpg Raphael

  • The Archangels repel Light and their own respective element.
  • When paired with Repel Pierce, they can act as an effective counter to Archangel teams, as the reflected skills will still pierce!
    • Triple reflected God's Word will likely kill Gabriel right off the bat, and mess with Uriel - Sunrise and lose turns, or auto-attack and get wiped the next turn?


Alice.jpg Alice

  • Innately repels Dark, gains Repel Light in Teal.
  • Running her in a Repel Team prevents her from being sniped by other Alice.

Finalized Team

To recap, your finalized team should contain Alilat or Atavaka and Repel demons of your choice:

High-end Repel Team

ArchPurple.png Atavaka.jpg Atavaka
Enduring Soul
Divine, Aim
ArchPurple.png Vairocana.jpg Vairocana
ArchPurple.png Guan Yu.jpg Guan Yu
Phys Amp
Epitome of Carnage
Life, Aim
ArchTeal.png Gogmagog.jpg Gogmagog
Life, Aim

This team repels Fire, Light and Phys, preventing your team from being swept by those elements. Atavaka and Vairocana provide your team buff control, while also supporting the team with Auto skills. Guan Yu is your main sweeper while Gogmagog is your Recarmdra carrier + Aura support.

Non-gacha Repel Team

ArchClear.png Alilat.jpg Alilat
War Cry
Life, Dodge
ArchTeal.png Quetzalcoatl.jpg Quetzalcoatl
ArchClear.png Metatron.jpg Metatron
ArchTeal.png Gogmagog.jpg Gogmagog

This team aims to sweep with Metatron, while being immune to Physical sweeping. The team is packed with defensive skills such as War Cry and revival skills like Ce Acatls' Return and Samarecarm to keep Metatron going as long as possible. Gogmagog provides a second source of Repel Phys, supports the team through Panels and can Recarmdra in a pinch.

Checks and Counters

Repel Teams have very flexible builds, as such they can be difficult to fully counter. Some players even choose to tech non-Repel demons in their team that function as counter-counters.


Shiva A.jpg Shiva A

Asura Lord.jpg Asura Lord

Mother Harlot.jpg Mother Harlot

Almighty is the only element that cannot be repelled. With Almighty, you can ignore Repel Pierce and go straight for the main damage demons, completely countering the concept of Drain teams.


Indrajit.jpg Indrajit

Asura Lord.jpg Asura Lord

Mahakala.jpg Mahakala

In a similar vein, powerful single target attackers can soft-counter Repel Teams by targeting elements they are not immune to. Indrajit is a very notable check, as none of the Repel Sweepers Drain Elec and his Five Elements upon kill allows him to wall Vairocana indefinitely. Some players try to get around this by running double Defensive Autos and Life brands on all of their demons, greatly reducing the odds of being sniped.


Alice.jpg Alice

Masakado.jpg Masakado

Taking out Alilat / Atavaka instantly makes the rest of the team vulnerable to Pierce. Alice is the best candidate for this as she ignores Endures and Evasion. Some teams tech Yama and Masakado A to protect themselves against Mortal, take note when you see these demons.

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