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Susano-o (December 2019)


  • Matador with insane Dodge
  • Kusanagi+ with Luster Candy built in
  • Titan providing teamwide Phys Pierce and Tetrashift (which means its -50% damage in first turn if you pierce, essentially anti-Hell Gongen)


Wave 1:

Ares Take-Minakata

Kiwami-susanoo-ares.jpg Kiwami-susanoo-take-minakata.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Ares - - - - - Rs Wk
Take-Minakata - Wk - Rs - - -
Battle Speed 15050

Wave 2:

Matador Susano-o Titan

Kiwami-susanoo-matador.jpg Kiwami-susanoo-susanoo.jpg Kiwami-susanoo-titan.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Matador Rs Nu Wk - - Rs Rs
Susano-o Rs Wk - - Dr - -
Titan Rs - - - - - -
Battle Speed 20366


  • As Mata has high evade chance and Titan gives reduced Phys Pierce damage in first turn (if you go first), Hell Gongen isnt the best choice here.
    • It still works, see next section, but it requires a lot of investment and a bit of luck.
  • Bursting down Susan with Fire Heavy Hitters is a solid choice, as Mata and Titan arent nearly as threatening as Susan is.

Teams proven to work


The strategy revolves around Mahakala remaining in a state of Concentrate when the boss wave begins, and Uriel casting Sunrise to revive any fallen teammates, while hitting Susano-o's weakness to fire. Kill Susano-o first, adds after. I killed Matador second, and Titan last. I used Chalk Eater as my Dx2 to abuse his Repel Recovery skill by having Garuda hit into the boss wave's Tetra Shift for a 50% chance at a free Rakunda, though you could also use Templar Assassin as your Dx2 for increased damage from concentrated attacks, but this would also require transferring Rakunda to Garuda.

Debuff Damage/Revive Damage Damage
ArchYellow.png Garuda.jpg Garuda ArchPurple.png Uriel.jpg Uriel ArchPurple.png Mahakala.jpg Mahakala ArchClear.png Cybele.jpg Cybele
Fire Amp Master Assassin Fire Boost

The first wave begins with Mahakala casting Wrathful Flame on Take-Minakata to remove him from the battle. A single Trisagion from Cybele will bring Ares health into the red. At this point, stop attacking, and continue passing turns until casting Fog Breath with Garuda. When Ares attacks, he will likely miss, and end his turn. For the entire second turn, do not attack, do not use any skills, just keep passing until your turn is over. Ares will attempt to attack you once again, and just before your third turn starts, Mahakala's The Great Darkness will activate, placing him in a state of Concentrate, while doing enough damage to kill Ares before your turn begins.

When the boss wave begins, the enemy Titan will cast Tetra Shift, assuming your team is going first. Have Garuda perform a standard attack into this, against Susano-o. This will repel some damage, but due to Chalk Eater's Repel Recovery passive, this gives you a 50% chance of a free Rakunda cast. You'll lose press turns this way, but Chalk Eater's Press Hack passive may help you recover those. Uriel will cast Sunrise, giving your team an attack buff, while also whittling down the adds' HP. Mahakala's concentrated Wrathful Flame should deal with the vast majority of Susano-o's HP, and following up with Trisagion from Cybele should have him very close to death, if not already dead. Have Garuda cast Fog Breath so you can survive/evade the upcoming turn. Once Susano-o is dead, have Mahakala should focus on Matador, Cybele on Titan, Uriel spamming Sunrise, and Garuda passing turns or re-casting Fog Breath as needed.


Red Zone Damage Damage/NDR Phys Damage/NDR Phys
Hell Biker.jpg Hell Biker ArchPurple.png Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune Siegfried.jpg Siegfried ArchRed.png Zaou-Gongen.jpg Zaou-Gongen
Offensive Cry Charge Gigantomachia Phys Boost
  • P3 ZG and Yoshi
  • Kill Titan first, then focus on Susan with ST Attacks
  • Because Mata has no pierce, he will lose press turns constantly, which only leaves Susan with one attack per turn, while you get four.
  • Once Susan is dead, its 100% win as Mata cant kill you


Amaterasu.jpg Amaterasu Seth.jpg Seth Garuda.jpg Garuda Surt.jpg Surt

Huang Seth

Red Zone Damage Damage Damage/NDR Phys
Hell Biker.jpg Hell Biker ArchPurple.png Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune Shiva.jpg Shiva ArchRed.png Zaou-Gongen.jpg Zaou-Gongen


Red Zone Damage Damage Damage/NDR Phys
Hell Biker.jpg Hell Biker ArchPurple.png Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune Seth.jpg Seth ArchRed.png Zaou-Gongen.jpg Zaou-Gongen


Similar to Horse's party but with added DPS focus

Speed Fire DPS Fire Aura & DPS Fire DPS
ArchRed.png Garuda.jpg Garuda ArchPurple.png Mahakala.jpg Mahakala ArchClear.png Cybele.jpg Cybele ArchPurple.png Surt.jpg Surt
Fire Pierce (weak) Fire Boost Fire Boost Fire Boost
Speedster Fire Amp Fire Amp
  • Chalk Eater and Templar Dragon are the preferred D2s. The former allows you to accumulate buffs as you will be striking weakness repeatedly, while the latter lets Mahakala nuke harder.
  • Garuda provides the battle speed required to go first and minor DPS. Fire Pierce Weak is required as Matador nulls Fire.
  • Mahakala has strong piercing fire DPS which also drops the boss's defense, letting your other attackers hit harder. Make sure you activate his passive during the first wave for free Concentrate.
  • Cybele buffs your team's damage and can dish out respectable fire DPS herself via Trisagion.
  • Surt hits like a truck, especially if you managed to panel him. Maxed Ragnarok also has a mana refund, allowing you to spam it all day long.
  • With this setup you should be able to kill Susano-o easily in one round and trivialise the rest of the fight.


Debuff/Tetrakarn Fire DPS Fire DPS Fire DPS
ArchYellow.png Garuda.jpg Garuda ArchPurple.png Uriel.jpg Uriel ArchRed.png Mahakala.jpg Mahakala ArchClear.png Surt.jpg Surt
Tetrakarn Fire Amp Fire Boost Fire Boost
Speedster Butcher Assassin

Very similar to Horse and Reika's runs, but done without min-maxing skills and Cybele. It's doable with a few Chalk Eater boosts and press turn icons. Tetrakarn walls Ares and Matador when they are the last ones left.


Support Damage (Panel 2) Damage Damage
ArchPurple.png Hell Biker.jpg Hell Biker ArchRed.png Siegfried.jpg Siegfried ArchTeal.png Seth.jpg Seth ArchPurple.png Masakado.jpg Masakado
Tetra Break Phys Boost Phys Pierce (weak) Phys Boost
Acid Breath Charge Charge Charge
  • Charge + Red Zone on wave 1, killing Take-Minakata and letting Ares miss basic attacks.
  • On the boss wave, turn 1: Tetra Break -> Berserker God -> Debilitate -> Occult Flash -> Red Zone -> Berserker God -> Ouas (targeting Susano-o with all attacks).
  • Turn 2, kill Susano-o if he's still up, then focus all your attacks on Titan. As long as you end up with Siegfried or Masakado vs. Matador, you win.