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Herald, also known as Seraph and Hallel, is the demon race of high ranking angels in the Judeo-Christian lore with few exceptions from Zoroastrianism. In gameplay, they usually do well in both physical and magical areas but they are focused on Magic, especially of the Expel (Light) and Almighty elements. They belong to the Aerials species and are always Light-Law. This race is absent in Majin Tensei and the Devil Survivor series, its members instead moved to the Divine race.

The original naming of this race, "Seraph," is a misnomer due to the fact that except for Seraph itself, many demons included in this race are not of the rank of seraph, or inconsistently considered as seraph such as Michael. Most of the Judeo-Christian angels in this race are simply classified as "Archangel." Many of them also lack one of the defining characteristics of a seraph: the three pairs of angelic wings.

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