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  • The harder of two special challenge quests during the Berserk collaboration event "Black Swordsman From Beyond"
  • Reward for beating this challenge is the exclusive title "Huge Heap of Iron, and Blank Genome × 1


Wave 1:

Schierke Guts Skull Knight

BerserkChallengeSchierke.jpg BerserkChallengeGuts.jpg BerserkChallengeSkullKnight.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Schierke - Rs Rs Rs Rs - -
Guts Rs - - - - - Rs
Skull Knight Nu - - - - Rs Nu
Battle Speed 18700


  • Guts has a high crit chance which means half press turns, and Skull Knight will stop a demon from being able to be revived, so if you can try to nuke them in a single turn or two
  • If you can't do that you can try evasion, Rama phys drain, or Alilat/Atavaka phys repel comps. Orcus comps would also reduce Guts' Dragon Slayer attack and Schierke's magic attacks.
  • Susceptible to ailments

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