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Black Rider (August 2020)


  • Black Rider deals 15% of your max HP as damage each turn. This damage is lethal and can kill
  • If you try to heal via skills, he will cast Soul Divide to halve your HP. This is based on current HP and cannot kill.
  • Revives will not trigger Soul Divide.
  • Healing sources outside demon skills will not trigger Soul Divide. This makes Seiran an excellent Dx2, as she has a chance to heal the party upon revive.
  • Only Gurr has weak pierce. Black Rider and Mad Gasser do not have any form of pierce, so they can be walled with Five Elements.


Wave 1:

Moh Shuvuu Pixie

Kiwami-BR-moh.jpg Kiwami-BR-pixie.jpg

Resistances Phys.png Fire.png Ice.png Elec.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Moh Shuvuu - Wk - - Nu - -
Pixie - - - Rs - - Wk
Battle Speed 41500

Wave 2:

Gurr Black Rider Mad Gasser

Kiwami-BR-Gurr.jpg Kiwami-BR.jpg Kiwami-BR-MG.jpg

Resistances Phys.png Fire.png Ice.png Elec.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Gurr Wk Nu - - Nu Wk -
Black Rider - Wk Rp - - Rs Rs
Mad Gasser - - - - - Wk Rs
Battle Speed 35366

Kiwami-BR-yaksa.jpg Kiwami-BR-famine.jpg Kiwami-BR-poison.jpg


Teams proven to work


Heal DPS Heal Buff Control
ArchRed.png Lakshmi A.jpg Lakshmi A ArchTeal.png Asura.jpg Asura ArchPurple.png Mahakala.jpg Mahakala ArchTeal.png Nebiros.jpg Nebiros
Samrecarm Phys Amp Master Assassin
Epitome of Carnage Fire Boost
  • Seiran is the preferred Dx2 as she will provide random healing on revive which does not proc Soul Divide.
  • Although Lakshmi A's heal will trigger Soul Divide, the Five Elements she provides is priceless, allowing you to wall Black Rider completely. She also removes Poison from Mad Gasser which would kill you otherwise, and restores MP to the party to soften up Famine's effect.
  • Asura vacuums up Gurr's random hits and takes no damage from them (since Gurr only has weak pierce). Ashura gets rid of Auto Luster Candy, and he can deal decent DPS early on.
  • Mahakala is the main DPS. Not only does he provide free DPS from The Great Darkness, Wrathful Flame also debuffs the enemy, allowing your team to hit harder.
  • Nebiros provides infinite revive (the boss can be cursed) for the later half of the fight, where the boss will likely auto attack and kill your demons in two hits.
  • Setup Mahakala's concentrate and Five Elements on the horde wave.
  • Kill Gurr first followed by Mad Gasser. Continue to put up Five Elements, ignoring the Soul Divide penalty.
  • Once you kill both adds, the boss will simply auto attack you twice, either killing a demon (which gets revived by Nebiros the next turn) or missing. As long as Lakshmi A's Virtuous Prosperity can outheal the fractional damage from Famine, you can repeat this loop indefinitely until the Boss dies.
  • Evasion brands and/or skills on Lakshmi A and Nebiros are appreciated, in event the boss scores unlucky crits and gets additional turns.


ArchRed.png Zaou-Gongen.jpg Zaou-Gongen
Epitome of Carnage
Savage Glee
Lead, Lead
Panel 3
ArchTeal.png Huang Long.jpg Huang Long
Enduring Soul
Life, Dodge
Prioritize physical evasion, and then Life
ArchPurple.png Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune
Epitome of Carnage
Panel 1+2
ArchTeal.png Abaddon A.jpg Abaddon A
Luster Candy
Muscle Punch
Guard, Guard
  • Liberator must be Kangaroo Boxer, as you have to rely on getting Position Hack on both waves(it can work even if you don't get PH on the first wave, but ideally you want as much health going into the boss wave as possible)
  • Set up Five Elements on the first wave, and make sure to come into the boss wave with full MP
  • Lord of the Abyss will turn the Auto-Luster Candy into a Debilitate
  • AOE attack the enemies, use Luster Candy (or whatever Attack buff you have) on Abaddon A's half press turn, and continue AOE attacking
  • At the end of the first turn you have to have 5E up, and the adds killed
  • With 5E up, Black Rider can only physical attack you, and ideally should miss every time with Huang Long's high evasion, Sukunda, and Sukukaja up
  • Now you just crit pass and whittle him down, while setting up 5E every turn, and using God's Hand/Hassou Tobi/Muscle Punch when you have enough MP
  • Requires decent brands/transfers, as you have to kill Black Rider before you get killed by Famine in just a few turns
  • You can make your life easier if you find space for Lydia, so you can recover HP, giving you more time to kill the boss