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  • Elec and Dark Pierce
  • Succubus Charming
  • 21k HP
  • 50% Phys Reduction on Izanami


Wave 1:

Dakini Shikome

KiwamiIzaDakini.jpg KiwamiIzaShikome.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Dakini Rs Dr Wk - - - -
Shikome - Wk - - - Wk Rs
Battle Speed 16700

Wave 2:

Succubus Izanami Heqet

KiwamiIzaSucc.jpg KiwamiIzaIza.jpg KiwamiIzaHeqet.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Succubus - Rs Rs - - Wk -
Izanami - Wk Nu - - Rs Dr
Heqet - - - Rs Wk - -
Battle Speed 19333


Teams proven to work


Red Zone Damage Damage Damage
Hell Biker.jpg Hell Biker Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune ArchRed.png Matador.jpg Matador Siegfried.jpg Siegfried
Offensive Cry Charge Charge


Repel Elec Repel Pierce Damage Heal/Buff/Debuff
Odin.jpg Odin Alilat.jpg Alilat Seth.jpg Seth Amaterasu.jpg Amaterasu


Similar to Buff's team above. I opted to not use Rama as the AI kept being awful when you Drain Pierce both Elec and Dark. I think its better to use Alilat + Repel Elec instead of trying to cover both as you will find Succubus only wants to Charm if you have Rama and a Drain Elec and Dark demon in your party.

Repel Elec Repel Pierce Damage Heal/Buff/Debuff
ArchTeal.png Metatron.jpg Metatron Alilat.jpg Alilat ArchYellow.png Seth.jpg Seth ArchYellow.png Amaterasu.jpg Amaterasu
Maragi Lydia Phys Boost
War Cry Charge

Before ending fight with Wave 1 I charged with Seth and had 2-3 Lydia's up. Amaterasu ended up dying right after buffing in the fight. Left her dead and just kept Lydia up as much as I could and buff/debuffs up with Alilat/Seth. Outside of that I nuked hard with Ouas and Holy Wrath until Succubus was dead. Afterwards I targeted down Haquet with Ouas and Maragi. Finally focused down Izanami using same moves I used on Haquet. Ended up seeing my 3 demons always have max HP due to Lydia and passing to deal damages from Metatron and Seth.


Drain Elec/Bind Drain Pierce/Heal/Buff Damage Heal/Buff/Debuff
ArchPurple.png Indrajit.jpg Indrajit ArchYellow.png Rama.jpg Rama ArchTeal.png Seth.jpg Seth ArchYellow.png Amaterasu.jpg Amaterasu
Elec Amp Lydia Charge Samrecarm
Elec Boost Enduring Soul Phys Boost Resist Elec

Gxie used a similar team with Thor over Indrajit, but I found Lightning Shower invaluable for targeting and locking Succubus and Heqet. Nonetheless, you want to wait for a round in which Succubus doesn't charm you in the first two turns. This resulted in around ten force-closes before Succubus cast Mamudodyne twice. End Wave 1 with Seth having charge status and enough MP to cast Ouas on the first turn, along with Lydia on at least Indrajit and Rama. Bind and kill Succubus first, likely with a crit from Ouas, and then do the same to Heqet. Afterward, Izanami will cast Maziodyne for 500-600 a turn, which the combination of Luster Candy, Lydia, Tarunda, and Mediarahan will be able to outpace. Indrajit and Seth (with charged Ouas) will whittle her down from there.


Fire DPS Fire Aura & DPS Healing Fire DPS
ArchPurple.png Mahakala.jpg Mahakala ArchClear.png Cybele.jpg Cybele ArchYellow.png Amaterasu.jpg Amaterasu ArchClear.png Surt.jpg Surt
Fire Boost Fire Boost Recovery Boost Fire Boost
Back Attack Fire Amp Resist Elec Fire Amp
  • This party aims to burst down Izanami on turn 1. Once she is dead, the rest of the fight is caekwalk. Ailment cure is not really required as all the demons NDR fire in some form and have low PATK. In the off chance charmed Mahakala murders his own team, just reset the fight.
  • Templar Dragon is the preferred D2 as she lets Mahakala nuke harder.
  • Mahakala is the main DPS, able to setup Concentrate on the first wave which translates into a very damaging nuke on Izanami. Wrathful Flame also drops Izanami's defense, allowing the rest of your team to hit harder.
  • Cybele buffs your team's damage and can dish out respectable fire DPS herself via Trisagion. Her passive also provides a nice bonus to Amaterasu's healing.
  • Surt hits like a truck, especially if you managed to panel him. Maxed Ragnarok also has a mana refund, allowing you to spam it all day long.
  • Amaterasu provides buffs and can even Maragion for press turns if needed. Once Izanami falls, she can keep the team healthy with her heals. Do not give her any resurrection skills in case she gets charmed.