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  • Gui Xian will use both skills randomly with no set pattern.
  • Kamiotoko priority: Barrier Break > Fog Breath > Paralyzing Bite
  • Hell Thrust+ is a Physical Multi hits with a 50% chance to inflict charm and mute and along with Mad King is an 100% chance to inflict
    • It will not Hell Thrust if Allilat/Repel and Rama/Drain.
    • Dodging Hell thrust will not inflict ailment


Wave 1

Chimera Ammut

Kiwami-mara-chimera.jpg Kiwami-mara-ammut.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Chimera - Rs - Rs Wk - -
Ammut - - Wk Nu - - -
Battle Speed 17550

Wave 2

Kamiotoko Mara Gui Xian

Kiwami-mara-kamiotoko.jpg Kiwami-mara-mara.jpg Kiwami-mara-gui-xian.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Kamiotoko - Nu - - - Wk Rp
Mara - - Wk Dr - Rs Rs
Gui Xian - Wk Nu - - - -
Battle Speed 18433


  • Mara will not cast Hell Thrust if Rama + Drain Phys unit or Alilat + Repel Phys unit is on your team.

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Teams proven to work


Elec Burst Dark Burst Healing + Buffs Dark Burst
ArchPurple.png Garuda.jpg Garuda ArchTeal.png Quetzalcoatl.jpg Quetzalcoatl ArchClear.png Alilat.jpg Alilat ArchClear.png Surt.jpg Surt
Agilao L Agilao L Null Phys Fire Amp
Speedster Bufula L Lydia Endure
  • This is a pretty hard fight.
  • Only Gui Xian has magic attacks. Mara and Kamiotoko only have physical moves in their kit; the idea behind this party is to burst Gui Xian down ASAP and wall the rest with Alilat + Repel, while slowly limping through their health with Bufu spells.
    • Mara will only use Megaton Raid if you have Anti-Pierce in your party.
  • Shionyan as D2 to supplement your MAG.
  • Garuda + Speedster thrusts you swiftly into battle. He also has decent MATK to function as a sub-DPS.
  • Quetz is used for Phys Repel. Focus fire Gui Xian first with Agilao L, and head over to Mara with Bufula L next.
  • Alilat is your anti-Pierce unit. Mara only has Phys Pierce Weak+, Null Phys goes a long way to soften up his attacks. Lydia is OP for attrition battles as it has no usage conditions.
  • Surt gives incredible fire burst damage, letting you blow through Gui Xian quickly. Once Gui Xian falls, you can leave him dead.