White Rider

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White Rider.jpg Elemental Resistances














- - - Drain Weak Resist Resist
Rarity Race Grade AI
4★ Fiend 74 Attack
6★ Stats
HP 910 (363/411) Vitality 115 (363/411)
Strength 124 (214/411) Agility 159 (130/411)
Magic 198 (90/411) Luck 134 (321/411)
PATK 590 PDEF 518
MATK 745 MDEF 555
Innate Skills
Elec.png Ziodyne 6 MP Inflicts Elec (Magic) damage with 160 power on a Single Enemy.
Ailment.png White Noise 6 MP 30% chance to inflict Mute 3 to 4 times on Random Enemies.
Light.png God's Bow 7 MP Inflicts Light (Magic) damage with 200 power on a Single Enemy with a 50% chance to inflict Mortal.
Awaken: Elec.png Bolt Storm 5 MP Inflicts Elec (Magic) damage 2 to 4 times with 55 power on Random Enemies.
Gacha: -
Awaken: Almighty.png Soul Drain 8 MP Inflicts Almighty (Magic) damage with 140 power on a Single Enemy, while healing caster 40% of damage dealt and drains 1 MP.
Gacha: Ice.png Bufula 5 MP Inflicts Ice (Magic) damage with 140 power on a Single Enemy.
Awaken: Recovery.png Recarmdra 8 MP Revive All Party Members with full HP, caster dies. (1 use)
Gacha: Passive.png Good Aim Passive +10% to Phys hit rate.
Awaken: Passive.png Null Bind Passive Adds Null Bind.
Gacha: Recovery.png Mecharmdi 4 MP Cures All Party Members of Charm. Reduces the chance of being Charmed during this wave by 30%.
Awaken: Passive.png Null Force Passive Adds Force Null.
Gacha: Fire.png Maragion 6 MP Inflicts Fire (Magic) damage with 100 power on All Enemies.
Spirit Merge Panel Upgrades
Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3 Panel 4
Panel Completion Bonus +5% to single-target attack damage. -25% to Elec damage received. Gains Light Pierce. Damage dealt through this skill is reduced by 30% if the enemy has Null, Repel or Drain Light attribute. Activates the following Chain Effect after using God's Bow: Inflict Light damage (Power: 200) to a single enemy with a 50% chance to inflict Mortal.
Panel Step Stat Bonus HP: +150(MAX) Mag ATK: +50(MAX) HP: +150(MAX) HP +15 (MAX +150)


  • Gacha s.png Available from the gacha.

White Rider/Sword White Rider/Shield

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Role Summary

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP Democalypse
PVE PVP Offense Defense Prelim Boss
White Rider.jpg White Rider
Teal Teal 3 2 2 1 3
  • High MAG stat and above average AGI making him a good mage.
  • His unique God's Bow has a 50% chance of Mortal, and can be used twice.
    • This is extremely powerful in PvE against Boss battles, as the adds are rarely immune to Mortal.
    • If Mortal fails, closing the app allows you to reset the battle in Aura Gate, or avoid losing Stamina in other Quest Modes. The 50% can effectively become 100% if you reset enough times.
    • If panel 4, each cast fires a second shot.
  • You can't reset PvP battles, making God's Bow very unreliable.
  • Needs Light Pierce (weak) or Panel 3 against Light-immune demons
  • Resetting battles over and over to get good rolls can be tiring.
  • Weak to Force unless Teal.
  • Not good for Light Democalypse, as God's Bow has only 2 uses (attackers are expected to act 6 times, not considering press turn generators). Transferring Thunderclap does not fix the issue, as the only damage booster in his kit is a measly 5% on panel 1.

PvE Builds

PvP Builds

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Official Profile

One of the four horsemen in the Book of Revelation. He wears a crown, rides a white horse and is tasked to bring undeniable victory. The four horsemen have the power to conquer and kill and are often thought to bring chaos.