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  • A special challenge quest during the The Umbra Witches Event
  • Reward for beating this challenge is 2,000,000 Macca and the title "Certified Witch"
  • Ward brands are useless due to Auto-Barrier Break
  • Jeanne has Null Mortal, so you can't cheese the challenge


Wave 1:

Bayonetta☆ Jeanne☆

UmbraWitchesChallengeBayonetta.jpg UmbraWitchesChallengeJeanne.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Bayonetta☆ - - - - - Rs Rs
Jeanne☆ - - - - - Rs Rs
Battle Speed 21600


  • The worst thing about the challenge are the charm/bind chain effects, so you have mostly two options
    • Nuke down Jeanne on turn one, and hope Bayonetta doesn't charm your team, making you hit and kill yourself, before finishing her off
    • Have an ailment cleanser as starting demon to get rid of charm/bind.
  • Having phys drain demons with Rama, or phys repel demons with Alilat will make your enemies lose turns