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Wave 1-TBA Boss-20133

Kiwami Barong Sphinx Kiwami Barong Kiwami Barong Shiisaa
Kiwami-Barong-Sphinx.png KiwamiBarong.png Kiwami-Barong-Shiisaa.png


  • Barong will not cast any of the dances if his party is at full HP. Abuse this by killing one of the adds each round!
  • Equip Ward brands on all your demons to block Shiisa's Mahashibaboon.

Teams proven to work


Elec Burst Dark Burst Healing + Buffs Dark Burst
ArchPurple.png Indrajit.jpg Indrajit ArchYellow.png Black Frost.jpg Black Frost ArchYellow.png Amaterasu.jpg Amaterasu ArchYellow.png Izanami.jpg Izanami
Elec Enhancement Mudoon L Recovery Boost Mudoon L
Elec Amp Dark Boost Resist Elec Back Attack
  • Very straightforward fight once you learn the AI's behavior. Setup concentrate on the 1st wave, nuke Sphinx down in a single round. Rinse and repeat for Shiisa, and finally for Barong.
  • Templar Dragon as D2 to increase Concentrate damage.
  • Indrajit provides consistent Elec DPS, especially after being buffed by Izanami. A Charge Seth would work even better though!
  • Black Frost is used for Concentrate Mudoon L.
  • Izanami buffs both Dark and Elec damage and is another source of Concentrate.
    • Two concentrate demons are required to chew through Sphinx's 9k+ HP.
    • Mudoon L is used as a cheap ST nuke. Mudodyne / Hell's Gaze are strictly better but kinda overkill imo.
  • Amaterasu provides buffs and healing once you begin engaging Barong.