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The Fury, Destroyer, or Omega are gods of wrath and destruction. The objective of this destruction can vary, however it's usually in preparation for the upcoming rebirth of the world. In the Megaten series, they're all bruisers, focused on dealing out heavy amounts of physical damage, though they fall short in other areas. Like Deities, they are somewhat difficult to fuse.

They are Light-Chaos and belong to the Guardians species. Before Shin Megami Tensei II, demons of Tenma race share the similar mythological role with Hakaishin, except that all Tenma demons are originated from Hindu or Asian pantheons. Shiva and Seiten Taisei (Wu Kong) are the remaining demons transferred from Tenma to Hakaishin race and still actively recurring throughout the series. It was noticeably absent in Devil Survivor (where some of its members appeared in the Deity race instead), before returning in Devil Survivor 2.

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