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*June 2020: [[Kiwami/Lilith|Lilith]]
*June 2020: [[Kiwami/Lilith|Lilith]]
*July 2020: [[Kiwami/Vishnu|Vishnu]]
*July 2020: [[Kiwami/Vishnu|Vishnu]]
*August 2020: [[Kiwami/Black_Rider|Black Rider]]

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Demon Buster - Kiwami is end game content that disallows the usage of items, friends, and gems to revive.

The bosses are essentially "super bosses" that will test your teams power.

They consist of two waves - one normal wave and the Boss wave.

In the month that they are released, defeating them grants 2 Million Macca.

Afterwards you get one Stamina Potion once when you defeat them.

List of Kiwamis