Kiwami/Black Frost

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Wave 1

Pixie High Pixie

Kiwami-black frost-pixie.jpg Kiwami-black frost-high pixie.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Pixie - - - Rs - - Wk
High Pixie - - - - Rs - -
Battle Speed 18650

Wave 2

King Frost Black Frost Jack Frost

Kiwami-king frost-pixie.jpg Kiwami-black frost-black frost.jpg Kiwami-king frost-jack frost.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
King Frost - Wk Nu - - Rs -
Black Frost - Nu Nu - - Wk Nu
Jack Frost - Wk Rs - - Nu -
Battle Speed 13766


Teams proven to work


DX2-Kangaroo Boxer

Damage/Drain Pierce Heals/Repel Pierce/Debuff DPS/Buff/Debuff Buff/Debuff/Revive
ArchTeal.png Rama.jpg Rama Alilat.jpg Alilat ArchYellow.png Seth.jpg Seth Kamiotoko.jpg Kamiotoko
Agilao L Tarunda Phys Boost Samarecarm
Enduring Soul Samarecarm Great Aim Rakukaja

This fight is a tough one to prepare for as its hard even if you have the right demons. First up I used Kangaroo Boxer in order to benefit from extra damage of all the enemies you have to kill before the boss. You get 12% damage alone from all these enemies and it helped me take the boss down quickly after everyone else is dealth with. Kamiotoko was only level 45 and had the job of using War Cry and Rukukaja every single turn to keep it up and the fact that he has Repel Dark means he cannot be hit unless Alilat goes down. Seth's job is to deal damage and kill everyone ASAP and he also comes with Drain Dark which means he cannot be hit until Rama dies. Alilat is intended to debuff, revive, and heal as needed each turn and of course survive so Kamiotoko cannot be killed by BF. Rama's job is basically to kill the helpers of BF with Agilao L and get extra turns for Alilat to Heal/Debuff every single turn. Rama also is able to drain Ice which helps control King Frost/Jack Frost a lot better and take turns away from them. Rama will eventually go down as you take out his source of healing by killing King/Jack Frost leaving Seth open but it is OK because Ouas heals him so he can survive indefinitely because of his own heals. At this stage of the fight Alilat should focus on keeping herself alive and letting Seth drain HP each turn with Ouas until you win.