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  • A special challenge quest during the SMTII Anniversary Event "Eternal Salvation"
  • Reward for beating this challenge is 2,000,000 Macca and the title "Eternal Salvation"


Wave 1:

Atavaka Vairocana Hecate

EternalSalvationAtavaka.jpg EternalSalvationVairocana.jpg EternalSalvationHecate.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Atavaka Nu - Wk - - Nu -
Vairocana - Rp - - - Rp Rp
Hecate - Nu - - - Wk Rp
Battle Speed 16600


  • Due to Atavaka's Intimidating Stance you lose one press turn at the start of the battle
  • The buffs and debuffs from Auto-skills and AbaddonA's Lord of the Abyss get nullified at the start of the battle, so take that into consideration when choosing your team
  • Having phys, fire, and dark NDR makes the enemies lose press turns
  • Think about bringing a healer with you, like Yellow Amaterasu, if you're not strong enough to quickly kill your enemies in a just a few turns
  • Hecate heals about 2k HP every turn, so try to take her out in a single turn if you can.

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