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  • Perse tends to use Warcry, then Bufudyne (may cast it on an Ice NDR target)
    • Will use Tag once Bufudyne has been used 3 times (upon further reports it seem that it's random what skill she will cast)
  • Hel will use Ice Age,after using it x3 it will Basic Attack
  • Mot will use Beast Eye on his turn every time!
    • Randomly Cast Megidolaon/Mamudodyne/Tarukaja
      • so HL and Repel/Drain dark with Allilat/Rama is recommend
    • Harminous Death + difference is that it can gain 40% damage to a max up 120%


Wave 1

Ippon-Datara Grendel

Kiwami-mot-ippon-datara.jpg Kiwami-mot-grendel.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Ippon-Datara - Rs - - - Wk -
Grendel Rs - - - Wk - -
Battle Speed 15200

Wave 2

Hel Mot Persephone

Kiwami-mot-hel.jpg Kiwami-mot-mot.jpg Kiwami-mot-persephone.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Hel - Wk Nu - - - Nu
Mot Rs Rs - Wk Rp - Rp
Persephone - - Nu Nu - - Nu
Battle Speed 18766


5E/Debuff Drain/Repel Pierce Repel/Drain Dark Damage
Huang Long.jpg Huang Long Rama.jpg Rama 50px [[]] 50px [[]]
Fog Breath
  • Alilat is fine instead of Rama.
  • Five Elements to reflect Mots Megidolaon
  • Repel/Drain Dark is needed to punish Mot for using Mamudodyne.
  • Damage should preferably be Elec Damage because of Mots Weakness. Indrajit is perfect.

Teams proven to work


5E/Speedster Damage Healer/Repel Dark/Debuffer Damage
ArchPurple.png Huang Long.jpg Huang Long Thor.jpg Thor Alilat.jpg Alilat Izanami.jpg Izanami
Samrecarm Enduring Soul War Cry Zionga L
Enduring Soul Elec Amp Samrecarm Enduring Soul

You need to be able to go first with this strategy and be able to 5E to reflect his Almighty skills. You will want to ensure you 5e EVERY SINGLE TURN. If you miss using a single 5e you risk loosing the fight. You also desire a Repel Dark demon to pair with Alilat You can sub this with Rama and a Drain Dark demon who can use Elec too. Finally we use Chalk Eater to get as many turns as possible to get free buffs. Nero* and Alice can be subbed for any Elec damage source for the buffs. Just remember you need elec pierce for your primary damage source and the other demon can ST Zionga L. Try and stay fully buffed and debuffed. This can be hard due to it being random which buffs you get. Ice Age will hurt quite a bit on anyone that gets hit but buff/debuff will help manage this. You can try and focus down Mot if you'd like but depending on luck you may find it easier to take down Hel then Mot.