Kiwami/Cu Chulainn

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Wave 1

Lilim Chatterskull

Kiwami-cu chulainn-lilim.jpg Kiwami-cu chulainn-chatterskull.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Lilim - - Wk - Nu - -
Chatterskull - Dr Wk - - Wk Nu
Battle Speed 14,450

Wave 2

Feng Huang Cu Chulainn Kinmamon

Kiwami-cu chulainn-feng huang.jpg Kiwami-cu chulainn-cu chulainn.jpg Kiwami-cu chulainn-kinmamon.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Feng Huang Wk Nu Nu - - Nu Nu
Cu Chulainn Nu - - - Nu - -
Kinmamon - Nu Wk - - Nu Nu
Battle Speed 20133


  • Drain Physical makes this kiwami very easy as hitting into cu will regain you life (through Death Counter)
  • Heca/Orcus to reduce Judgement, Mazandyne, and Gae Bulg Dmg.
  • He will randomly cast Mazandyne or Gae Bulg

Teams proven to work



Debuff/Revive/Heals Damage/Extra Turns Damage/Buffs Revive/Lower Damage
Alilat.jpg Alilat Mot.jpg Mot Seth.jpg Seth ArchTeal.png Hecatoncheires.jpg Hecatoncheires
Tarunda Enduring Soul Phys Boost Samarecarm
Samarecarm Butcher Great Aim Recarmdra

The idea of this fight is to buff/debuff as much as possible and use Heca's ability to further decrease the AOE damage occuring here. Since Cu Chu doesn't Pierce physical attacks bring a demon or two that can Drain the hits and it dramatically decreases the amount of damage output from Cu Chu. I found that Alilat was more than capable of healing throught he little damage Cu Chu actually managed to accomplish and Heca was an option that could essentially live forever and revive everyone if things went south. Mot could be substituted for any damage source that isn't Force, Fire, Ice, Light, or Dark (Phys and Almighty work great).


DX2-Meat Balloon

buff/Revive Damage/Extra Turns Damage Damage/Counter Memes
ArchYellow.png Huang Long.jpg Huang Long ArchPurple.png Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune ArchTeal.png Seth.jpg Seth ArchTeal.png Masakado.jpg Masakado
Recarmdra Phys Boost Phys Amp Enduring Soul
Speedster Charge Phys Pierce Null Charm

This Team and fight is an entire meme itself, my thought of this fight is to kill cu chu as fast as possible before he spams mazandynes so i brought yoshi in Purple not in teal because im too lazy to shift and its not worth but he had charge so i wanted to dish out as much damage as possible before he death counters me to the grave Huang long is here to use luster sadly cant use 5E because kinma has Makara break, seth will one shot both adds and i use debilitate after that, masakado is the main memester here with warlords wrath 100% counter. So cu chu has gay bulg and mazandyne and force pierce if he spams mazandyne 4 times in a row you are pretty much dead but the idea is to get luck enough for him to spam his phys multihit and masakado takes it from there since he is teal he heals from it while also countering every single hit that heals him and when masakado attacks cu chu and cu death counters he will also heal masakado pretty straight forward just get lucky with him not spamming mazandyne I recommend demons like:Teal Yoshitsune (he can solo this easy) Alilat along with force repels like Mastema and Mot. P2Siegfried i was gonna use my siegfried in this instead of seth but mine is 1 step away from panel2 sadly but it would have been hilarious because he would also have death counter to counter cu chu, meat ballon is highly suggested for this strat for more counter damage and chance and there is also a cheap long way to win this fight like using abraxas or teal heca with magic skills but good luck with that lmao.