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Written by Reika


Mortal teams abuse the powerful Mortal effect, which instantly kills a demon regardless of HP. These teams are typically bulky, forgoing most offensive stats and killing the opponent via Mortal instead.


  • Alice and Masakado are the two demons which can actively inflict guaranteed Mortal.
    • Between both of them, you have access to six charges of Mortal, more than enough to kill the entire enemy team.
  • They are run alongside two other support demons, who aim to keep them alive long enough to Mortal the whole team.

Pros and Cons


  • Great matchup against Defensive teams.
  • Battles end very fast, allows for more battles during last minute PVP pot rushes.
  • Can safely ignore the speedwar as the team doesn't mind going first or second.


  • Very high barrier of entry: Panel 3 Alice is mandatory
  • Has trouble against teams with Null Mortal. Purple Guan Yu is a particularly bad matchup.
  • Team is rather fixed, not much room for flexibility.



You simply want to Mortal everyone you can Mortal with Alice and Masakado.

  • A very fast team would not work very well as you would not have enough defense to survive your opponent's turn. Moreover Alice and Masakado are themselves too slow.
  • The solution is to build a tanky team that can revive Alice and Masakado if needed.
  • Many demons have Anti-Mortal techs such as Masakado A's Panel 2 that cast Auto-Tetraja.
    • You absolutely need a counter to this in the form of a demon with Silent Prayer (or a similar skill). Yellow Asherah is the prime candidate.
    • Demons with Null Mortal can't be cleared with Silent Prayer. Thus you need to kill them with brute force: your Masakado may be able to.

Core Demons

There are only two demons capable of actively inflicting guaranteed Mortal: Alice and Masakado.


Masakado.jpg Masakado

  • The OG PVP Nightmare, Masakado is a physical powerhouse who is still one of the most powerful demons in the game.
  • His unique passive Warlord's Wrath provides him Intimidating Stance, Phys Pierce and a 100% Counter on receiving Physical damage.
  • His signature Occult Flash is a high-damage, high-critical single target Physical skill that inflicts Mortal. This skill has 3 charges.
  • Innate Vorpal Blade gives him a powerful AOE against teams without Physical Anti-Pierce.
  • Purple gives him Phys Amp, greatly amplifying his damage.
    • Even though Occult Flash inflicts Mortal damage, most players tend to build Masakado as a Phys Sweeper anyway. The Physical damage comes in handy when matched with Purple Guan Yu (who has Null Mortal) and also against T1 teams (his high damage allows him to counter-sweep them).
  • Panel 3 gives him 2 MP reduction on Occult Flash, letting him cast it T1 even without Divine Brands.

Skills and Brands:

P3 Alice

Alice.jpg Alice

  • The OG Instakill demon, Alice's signature Die for Me! is a Dark spell that inflicts Mortal and ignores Endure effects.
  • Panel 3 gives her 3 charges of Die for Me!, allowing her to repeatedly spam the skill.
  • Teal gives her Repel Light to prevent her weakness being exploited.

Skills and Brands:

  • Dark Pierce (weak) is mandatory for her here!
  • Speedster helps boost Battle Speed. This is mostly against mirror match-up or other Midrange teams in order to (barely) outspeed them.
    • Risky if you like doing Random Battle in PVP as you will meet a lot of fast Blitzkrieg team; in this case you may want to opt for more defensive skills.
  • Evade can be used to give her some protection against Physical.
  • Enduring Soul is a cheap skill that gives an extra layer of protection. But countered by demons that bypass it.
  • She is a very good candidate for Auto-skills:
  • Divine brands let her spam Die for Me! repeatedly. Dodge, Shield and Guard subsets can be sued to increase her survivability.

Supporting Demons

Your chosen Support Demons should be bulky and capable of reviving your core demons when they inevitably get downed. They should also be capable of removing Null Mortal.


Asherah.jpg Asherah

  • Asherah is a bulky support demon that carries Mother's Creation, the strongest revival spell in the game. It resurrects a teammate while refunding a full press turn, giving the revived teammate a chance to act immediately.
  • She also gains access to Silent Prayer in Yellow, which removes Null Mortal buffs when cast.
    • This also removes all Ailments, allowing her to act as a Pseudo-Cleric, though if you need her in this role Anti-Ailment skills must be transfered (see the suggested skills below).
  • Pairs well with Orcus as she has two open weaknesses.
  • Unfortunately, her AI is easily exploitable as she has two high MP spells (Maragion and Mediarama) she will gladly waste MP on if no allies are dead.
  • She is also slow and requires Lead Brands if acting as a Pseudo-Cleric.
  • One of the best support demons in the game, you can't go wrong running her.

Skills and Brands:

  • Epitome of Fortitude increases her HP and provides Critical Resistance.
  • Wild Instinct provides her even more Critical Resistance, consider this if you constantly face Crit-pass teams like Hero Masakado T1.
  • Auto-Rakuka and Auto-Tarunda helps to increase your team's survivability.
  • Resist Dark can be used to cover her weakness.
  • Suggestions for Pseudo-Cleric Asherah only:
    • Null Charm and Null Bind make her immune to the two most common Ailments. But makes you vulnerable to Mute spells which are popular in Ailment Team.
    • Epic Recovery leaves your ailment recovery to luck but allows you to face all ailments and leave a skill slot free.
    • Infernal Mask operates similarly to Epic Recovery.
  • Life Brands are usually used to make her tankier.


Daisoujou.jpg Daisoujou

  • Daisoujou is a bulky support demon that is immune to Ailments.
  • He possesses Cleansing Shout, an Ailment cure skill that also removes debuffs.
  • Purple gives him Enduring Soul, giving him an extra later of protection.
  • A great support pair for Asherah, as it lets her focus on other skills instead of playing a Pseudo-Cleric role.

Skills and Brands:


Orcus.jpg Orcus

  • Orcus is a slow, bulky support demon that can also double as a buff control unit.
  • His first unique passive, Law of Hell prevents the enemy from gaining Press Turns when hitting Weakness. This directly feeds his second passive, Hell's Gate which provides your entire team AOE reduction depending on how many weaknesses are open.
    • This is especially good to soften up damage from Archangels and V☆ teams.
  • Innate War Cry and Nocturne in Yellow give him powerful buff control.
  • Consider him if you need a support that can also exert buff control for your team.

Skills and Brands:

  • Recarmdra and Samarecarm give him a Resurrection skill.
  • Auto-Rakuka and Auto-Tarunda helps to increase your team's survivability.
  • Epitome of Fortitude increases his HP and provides Critical Resistance.
  • Wild Instinct provides him even more Critical Resistance, consider this if you constantly face Crit-pass teams like Hero Masakado T1.
  • As he is very MP hungry, Divine Brands are recommended. Shield brands can shore up his magic resistance, making him even tankier.


Gogmagog.jpg Gogmagog

  • Gogmagog is a slow demon typically run as a support due to his excellent Panels.
  • His panels provide the entire team Physical reduction (-15%, cannot be pierced) and Crit Resistance (30%), useful against Hero Masakado T1 Teams.
    • He is also an easy demon to fuse, making P3 a reasonable goal to strive toward.
  • His three weaknesses make him an ideal partner for Orcus to give your team massive AOE reduction.
  • Consider him if you are having trouble with Hero Masakado T1 teams.

Skills and Brands:

  • His huge bulk and Repel Phys means he is usually left for last, making him a suitable Recarmdra carrier.
  • Auto skills allow him to further support his team.
  • Epitome of Fortitude increases his HP and provides Critical Resistance.
  • Wild Instinct provides him even more Critical Resistance, consider this if you constantly face Crit-pass teams like Hero Masakado T1.
  • Life Brands are recommended to boost his bulk further. Shield brands can shore up his magic resistance, making him even tankier.

Finalized Team

To recap, your finalized team should typically look something like this:

Mortal Team

ArchPurple.png Daisoujou.jpg Daisoujou
Life, Dodge
ArchTeal.png Alice.jpg Alice
Dark Pierce (weak)
Divine, Shield
P3 unlocked
ArchYellow.png Asherah.jpg Asherah
Epitome of Fortitude
Life, Shield
+6 AGI Mitama, P3 unlocked
ArchPurple.png Masakado.jpg Masakado
Epitome of Carnage
Great Aim
Life, Shield

6 AGI Mitama on Asherah allow her to speed tie Masakado, giving you a better turn order as you can remove Null Mortal buffs before Occult Flash. Daisoujou acts as a Dodge Tank against Physical sweepers, and can Recarmdra in a pinch. Masakado is built as a sweeper to prevent the team being walled by Purple Guan Yu.

Checks and Counters

Null Mortal

Guan Yu.jpg Guan Yu

Yama.jpg Yama

Masakado A.jpg Masakado A

Mass Resurrection

Asherah.jpg Asherah

Quetzalcoatl A.jpg Quetzalcoatl A

Quetzalcoatl.jpg Quetzalcoatl

  • Between Alice and Masakado, there are only six charges of Mortal, two charges of Mother's Creation and at most an additional cast of Recarmdra.
  • If you can outlive the Mortal charges and remove Masakado repeatedly, you can eventually grind the team to a halt.

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