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Lakshmi (October)


Wave 1

Apis Setanta

Kiwami-lakshmi-apis.jpg Kiwami-lakshmi-setanta.jpg

Resistances Phys.png Fire.png Ice.png Elec.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Apis - - - - - Rs Wk
Setanta - - - Wk Nu - Wk
Battle Speed 13,300

Wave 2

Isis Lakshmi Silky

Kiwami-lakshmi-isis.jpg Kiwami-lakshmi-lakshmi.jpg Kiwami-lakshmi-silky.jpg

Resistances Phys.png Fire.png Ice.png Elec.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Isis - Nu - Nu Nu - -
Lakshmi Dr - - - Wk Rs Nu
Silky - Wk Nu - - Nu Nu
Battle Speed 30,700


  • An ailment cleanser such as Daisoujou or Kinmamon with Silent Prayer/Prayer can make this a breeze.
  • Focus Isis first and then Silky.
  • Healing is very effective to stall this fight out.
  • Lakshmi will use Skills randomly with no set pattern.


Dad/Not Larrue

Ailment Cleanse Heal/Rez/Buff Damage Damage
ArchTeal.png Daisoujou.jpg Daisoujou ArchYellow.png Asherah.jpg Asherah ArchPurple.png Masakado.jpg Masakado ArchTeal.png Mot.jpg Mot
Evade Blood Rush Epitome of Carnage Resist Elec
Recarmdra Null Bind Epitome of Aggression Deathtouch

"Hit them and dont die" -Dad 2019

  • Life/Dodge Dai
  • Life/Ward Ash
  • War/Aim Masa
  • Spell/Ward Mot



Ailment Bot Damage Damage Heals
Kinmamon.jpg Kinmamon Mara.jpg Mara Thor.jpg Thor Asherah.jpg Asherah
Resist Ice Phys Boost Elec Boost Resist Dark
Prayer Resist Ice Resist Force Resist Ice

Mecharmdi/Silent Prayer also work on Kinmamon.



Ailment Cure 5elements/buffs Damage Damage
Kinmamon.jpg Kinmamon ArchYellow.png Huang Long.jpg Huang Long ArchPurple.png Alice.jpg Alice ArchPurple.png Susano-o.jpg Susano-o
Acid Breath Recarmdra Dark Pierce (weak) Force Boost
Prayer Speedster Resist Light Master Assassin

The idea of this fight is to cure ailments and keep 5Elements up every turn because lakshmi is an ailment spammer with insane infliction rate so infernal users might not be that consistent so i had to resort to kinma who nulls all ailments. The fight goes with kinma first with lead brands so he can act first before Huang Long and cure everyone and then HL can spam 5E and Luster candy as for 3rd member which is alice her spot is pretty flexible and i would only recommend her if you got a strong force hitter like susano-o because alice without pierce can only attack isis who isnt NDR to dark because my idea was to instantly Die for me on isis because she has makara break so she is pretty dangerous to keep alive and thats the only reason i brought alice, Susano however is the main attacker in this team with kusanagi on lakshmi weakness as it only took like 5 kusanagis until she is wiped and thats pretty much the fight and demons i recommend are: Daisoujou,Purple Thor,Purple Mara As far as brands go everyone is on divine and Ward and no panels needed