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Vishnu (July 2020)


  • Vishnu reps almost 25k HP, has 50% evasion, true light pierce for Thunderclap, and ice pierce [weak] for Ice Age. Vishnu also takes 50% less damage from his fire weakness.
  • Upon receiving the first killing blow, Vishnu heals 20k HP, so using demons with skills that nullifies death prevention skills, like Guts, Asura Lord, Susano-o A, and Skull Knight can make your way life easier.
  • Killing Kama would be a wise decision due to him healing everyone and applying Luster Candy every turn.


Wave 1:

Ammut Ippon-Datara

Kiwami-vishnu-ammut.jpg Kiwami-vishnu-ippon.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Ammut - - Wk Nu - - -
Ippon-Datara - Rs - - - Wk -
Battle Speed 14450

Wave 2:

Kama Vishnu Ose

Kiwami-vishnu-kama.jpg Kiwami-vishnu.jpg Kiwami-vishnu-ose.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Kama Rs Wk - - - Rs -
Vishnu - Wk Dr - - Nu Nu
Ose - Nu - - - - Rs
Battle Speed 20733

Kiwami-vishnu-divinebow.jpg Kiwami-vishnu-avatarplus.jpg Kiwami-vishnu-firereduction.jpg Kiwami-vishnu-ziodyne.jpg


Teams proven to work


Heal DPS Heal Buff Control
ArchTeal.png Barong.jpg Barong ArchPurple.png Susano-o A.jpg Susano-o A ArchRed.png Lakshmi A.jpg Lakshmi A ArchPurple.png Vairocana.jpg Vairocana
Samarecarm Phys Amp Samarecarm Samarecarm
Phys Boost
  • Seiran is the preferred Dx2 as she will provide random healing and increase healing effectiveness.
  • Lakshmi A is the cornerstone of this fight, setting up Five Elements while also providing heals and MP to the whole party. Kama is completely walled by Five Elements and will resort to auto-attacking.
  • Barong is actually a very strong healer now after the recent buffs. When combined with Lakshmi A, he can heal, setup full buffs and also restore MP to the team.
  • Susano-o A has strong piercing Physical DPS which also goes through Vishnu's Avatar, rendering the main gimmick of this Kiwami useless.
  • Vairocana purges off Kama's Fast Luster every turn, letting you easily survive.
  • Build up Boost levels for Susano-o A and Lakshmi A in the first wave. Five Elements will carry over if it is active when you clear the wave.
  • Samarecarm as insurance on everyone, since you only have one DPS unit.
  • Kill off Ose first; Kama will revive him so you need to kill him twice in total.
  • Leave Kama alive and go for Vishnu next. With Five Elements up, Kama will waste turns auto-attacking, resulting in Vishnu only getting a single attack per turn (which you can easily outheal).

Zolomon's Tank and Spank

Buff Control Heal Filler DPS
ArchTeal.png Barong.jpg Barong ArchYellow.png Lakshmi A.jpg Lakshmi A ArchTeal.png Guan Yu.jpg Guan Yu ArchRed.png Gogmagog.jpg Gogmagog
Tarunda Charge
Acid Breath Great Aim
  • Rika is the recommended Dx2 due to Healing% up and boosting charge damage.
    • 2.3k - 2.5k HP is necessary on all demons.
  • Lakshmi A should be the main source of healing in this battle.
  • Make sure to build up the boost levels of Lakshmi A and kill the first wave with Five Elements active
  • Barong should use Barong Dance as necessary and don't bother using debuffs until Kama is dead.
  • Gogmagog's Charged Muscle Punch is the main source of damage for this fight.
  • Focus down on Kama first due to his Auto-Luster and Auto-Mediara
  • Leave Ose alive his damage should be negligible especially if Gogmagog is P3.
  • Barong should now use Tarunda and Acid Breath when needed and use Barong Dance as it wears off.
  • Gogmagog should have little trouble hitting Vishnu with Sukukaja/Sukunda.
  • The team doesn't even need Guan Yu, he was just there because he reached 2.5k HP easily so he was just filler. Feel free to switch this slot up just make sure they reach 2.3 - 2.5k HP and aren't weak to Phys/Ice/Elec/Light.
    • Should beat it around 10 minutes even with the fact that I had to deal with an extra 20k HP due to Avatar+/Samrecarm isn't necessary for the team as it simply tanks the damage.

Kanri's Just Kill It 4Head

Repel Almighty DPS DPS/Support Heal
ArchTeal.png Huang Long.jpg Huang Long ArchPurple.png Susano-o A.jpg Susano-o A ArchYellow.png Seth.jpg Seth ArchTeal.png Asherah.jpg Asherah
War Cry Great Aim Phys Boost Samrecarm
Speedster Phys Boost Savage Glee Lydia
  • Asherah has to be P3, Seth should be P3 as well.
  • Kangaroo Boxer is the recommended Dx2 to outspeed the enemy team.
  • Preferred sets of brands are Divine/Speed for Huang Long, War/Aim for Susano-o A, Divine/Aim for Seth and Divine/Heal for Asherah.
  • Push the first phase with Five Elements up so you can War Cry with Huang Long.
  • Use Nocturne with Seth to reduce incoming damage as well.
  • Try to kill Kama as soon as possible so you can switch to sticking Debilitate with Seth.
  • Once Kama is dead focus on Vishnu. Spend Mother Creation to get Susano-o A back up when appropriate.
  • Make sure to kill Vishnu with Violent Slash. After that Ose is not much of a threat.